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New York City mayor Eric Adams slammed his own city on Sunday, calling it a ‘laughingstock’ due to the unprecendented crime wave that it has experienced in the past two years.

As The Daily Caller reports:

Adams made the comments at the annual New York Police Department (NYPD) Holy Name Society communion mass and breakfast in the Midtown Hilton hotel, according to the New York Post. The Mayor referenced two separate recent shootings of children in the city and complained about the ongoing rise in crime.

“Anything goes in the city of New York,” Adams told the audience. “The most important city on the globe has become the laughingstock of the globe. And the dysfunctionality of our city has cascaded throughout the entire country. And the audacity that someone comes along and says, ‘I want to be your mayor,’ and simply says, ‘Follow the rules, follow the rules.’”

“It’s called swiping a Metrocard. If you don’t have enough to pay the fare, there’s a process that you can get the help that you deserve,” Adams continued. “Or if you go into a drugstore, do what my neighbor does — pay for what you want.”

Adams referred to himself as a “wartime general,” telling the audience that he will “be on the front line,” the New York Post reported.

In February crime was up 58 percent in the city of New York compared to the same time the year before.


    1. And to think that these people voted this guy in.
      Stupid is as stupid does! They deserve all this crapola.
      Sorry, but its true.

  1. Cuomo is just one more CATHOLIC TRAITOR.
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that was not bankrupt?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that was successful?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that had an infrastructure?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that is educated?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that is not corrupt?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that is not crime ridden?
    The only difference between Muslim and “C” is the continent they destroy.
    R and D mean nothing. Catholics are Catholics, NOT Americans.

  2. I FEEL TERRIBLE FOR THAT MOTHER and that baby will be scarred for life. At the same time, my GUESS is that this mother votes 100% percent for the Democratic candidates. I wish that the people in NYC start associating the rise in crime with the recent 80% votes for Democratic candidates

  3. Mayor, tell your prosecutors and judges to follow the law. Telll your police to follow the law and that you will back them up 100%. Tell the populace of NYC that it is not “equitable” to assault, steal, murder, etc. and that those who attempt to do so will be removed from society as the equitable solution to the problem.

  4. Here’s a novel idea. You are the Mayor. How about y’all do something about it. I mean, you were, the Chief of Police, previously. I imagine you have a clues as to how to do it. Like duhhhh.

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