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Texas Republicans Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Dan Crenshaw canceled their previously-committed appearances at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention, taking place in Houston days after a tragic mass killing in a Texas school.

Cornyn’s office claims he has to be in Washington for official business.  Crenshaw’s office reports he will be in Ukraine.  Both Texas Republicans previously committed to appearing.

“Prior to the tragedy in Uvalde we had already informed the NRA he would not be able to speak due to an unexpected change in his schedule,” Cornyn press secretary Natalie Yezbick tells Yahoo News. “He has to be in D.C. for personal reasons on Friday.”

“Congressman Crenshaw is in Ukraine and we let the event organizer know that he wouldn’t be back in the country in time to attend the event Friday evening,” Crenshaw chief of staff Justin Discigil tells Yahoo News.

Crenshaw is an outspoken supporter of so-called “red flag laws,” which allow police to raid home and confiscate guns without due process of law, based on anonymous reports.  It would be up to the gun owner to hire attorneys at personal expense to restore their rights.

“At its heart what we are talking about is the ability to confiscate weapons where there is evidence that violence is about to be committed. It’s that simple, and this isn’t that controversial,” said Crenshaw in 2019 echoing anti-gun talking points. 

Last October Crenshaw was one of 135 Republicans, mostly liberals, who voted for a Democrat spending bill that included national red flag gun confiscation.

Cornyn has a mixed record on guns, introduced a national concealed carry bill but also voting to confirm Biden’s anti-gun Attorney General Merrick Garland and supporting federal mandatory background checks, which investigations reveal are being used to build national gunowner registration databases.

Their counterparts, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott, are still scheduled to attend.

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9 months ago

Oh wow! I am so disappointed in Crenshaw. I heard he was taking advice from Mit Romney but I didn’t believe it. Now I do. Just another RHINO….

9 months ago

Texas is being invaded by illegal aliens, but Crenshaw is going to Ukraine to help THEM secure their borders. What’s wrong with this picture?

Dan Tyree
Dan Tyree
9 months ago