Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Over the weekend, it was reported that ten Republican U.S. senators have now decided to join with Democrats on Capitol Hill to pass new anti-gun legislation, including measures to institute so-called “red flag” laws.

Here is a list of all the GOP senator who are voting with Democrats to strip Americans of their second-amendment rights:

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5 months ago

Let’s vote out these dumb ass republican. Expected this from some on gun control
Not Lindsey or anyone from Texas
Double standard when these Rino have protecting. Shameful
Crooks will always get a gun and than the good people are left with no protection
You can fight in to he military no matter what
Age ,now you You have to be 21
Just saying makes no sense

5 months ago

GOP traitors to the US Constitution!

5 months ago

These 11 so called Republicans were elected to preserve our rights not destroy them.e will remember your names next election.Second amendment rights are extremely important to the people of this country.Our ancestors had a very good reason for creating them. They came from countries whose governments suppressed their rights to bare arms in order to suppress and control them.You are a disgrace tooth’s country