Elon Musk. Photo by JD Lasica from Pleasanton

Elon Musk held an early morning Twitter Q&A where he revealed interesting new political intentions and speculated a “massive red wave” in 2022.

Saying he voted Republican for the first time in his life, Musk retweeted a Texas news outlet’s report on the GOP’s historic special election win and declared his support for Mayra Flores.

He answered multiple questions about his politics throughout Wednesday morning.

Musk said he supported Democrat Andrew Yang in 2020, but would support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if he runs in 2024. He said DeSantis has “a better chance of winning”.

He also said he was considering forming a “Super Moderate Super PAC’ that supports candidates with centrist views from all parties.”

Musk is set to address Twitter employees for the first time since he submitted a serious offer to buy the company, according to the Associated Press.

Current CEO Parag Agrawal informed employees of the “all-hands meeting” in an email, saying they could submit questions in advance for Musk to address.

When later asked about Musk’s remarks during a press conference, DeSantis said he “welcomes the support of African-Americans”.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
20 hours ago


Mark Kahley
Mark Kahley
17 hours ago

Seeing Elon Musk endorsing Ron Desantis is excellent news. While President Trump has the skills and the record to show he is an excellent choice to move our Nation on the right track again, there is one big BUT! Even if he was elected, the Dems would throw every obstacle into his ability to govern and it would be just like his first 4 years.
While I hate to allow the SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS in the democrat party to influence our choice of Candidate, we do have a Country to govern and electing President Trump would only allow the Dem obstructionists to do everything they can to prevent him from governing as we have seen in the last 6 years.
Ron Desantis is the best person to govern our Great Nation in the rocky environment that the Dems have, are and will create. President Trump would never be given the unobstructed ability to govern, President Desantis would have a fighting chance to do so, and he has the skills, abilities and fortitude to do so.
God Bless our wounded Nation!

Robert Berger
Robert Berger
16 hours ago
Reply to  Mark Kahley

If you think the Democrats are “socialists and communists ” you don’t even know what socialism and communism are . But there are so many other naive, gullible and clueless people in America who have been brainwashed by the lying conservative media into believing they are – just like you !

10 hours ago
Reply to  Robert Berger

And you are one of those clueless persons. There is a “Communist Museum” in DC(?). It shows the truth about Communism. Since the beginning of Communism 100,000,000 people have died horribly. I can’t believe how stupid you people are. The Bernie Bros were caught on film stating that a Gulag was like a Spa where you go to relax. That is where millions of people died.

paw paw
paw paw
17 hours ago

wish he could be trusted