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A federal judge handed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a major legal victory against his woke corporate nemesis Disney on Tuesday.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis recorded yet another win on Tuesday, as a judge threw out a lawsuit challenging the governor’s law that revoked special privileges enjoyed by Disney World.

DeSantis had signed State Bill 4-C, on April 22. which required Disney to obey building inspections and planning and zoning controls under Osceola and Orange counties. The bill will go into effect in July 2022.

The complaint dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge Cecilia Altonaga originated from three residents of Orange and Osceola counties who claimed S.B. 4-C unconstitutionally threatened residents with higher taxes and abridged free speech rights, Fox Business noted.

The plaintiffs “do not plausibly allege they have suffered any concrete injury as a result of the alleged violation of Disney’s First Amendment rights, and nothing in the Complaint shows Plaintiffs have a close relationship with Disney,” Altonaga wrote, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

DeSantis’s move against Disney marks one of the very first instances of a conservative Governor holding a major corporation accountable for their ultra woke policies.


  1. This is the biggest mismanagement of a company since Coke rolled out New Coke, just what the heck was the management at Disney thinking about instead of thinking about their business and their shareholders??? What a mess created solely by Disney management and the staff they hired in certain areas.

  2. Finally, a judge which has some common sense and willing to support the laws as written. Big congrads to DeSantis for having a backbone to stand up against the WOKE mob. How can true Americans be willing to let this small percentage of the American population known as WOKE to let them try to control our Country?

  3. I went through all my grown up kids old toys, stuffed animals, and books. Anything associated with Disney went into a huge bonfire that I built in the backyard. We live out in the country, so a huge fire was legal and allowed. Goodbye and good riddance to Uncle Disney!!!`

    1. Dusty Evans >> Your actions are symbolic of the Lake of Fire that those that accept Jesus will not end up in. Those that reject that Jesus, the Lamb of God, paid the price for their sin will end up in the Lake of Fire.

      The fact that you and your family had so many items that were associated with Disney was sad.

      PTL that you woke up to the Disney Company’s foundation of liberal propagandizing program since it was founded in the mid 1920s.

  4. Employees are not thrilled with the woke policy either…Interviewed individuals were told they couldn’t use Sir or Mam or he and she…Ridiculous to hold someone’s job over there head for doing that…Whats next…? It’s not a dog it’s want to be cat…?The left is nuts..Idiotic fools…

  5. Ron DeSantis is a LEADER….some of the RINO’s like Romney, Graham, McConnell should take an example from DeSantis…but Romney is really a liberal, Graham is a duplicitous politician who says and does whatever gets him elected and McConnell is probably just a corrupt as Biden…that’s why he stays so quiet about the ‘Biden Organized Crime Famiy’

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