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While an increasing number of Democrats are imploring that Joe Biden does not seek another term in the White House, some Democrat governors have been named as possible replacements for the 79-year-old politician in 2024. Here’s a list of all the Democrats being mentioned:


  1. Lord help us if any one of these people managed to squeeze into the White House, especially Gavin Newsome. The ONLY thing that Gavin has going for him is that not only is he capable of messing up the nation just as well as Joe, but he can look good doing it. After all, nothing more disgusting than an ugly dictator. This guy could compete with Trudeau. lol

    1. Gretchen Whitmer is another that would be a nightmare. Can you imagine Newsome as POTUS getting elected President and Whitmer as the VP? This thought will keep me up at night.

      1. I am pretty sure I’ll be having nightmares just reading that all I can say is God Bless America we need it right now more than anything fjb

    2. I don’t get it. Newsome looks like a psychopath to me. How can anyone think this guy is attractive?

    3. I don’t get why ANYONE thinks this guy is good looking. I guess when you compare him to the rest of them he is a tad easier to look at but his arrogant, entitled attitude makes him ugly.

    1. Make the Democrats like a deer tag. Get one then move on. If ever there were another Civil War coming, it is because the Democrats are causing it.

  2. they may not get our vote actually, but the commie democrat, pedophile, racist, donkey hole, cult party has already been marking fake ballots putting illegal border insurgents on the voter rolls!

    1. I love the way you call it exactly the way I see it and hopefully everybody else will see it for what they are exactly the way you put it

  3. They should!!!
    They have come to the place where the only option is buying weapons,. civil war is inevitable

  4. All white males, including that idiot from MI
    Could it be even they realize that the best candidates to run the country are white males……LOL 🤔

  5. They can run, but WE do NOT have to vote for them, because each is as bad as the other, and just as stupid — just look at the condition of their states. However, the people living in those states DID hire them, although I doubt that they can explain “WHY”.

  6. The demented politicians are all in the GOP ( gross old perverts), not the Democratic party .

  7. Given the FACT that all Democraps have the same WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER overflowing their otherwise empty skulls they would be no better than Pedo Joe

  8. Demands to the US from China? Russia get richer, over it’s oil and gas sales, China is getting our National security oil, US “non production” has caused the Saudi’s not to be able to keep up with world demand, great plan joe again the American tax payer gets screwed, won’t leave a vacuum for China/ Russia? BS.This is your energy policy for the US..

  9. They’re all pretty bad but Newsome is probably the worst of the worst. He’s pretty much destroyed California, now he wants to help destroy what’s left of the country.

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