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House minority leader Kevin McCarthy blasted Democrats on Monday for what he claimed was their purposeful attempts to stall a bill seeking to protect Supreme Court Justices.

As The Daily Wire reports:

For the third time, GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy requested Monday unanimous consent to expedite the passage of a security bill to protect the Supreme Court justices.

McCarthy emphasized that “there is no reason” to delay the proposal, asking for immediate consideration in the House.

“I do not understand why we would risk that,” McCarthy said in remarks Monday afternoon, pointing out that the bill was introduced more than a month ago. “I do not understand why you’ll make sure that the Capitol is protected right now knowing that something could happen…or something could happen at the Supreme Court this week, but you won’t protect those justices.”

The GOP leader warned Democrats that if they change the Supreme Court security bill, sending it back to the Senate instead of passing it, “the country will know why.”

The bill was introduced by Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn after the details of a potential upcoming decision striking down Roe vs Wade were leaked to the public.


  1. Poppycock ! The Democrats would never attempt to have any supreme court judge or anyone else murdered . Whoever tried to kill Kavanaugh is obviously some deranged individual who acted on his own .

    1. Even though both Biden and Schumer urged violence to SCOTUS? Of course if a couple were “removed then Biden could put in far left justices.

    2. You are severely underestimating the level of evil in which that these people are capable. They are not your average democrat voter. These people are greedy, power-hungry, elitists, who want to rule the world through globlism. Unless you are one of them, you are completely despensible. They do not suffer consequences like the rest of us. Open your eyes.

  2. There delaying the extra security due to they are possibly behind the liberal dem that made the attack. When ever in the past a Democratic member felt threatened they instintly approved protection. Three come to mind Schumer, Pelosi and AOC.

  3. Dems want to wait until a liberal justice is threatened so they can scream about it for weeks and publicize it. They won’t pass the bill until it helps them. Period.

  4. Them dems are ok when conservatives are the victims and cry for help after they get exposed. Defund the police so we can sow violence and discord. That’s why they hire their own security forces at taxpayer expense. If dems have any standards it is double standards.

  5. This is an intimidation tactic. “If you do not do what we want, then we will let them burn your house down, and kill you and/or your family. Then we get to pick your replacement.”

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