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Governor Ron DeSantis slammed critics of parental rights on Tuesday, proclaiming that ‘Our rights come from God, not government.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out in response to criticisms of his state’s recently signed Parental Rights in Education law on Tuesday with the words that, “Our rights come from God, not government.”

DeSantis shared the words during remarks in Hamilton County that announced awarding more than $5.4 million toward the buildout of a business location in the area to increase the potential for manufacturing opportunities.

“As a parent, you have the right to know the curriculum that’s being used in your kids’ school, and it’s kind of a complement to the Parents Rights in Education. Also with the library books. They’ll have these library books in like middle schools that, you know, that’ll have things like pedophilia and really grotesque and obscene things, and that’s just not appropriate,” DeSantis said.

The governor also addressed the needed focus of young children in schools on core areas of education.

The audience showed its approval by giving DeSantis’s remarks a stirring round of applause.


  1. May God bless the governor and the efforts he’s making to bring common sense back to his state. I support him 100%!!!!!

  2. What is wrong with moderate/conservative Democrats? Has the Progressives out numbered you? Your great grandchildren will be living under communist ruling if you do not wake up.

  3. They have no right to be teaching this garbage to our children!! We have the right to know what our children are being taught and we pay taxes to enforce this right!! If they can’t understand this, then we should all pull our children out of school and refuse to pay taxes and just let these schools rot and those dirtbags go without a job!!!!

  4. The good common sense of Governor Desantis is becoming increasingly uncommon. We need someone like him as our President.

  5. Bravo to Governor De Santis, he is a true man of the people! He protects his state, the children, the female athletes. More governors should follow his lead, he is a REAL governor!

  6. Truly I pray, that all Parents realize the importance of this and back your Governor. I am sure you will have His blessing for it.

  7. I could say “we” but this only applies to those who have forgotten: the beginning of the constitution states “We, the people…” not the democratsrepublicans/independents (like me), not lgbtq, not blm, nor any other entity can dictate or “demand” that what they want needs to be blindly followed by all. It is “We, the people” that forms our government to represent us not to tell us what they want us to hear/do.




  8. God bless him and keep him! We need more courageous leaders who care about protecting our children and we the people. God bless the USA!

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