Photo by Gage Skidmore


Madison Cawthorn has now reportedly been cited for having a gun at an airport in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This story is developing…



  1. Leave Madison Cawthorn alone. You democrats try to screw all Republicans you are afraid of. Why so afraid we will take over you fools

    1. As much as I advocate for 2A, not in a carry on, on an airplane. TSA is a joke,with the nail clippers and shampoo, etc. One bullet at altitude, takes an airplane out of the sky.
      I only trust that air marshals are armed. Not the general public.

  2. It is an illegal, unconstitutional arrest. The reason it is a right to carry self defense tools is because it is your moral duty to protect yourself, your family and your friends. Pacifism is absolutely indefensible, morally and ethically speaking. If they could not stop him at the front door, they would not be stopping murderous lunatics at the front door either. It is incumbent upon every grown up to protect themselves at all times.

    1. It’s an airplane!!!. One bullet could kill hundreds. You are allowed a firearm ,locked and secure in checked baggage, and must be declared. Reasonable rules are a defacto agreement, when you buy your ticket.
      Blasting caps might also be an issue for TSA.

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