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With grieving parents still waiting to learn if their children were alive, the radical anti-gun group Everytown was already using a mass killing in Texas as a political fundraising opportunity.

“Everytown sends email fundraising off of Texas shooting,” Twitter account @2Aupdates posted at 7:12 p.m. ET on May 24, just hours after the attack, and with parents still waiting to learn if their children were among the victims.

The email blamed “weak gun laws” for the shooting, despite the fact the perpetrator would have passed the background checks the group demands.

It also blamed “the gun lobby’s relentless ‘guns everywhere’ agenda.”  Schools have been federally-mandated “gun free zones” since 1990.  It is a federal crime to possess a gun within 1,000 feet of a school.

The email then asked readers to sign up to work political efforts, instead of providing support to victims.

It ended with a massive red button urging readers to donate funds to support the group’s political lobbying campaign.

“Gun groups like The Brady Campaign and Everytown have wasted no time in attempting to profit off of this horrific tragedy in Uvalde, Texas,” Senator Lee said in a Wednesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

“Lee’s comments were part of a line of questioning he directed toward President Joe Biden’s nominee to become the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Steven Dettelbach,” The Daily Caller reports. “Lee asked whether  Dettelbach would disavow the organization, which Dettelbach confirmed has endorsed him.”

“Are you willing to disavow their shameless, immediate fundraising off of the Texas tragedy just hours after this tragedy occurred?” Lee asked Dettelbech.

“I haven’t seen what you’re referring to and it’s not for me to get involved in a political argument,” Dettelbach dodged.

Despite its harsh anti-gun agenda, Everytown, founded by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, has its own problems with committing gun crimes.

“Everytown” was originally founded as “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” led by a cabal of anti-gun elected officials, many of whom had convictions for violent crimes, including crimes committed with guns.

“At least 14 members of Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ have either plead guilty or been convicted of crimes, ranging from illegal guns to child molestation, giving them a higher crime rate than the gunowners they’re attacking,” Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) noted in 2013.

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6 months ago

These people are of the Bloomberg Group are they not, he has been a scumbag and his followers are the swamp dwellers of the anti-american-gun- groups. You will notice that I didn’t capitalize American, is because they don’t deserve to be called Americans. They never let a crisis go to waste on the horrendous shooting of the Staff Teachers and The Wonderful Children who were gunned down by Salvador Ramos, Along with Senators Richard Blumenthal D-CT, Senator Sherrod Brown D-Oh, Senator Chris Murphy D-CT, Senator Mitch McConnell RINO-KY, Senator Lindsey Graham RINO-SC, who want to disarm us because they can’t let a crisis go to waste on the Victims Lives, how disgusting of them! PERIOD!

6 months ago

Per G.A. Custer, “Always ride to the sound of the guns and attack!

The events in Uvalde concluding with the briefings held on 5/26/ & 5/27 have once again made me hold my head in shame as a retired soldier/cop. I spent first 26 years of my life as a soldier charged with training/leading soldiers and cops in ground combat and specializing in counter-terrorism tactics (As an instructor in the Federal Civil Disobedience Orientation Program[SEADOC] spent many years teaching many senior level civilian police officers across this nation how to deal with special threats [shooters/bombers]); followed by a like number of years as a municipal police chief. Sadly, the briefings given on 5/26 and 5/27 by a senior officers from the Texas Department of Safety reinforced the reason I left government service rather than starting a one man war to negate as many self-serving/corrupt/incompetent/witless politicians and bureaucrats as one man could accomplish.

First, both of the briefings were an admission that the responders to the shooting were not trained in proper/effective tactics and demonstrated a level of absolute cowardliness. As George A. Custer stated many years ago; “Always ride to the sound of the guns and attack!” When officers aggressively close in on a shooter’s position while trying to minimize collateral damage, the shooter is usually kept occupied defending his/her/its position rather than killing hostages. In short, basic tactics include occupying the shooter by attempting to engage him/her/it in conversation while the action team/other officers close in and shoot to kill (action team members/attacking officers do not talk, they act) at the first opportunity. Remember; “Wounded animals are still dangerous, dead ones not so much!”

Second, stop blaming guns/ammo for killing people. Guns do not kill, people do! However, as a soldier/cop/Texan who has hunted game and/or men all over Texas, all three Americas, the Near/Middle/Far East, and Europe, I personally challenge any individual to demonstrate why one would use .223 or 5.56 super sonic ammo loaded in 10/20/30 round magazines, and fired from any semi-automatic type gun to hunt game. For the sake of the ladies and/or the wimps among you, I will just say as one who has personally shot men and seen many men hit by 5.56 super sonic ammo, that you do not want to shoot game with the same. The tissue and bone destruction is beyond most civilian’s imagination.

In closing, I wish I had the authority to deal with any person who illegally or legally sells/provides any weapon to individuals without carefully checking their mental/criminal history. Farther more, I wish I had the authority to deal with those politicians and bureaucrats who stand in the way of providing/enforcing laws that keep guns (of any type) out of the hands of unqualified persons, and laws that provide for swift and proper punishment for those who violate the same.

Have a nice day,

Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired       

Dan Tyree
Dan Tyree
6 months ago

Sick bastards