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Joe Biden just added two items to his list of executive blunders.

Between gaffes that almost started wars and forgetting where he is, Joe Biden has not had a good record so far. Of his slips of the tongue, however, two this week stick out more than most.

On March 6th, Joe was giving a speech and slipped this one in there. “Even back in the old days when we had real segregationists — like [James] Eastland and [Strom] Thurmond and all those guys — at least we’d end up eating lunch together.” You heard right, he admitted to eating lunch with segregationists and bragged about treating with them. Biden has always had a reputation for making friends with the opposition, but where do you draw the line? I’m no expert, but it might be a good idea to put it long before segregationists. You can find the video here.

This next blunder is not something Biden, himself said, but rather his lovely press secretary. When responding to questions, Jen Psaki had a spicy take. First, she just fired the go-to talking points and said that the president supports “the right of a woman to make choices about her own body with her doctor.”

For reference, even a poll conducted by left-wing NPR showed that only 21% of Americans support abortion with no restrictions. Just another data point to keep in mind is that a baby’s heartbeat starts at week 5 of pregnancy.

Back to Jen Psaki’s answer. The reporter asked her if Biden supports any limits on abortion. She floundered but essentially said “no.” When he asked her if Biden supports abortion all the way up to the moment of birth, she floundered and essentially said “yes.” You can find the clip here.

So Joe Biden supports murdering fully developed babies that can survive outside the womb for convenience. Joe Biden is okay with murdering babies because a woman just doesn’t feel like taking responsibility or even putting him/her up for adoption.

For the president’s sake, I hope he clears the waters soon.


  1. Only a really stupid person can go on trying to convince themselves that Joe Biden’s made ANYTHING better.
    Everything he touches turns to absolute garbage and makes our country worse.
    Joe Biden couldn’t care less about women other than their vote, legal or not.
    Head of the Biden Crime Family.

    1. Obama was very clear in his warnings about ol’ Joe when he said, “Never underestimate the ability of Joe to f*** up every thing he touches.” Apparently half the voters didn’t pay any attention to the guy who had spent more time watching his blunders for 8 years.

      1. And this from the guy that hates America and did his best to destroy our republic. Joe doesn’t know any better, obama knew from the beginning what his mission was, bring the United States to it’s knees, and he almost did.

  2. That is because Biden and Piglosi are part of the abortion ghouls! They have NO regard for human life, NO decency, NO care or concern for others! Too bad THEIR mothers didn’t opt for abortions to “ get rid of them”! Well, it isn’t too late, now that they want a baby murdered up to 28 days post birth! Wonder what they will all tell God on judgement day, when they have to account to him. Guess because they are “ good Catholics”, they will get a pass! NOT!!!! God will not forgive the shedding of innocent blood!

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