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Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Lincoln) was convicted last week of three felony counts in a court room in Los Angeles California.

Two of the counts involved campaign finance violations. The jury determined that Fortenberry illegally received funds from a non-American citizen and also lied to federal investigators about his activities.

And as Ellis Political Insights notes, Fortenberry has now decided to resign:

Rep. Fortenberry further says he will appeal the verdict and wrote in his official open resignation letter that “due to the difficulties of my current circumstances, I can no longer serve you (meaning his constituents) effectively.”
Since Nebraska’s candidate filing has closed and contenders certified, it is unclear at this time whether the Congressman’s name can be removed from the primary ballot.  The only ballot related deadline that has not passed in relation to the May 10th primary is the period before April 4th when county clerks can make “corrections” to the ballot.
State Sen. Mike Flood (R-Norfolk) is the leading GOP candidate in Mr. Fortenberry’s absence.  Retired Air Force officer John Glen Weaver, teacher Thireena Yuki, and welder Curtis Huffman round out the Republican congressional field.  The consensus Democratic candidate is state Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks (D-Lincoln).
Now that Rep. Fortenberry is resigning, Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) will call a special election to fill the balance of the term.  Under Nebraska law, since the seat will open before August 1st of the even-numbered year, the special election must be scheduled within 90 days of the official date of vacancy.  In this case, the vote must be held on or before June 28th.
 Fortenberry announced that his resignation will officially go into effect on March 31 of 2022.


  1. ” illegally received funds from a non-American citizen and also lied to federal investigators about his activities. ” this is the same MO that the clinton crime family uses when they receive non citizen money, or even the biden crime family receiving money from russia and china.

  2. Public servants are provided with something called “Public Trust.” Violating this trust does tremendous damage to both the institutions they are elected or hired to, & the people they serve. Why do you think politicians poll so low when asked about trustworthiness? To this same end, one police officer can harm ALL law enforcement personnel, simple by their actions.

    We must hold those put in these positions to a higher standard. They must be punished accordingly as well.

    1. He was just on the wrong side. He would be hailed as a hero if he sported a “D” after his name.

  3. Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry is simply on the wrong side of history. We can’t afford to have criminals like this keeping their offices or running again for another political role in which they can potentially hurt America.

  4. If only they went after Democrats who received foreign donations. During the BLM riots there were foreign funds pouring into thousands of various donation collecting links that enabled American owned businesses or anyone with a payment online account to accept political donations. Especially music and fashion sites where readers would be encouraged to use 3 RD party intermediaries to collect and funnel donations. America’s intelligence services do nothing about this but they will set up and entrap Republicans. Just as they staged political coup attempts by using agents to plan kidnappings organize demonstrations and then recruit and incite disillusioned citizens into “attending” and then arrest them.

    This was a very common tactic used under the Nazis and in today’s communist dictatorships. As we have seen the FBI refuse to clean house, unwilling to police its own as they completely failed to punish to Trump Hoax conspirators.
    Americans understand that our Federal Intelligence Agencies have been compromised to the point of illegitimacy. There is serous mistrust and resentment toward the corrupt agency that has rendered it, deservingly so, an enemy of democracy.
    More than ever, now is the time for us to end the Obama era take over of local police autonomy and replacing it with Federal Police which was the beginning of the leftist insertection on the localities.

    Americans need to be a presence in their local cities ; they have no clue that city governments are under federal direction through intimidation and extortion .

    The 2020 election overthrew democracy at the Federal level

  5. People need to understand . Our leaders who oppose the Socialist (pre-communist) overthrow of Democracy are all being targeted. FBI is infiltrated by a true group of insurrectionists who are taking out anyone who opposes them. It’s consolidation of power by a Totalitarian anti-American regime. Threats , intimidation and physical threats to families , unlawful full arrests and human being locked away in Federal prisons without ever having seen a judge, having never been charged nor allowed defense. My friends our voices are being silenced. Our society gets information that is filtered, censored and speech is banned. The Democrat Overthrow of democracy has already occurred. Every conceivable method to implode our sovereignty and destroy our legal system, sell our national security and tank our currency.

    This isn’t make beleive, it’s underway and history tell us what’s coming and unless we physically take our towns and cities back and reject the Federal authority expansion, we will in huge numbers die horrible deaths . Get your butts off the couch and rally your community in self defense. Oust the Democrats turned traitors . We can’t wait for more stolen elections

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