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It appears that the city of San Francisco finally had enough with their far-left district attorney Chesa Boudin, and have now voted him out of office in a special recall election.

As The New York Times reports:

SAN FRANCISCO — Voters in San Francisco on Tuesday put an end to one of the country’s most pioneering experiments in criminal justice reform, ousting a district attorney who eliminated cash bail, vowed to hold police accountable and worked to reduce the number of people sent to prison.

Chesa Boudin, the progressive district attorney, was removed after two and a half years in office, according to The Associated Press, in a vote that is set to reverberate through Democratic politics nationwide as the party fine-tunes its messaging on crime before midterm elections that threaten to strip Democratic control over Congress.

Ultimately the election was a contest between progressive Democrats who saw Mr. Boudin as a key leader of a national movement to address mass incarceration and a backlash by more politically moderate San Franciscans — a coalition of Democrats, independents and Republicans — who grew agitated by persistent property crimes and open drug use during the pandemic. The backlash won.

Locally, the recall suggested that many in San Francisco’s Democratic hierarchy are out of step — and further left — than the city’s voters, one of the most liberal electorates in the country.

Boudin oversaw a massive rise in crime in the city, which included numerous vicious attacks on the Asian American community.



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  2. That is great news but what about the so called VP who done the same but is still in office.

  3. There’s nothing that boudin did that was a ” pioneering experiment”. His b.s. “experiment” was tried in the 1970’s ( around the same time that his murdering, REAL domestic terrorists parents were in full swing doing their best to commit common crime under the guise of being ” social reform” ) and resulted in drastic raises in crime and the wholesale release of criminals ( and criminally insane) from prisons allowing them to continue their attacks on innocent people. Boudin’s empathy with violent criminals is just another tribute by him towards his parents vicious lifestyles both in prison and out. His bleating about ” right wing billionaires” being the cause of his demise is laughable considering that he was one of the implants placed in office through the financial effort of none other than that hateful george soros.

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