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President Biden vowed that Americans would be paying high gas prices ‘for as long as it takes’ to defeat Vladimir Putin in Ukraine while speaking during a press conference in Madrid on Thursday.

As The Washington Times reports:

President Biden on Thursday warned Americans that they could be paying high gas prices for a while longer, saying that energy costs will remain high until Russia is driven from Ukraine.

Speaking at a press conference in Madrid, where he wrapped up a three-day summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Mr. Biden was asked how long Americans will be paying a premium for gas.

“As long as it takes, so Russia cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine, and move beyond Ukraine,” Mr. Biden responded. “This is a critical, critical position for the world.”

Gas prices remain near all-time highs as Americans head toward the July 4th holiday while no end appears to be in sight for the war in Ukraine.


  1. He’s so stupid, who ever put this guy in office is stupid because he damn sure wasn’t elected.

  2. 25th the President NOW. This delusional thinking on McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants’ part is a direct threat to our Republic.

  3. Well this is what you get when a person who has a ROTTED BRAIN and is basically brain dead is elected PRESIDENT and who is more worried about foreign countries than his own.!

  4. Amazing without gas or oil waht a guy,joe biden international joke at the G7 conferance looking to protect NATO borders, when everyone there is laughing their asses off, that he can’t even protect his own US borders.Now we find out covid monies were redirected for other democrat BS programs

  5. Joe Biden’s handlers are sick. I pray some gets rid of them all. Democrats are dirtbags . Anyone who believes in democrats need to have their heads examined. Amen. Thank you Jesus for You and Life and Brains

  6. Part of the problem we have in the United States political ranks is lifetime terms in the government. We need term limits and lower funding for these so-called politicians. It is interesting that these lifetime politicians become powerful and very, very rich in some cases such as President Biden, a big “powerful old-time looser”. The system needs term limits and lower salary’s some of the political wonks are almost brain dead and we the people have to put up with brain dead politicians. It’s time that any person who runs for office need to be subjected to a mental and physical analysis and lower salaries. All you need to know today is that a lot of the political wonk’s need to have some credentials and knowledge of the government before the citizens vote them in.

  7. So forever then or until Putin is dead? What if Putin dies before he is defeated, does that mean gas prices are high for eternity? With a captain of the ship like Biden there is no need to look out for icebergs, he will find all of them, guaranteed!

  8. Easy, don’t buy anything from Russia OR its allies,
    and restart producing OUR OWN oil products!!

  9. Ludicrous. The price of gas in the US has absolutely nothing to do with Putin or the war in Ukraine. He’s not only a liar, he’s a disingenuous dolt for thinking American citizens are that gullible. We all know the real reason gas prices have doubled. It is all because of his insane domestic policies and his determination to bring us to our knees.

  10. I really have to wonder how much stock Joe and Hunter Biden have in stocks of the Oil Companies in Russia and China? I will never forget the news articles on how the BIG Guy 9Joe) was to get 10% of the deal Hunter did with his Russian oil deal. I don’t know if that same deal was done with Hunter’s deal in China, but I would not doubt it.

  11. Higher gas prices will exist as long as post-Covid demand exceeds supply. As Big Oil REFUSED to drill when Trump offered leases to them for drilling, these companies have likewise refused to drill following the even greater number of leases Biden has offered. As the world is converting to renewables, Big Oil has to have some incentive to make Big Money, and that isn’t going to come from oil and gasoline in the future like it did in the 1980s and 1990s.

    1. Biden Denies 69 Requests From oil Companies for Permission to Make Cheaper Gasoline
      “On June 3, 2022, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its decision to deny 69 small refinery exemption (SRE) petitions through the ‘June 2022 Denial of Petitions for RFS Small Refinery Exemptions,’” three Republican U.S. senators wrote in a letter to the U.S. Comptroller General.”

      The ethanol is made from corn, which is needed to help feed the world’s populations affected by the Ukraine War. Biden should have directed the EPA to make near term exceptions to the EPA mandates, while the Ukraine war continues …

  12. He is nothing but a liar blaming it on the problem with Russia. He and his son are probably getting paid good like as before when they dealt with the COMMIES.

  13. This lunatic has been wrong on everything…….. He’s and embarrassment and a failure. Needs to be investigated for conflict of intrest with his son.

  14. Yeah we shouldn’t be drilling for more oil in this country, just keep buying Russian oil or oil from other enemies of ours to enrich them so they can plot to bury us.

  15. Putin isn’t the cause of high fuel prices. The cause is the apprehension and disruption Biden has caused in the petroleum industry. Putin has just added somewhat to it.

  16. Biden is an idiot. Anyway, what does that has to do with Putin? The USA is the largest oil producer. The fact that gas prices are high is due to Biden’s policies.

  17. What!!!!
    What does this have to do with gas prices?
    I knew Biden was off track with the good of America as a nation, but this is an unbelievable utterance out of a mouth from which intelligent remarks are not forthcoming!

  18. Obiden you really are insane just like your idiot handlers and regime how dare you threaten America for the Ukraines war get over it open the keystone pipeline and let Americans get back to normal things like your out of control INFLATION and your in the toilet economy and everything else that YOU CAUSED! Obiden your party is going to lose big time in Nov 2022 because of YOU the people are taking back America despite you and we will win! Nobody can help you now old man we will win! Let’s Go Brandon!

  19. Biden the dumbest, nastiest, hateful, disrespectful, unknowing, uncaring, disgraceful, idiot on God’s Great Earth!

  20. Joe will get more oil from Saudi Arabia as the Saudis will buy it at a discount from Russia and sell it to America at a premium. This will help us defeat the Russians – you think???

  21. HMMMMM, maybe we should all stop buying diesel for that TRUCK he rides around in, and JP-4 for that house with wings he travels in when he wants Some AOC without getting caught by his wife

  22. So when the Ukrainian war comes to an end, like Afghanistan, what triggers the down swing in gas prices? Buying Russian oil again?
    I lord help us get back in control of our country.

  23. And he is the leader of our country? He sure doesn’t care about Americans. So far his program is to do things to destroy us.

  24. That’s what happens when we have a traitor leading (DESTROYING) our country. This IDIOT needs to be tried for treason as he is destroying this country more every day that he is allowed to squat in the peoples house.

  25. He’s an idiot
    And to say we have to live with this..
    In the name of Climate Change is just a political action.
    He doesn’t care about the average American because he’s not one.
    He’s got his money and backup.
    We need a conservative back in office.
    I don’t care who …DeSantis, Trump, or other,
    Someone to stop this tyranny.
    Or the Country as we know it will falter

    Roy Lee Bradford
    not afraid to say it neither….


  27. News flash, Xiden: the People are not buying this lame excuse any longer. And it took ten years before the Russkies were driven out of Afghanistan.

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