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A group shrouded in secrecy and funded by far-left billionaire George Soros is now reportedly working behind the scenes in the Biden White House to craft major policy proposals.

As Fox News reports:

A secretive group backed by millions of dollars from liberal billionaire George Soros is working behind the scenes with President Biden’s administration to shape policy, documents reviewed by Fox News show.

Governing for Impact (GFI), the veiled group, boasts in internal memos of implementing more than 20 of its regulatory agenda items as it works to reverse Trump-era deregulations by zeroing in on education, environmental, health care, housing and labor issues.

“Open Society is proud to support Governing for Impact’s efforts to protect American workers, consumers, patients, students and the environment through policy reform,” Tom Perriello, executive director of Soros’ Open Society Foundations, told Fox News Digital.

GFI, however, works to remain secretive. It is invisible to internet search engines like Google (an unrelated “Govern for Impact” is the only group that appears in a search). No news reports or press releases appear on its existence outside of a mention of its related action fund in a previous Fox News article on the $1.6 billion Arabella Advisors-managed dark money network, to which it is attached.

Many of the proposals put forward by the group reportedly have to do with attempting to undo many of the regulatory policies enacted by the Trump Administration.



    1. Sht the NAZIS would have gassed this creep before he even thought about coming to America.
      It says a lot about his ability to evade detection.
      I realize there is lot of speculation as to exactly what Soros did during the war. Some say he cooperated with the Germans (?) if so it was probably to save his own skin.
      George was basically influenced by the theories of Karl Popper and several other fundamental analysis jerks.

    2. Pretty sure he WAS, but probably not now….Maybe commie. This, you’ll remember, is the wonderful, loving hero who ratted out his parents to the Nazis during WWII.

  1. they are out to RUIN America and and Americans! GEORGE SORO’S IS EVIL TO THE CORE–the rest that are following are his mini me’s!

  2. Get this Nazi collaborator out of our government, and send his “charitable organizations” with him. HIs fortune began with the gold implants bashed out of the mouths of Jews he betrayed to the death camps by Nazi guards. Some while their original owners were alive,

  3. George Soros should hang for his crimes during Hitlers massacre of the Jewish people because he pretended to be German to save his pocked marked skin. Whether in this life or death Soros will Burn.

  4. This is “news” somehow…???? We have known all along that this creature is meddling in our Government using his DIRTY money, so, of course, he is IN the xiden WH – maybe this is WHO xiden meets at his private Residence in Delaware every weekend and kept OFF the books……

  5. The death of one the greatest nation in man’s history is clearly coming into view for all the Earth to see, if it were not for the blindness of the unrighteous and godless.

  6. Soros and all his “ foundations” should be deported back to Hungary to face trial. He should loose his citizenship here due to treasonous acts! Those people have no business bieng in OUR White House!

  7. With all the interference George Soros has committed over the years, WHY IS IT that nobody, nobody at all, has investigated to ascertain what crimes he has committed, (he must have done something) and gone through the mill? Certainly he obviously has interfered with the justice system over and over again.

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