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According to premier conservative activist and all-star lawyer Dan Backer it’s finally time for Disney to pay after their betrayal of normal Americans with their sudden shift toward the radical, woke left.

As Backer explains in The Daily Caller:

Whereas YouTube is more difficult to police, Disney’s entire business model has focused on plenty of curated content for quality family time, but also plenty of parental outsourcing. That virtual safe space is difficult for parents to replace, and I know way too many of the songs from “Moana” and “Encanto” to give it all up. For now.

But Disney broke the deal. Hundreds of millions of subscribers give Disney eyeballs and clicks, and we pay for the privilege — in the billions of dollars. We turn our kids into Disney viewers and consumers for a wide range of reasons. Ultimately, it’s because we’ve grown to trust Disney with our kids. We want to believe, “Hey, it’s Disney, they’re a wholesome company.” And that is the deal: We trust Disney. They make loads of cash, and we get quality, uncontroversial content for our kids. That has always been the deal.

Until Disney broke the deal, content was not political. But streaming and politicking have become synonymous in too many cases. “Toy Story” has gone “queer.” “Raya” may be next. The normalization of “body-positivity” (read: obesity) is in, along with “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” “racist infrastructure,” and other un-American terminology. One Disney executive even wants 50% of the company’s characters to be homosexual or “underrepresented.”

Whether it comes back to bite Disney this year or a decade from now, forsaking the deal is bad business. And the bleeding won’t stop soon. Netflix’s recent subscriber (and stock market) losses are warning signs for other streamers. In the streaming world, loyalty is not unconditional. Turn your backs on consumers, and consumers will follow suit. Tweak content for the worse, and that content won’t be consumed

Backer goes on to note that new players, like Truth Social and The Daily Wire are now entering the market to grab Disney’s marketshare, which is now increasingly up for grabs.

Will you and your family stop consuming Disney’s content now that it’s gone woke, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Rhonda Gordon
Rhonda Gordon
1 month ago

Walt Disney would not just roll over in his grave but he’d jump out and haunt these thieves who stole his good reputation and are hurting this generation of children. I did belong to the Disney Movie Club but I quit and won’t be going back until the people in control put parents back in control of the content so it will be safe and wholesome.

Gary Stoltzenberg
Gary Stoltzenberg
1 month ago

Disney has crossed the line.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Close down parks
:Layoff employees
scrap merchandise
end productions
Auction Disney to the public world
Chap 7 Co.