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An adult make sex offender who began identifying as a woman after his arrest for child molestation, but was charged as child and placed in a facility with juveniles by a George Soros-backed prosecutor, has been now charged with first-degree murder.

The suspect, now known as Hannah Tubbs, was known as James Tubbs until a 2019 arrest for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a Denny’s restroom in 2014.

“Prosecutors said Tubbs grabbed the girl by the throat, locked her in a stall, and put her hand down the girl’s pants,” Fox News reports.

Five years later Tubbs was finally tracked down after being arrested in Idaho, and DNA matched the California assault.  

Facing jail, Tubbs, who had never previously claimed to be transgender, suddenly told officers he identified as a woman.

Citing that claim, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón placed Tubbs, in a facility for women, despite being arrested for sexually assaulting a female.

Gascón is one of several prosecutors whose election to office was largely bankrolled by liberal billionaire Soros.

Because the alleged sexual assault took place weeks before Tubbs’ 18th birthday, Gascón further refused to charge Tubbs as an adult and even placed the then-24-year-old in a juvenile facility.

Due to Gascón refusing to charge as an adult, Judge Mario Barrera had no choice but to give Tubbs a two-year sentence.  Throughout the trial Barerra made clear he was given no other option under California law.

Tubbs could serve as little as six months, and will not have to register as a sex offender, despite a lengthy criminal record including other sexual assaults of children.

“Tubbs had a very lengthy criminal record before George Gascón allowed Tubbs to be sentenced to minimal time in a juvenile facility, which included arrests and convictions for murder, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence and even a prior sexual assault of a 4-yr-old girl,” Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami told Fox News Digital.

“Tubbs was later caught on a jailhouse phone call gloating about the case and bragging about not having to register as a sex offender,” Fox News reports.

But Tubbs won’t be out as quickly as thought, no thanks to Gascón.  Investigators have since connected Tubbs to a 2019 Kern County, California robbery that left a man dead.

Tubbs is now charged with first-degree murder and was transferred to Kerns County under the name James Tubbs.


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    They wouldn’t like it a bit, and they’d enjoy NOT liking it for about a WEEK…

  4. That is how these predators get away with sexual assault! All they have to do is say” i’m A woman”, and get off Scott free!

  5. If you vote for a Soros funded DA, you’re voting for lawlessness, chaos and injustice.
    Diana Becton—CA, George Gascon—Los Angeles County, California, Monique Worrell—Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange and Osceola County), Florida, Darius Pattillo—Henry County, Georgia, Kim Foxx—Cook County (Chicago), Illinois, Kim Gardner—St. Louis, Missouri, Alvin Bragg—Manhattan, New York, Larry Krasner—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Joe Gonzalez—Bexar County (San Antonio), Texas, José Garza—Travis County (Austin), Texas, and that is just a short list of the DA’s funded by the corrupt Nazi George Soros. Vote against them all, Vote RED Remove Every Democrat.

  6. How can ANYONE step into a voting booth, fill out an ‘absentee ballot’, vote democratic, and not realize that they will be voting for scum like gascon? Unbelievable.

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  8. Am I missing something here? Do prosecutors hold positions over judges in court rooms ? I’m seeing just as much liability by the judges as the prosecutors, maybe even more. I always thought that if a court decision or judges ruling needs to be appealed, it was sent to a higher court for adjudication. It can be sent to an even higher court in some cases where there are still grounds for appeals, but I don’t think that the prosecutor makes those decisions. This is a nationwide issue where prosecutors seem to be calling all of the shots when it comes to people accused of committing heinous crimes being released with no, or extremely low bail, on the recommendations of biased prosecutors. what gives with this?

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  11. Charge the Prosecutor and judge who sent him to the Juvenile facility as accessories then hang all three.

  12. We pray sooner or later we will see justice in all of the poor jurisdiction we have constantly witnessed by liberal judges,

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