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After the recent mass shooting in Texas, Democrats are now trying to weaponize the suffering of dead children for political gain, seeing it as an opportunity to pass anti-gun bills at the federal level.

But it’s not only Democrats that are enemies of the second amendment. There are now even some “Republicans” who are now voicing support for new potential anti-gun legislation.

Here are the biggest anti-gun RINOs in Congress:


  1. It seems that the Rinos want to concentrate on the Red Flag laws, but it bothers me greatly. Red Flag laws generally do not include any due process and have no protections for people if it’s found that the law was used presumptuously. Anyone that decides to dox you could easily get your guns confiscated leaving you without any easy way to get them back even if their efforts are fraudulent. It certainly wouldn’t take much to add some protections, IF they feel compelled to do that.(but so far, nobody has)

    1. The red flag laws should have safeguards to prevent abuse. But I also suggest that we make no jokes or comments about shooting people. And don’t let anyone outside of your immediate family know what guns you have or how many. My doctor asked me about guns and I laughed and said that it’s my secret. And then asked him about guns. He didn’t answer. Interesting

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