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Members of Israel’s government have now reacted angrily after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared his country’s current war with Russia to the Holocaust during a speech before the Israeli government.

As The Daily Wire reports:

“This Russian invasion of Ukraine is not just a military operation, as Moscow claims. This is a large-scale and treacherous war aimed at destroying our people. Destroying our children, our families. Our state. Our cities. Our communities. Our culture. And everything that makes Ukrainians Ukrainians. Everything that Russian troops are now destroying. Deliberately. In front of the whole world,” Zelensky said. “That is why I have the right to this parallel and to this comparison. Our history and your history. Our war for our survival and World War II.”

“Listen to what the Kremlin says. Just listen! There are even terms that sounded then. And this is a tragedy. When the Nazi party raided Europe and wanted to destroy everything. Destroy everyone. Wanted to conquer the nations. And leave nothing from us, nothing from you. Even the name and the trace. They called it ‘the final solution to the Jewish issue.’ You remember that. And I’m sure you will never forget!” Zelensky added. “But listen to what is sounding now in Moscow. Hear how these words are said again: ‘Final solution.’ But already in relation, so to speak, to us, to the ‘Ukrainian issue.’”

“I appreciate the President of Ukraine and support the Ukrainian people in heart and deed, but it is impossible to rewrite the terrible history of the Holocaust,” Israel’s Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel tweeted. “Genocide was also committed on Ukrainian soil. The war is terrible, but the comparison to the horrors of the Holocaust and the final solution is outrageous.”

“If Zelensky’s speech was given… in normal [non-war] times, we would have said it bordered on Holocaust denial… Every comparison between a regular war, as difficult as it may be, and the extermination of millions of Jews in gas chambers in the framework of the Final Solution, is a total distortion of history. The same is true for the claim that Ukrainians helped Jews in the Holocaust… The historic truth is that the Ukrainian people cannot be proud of its behavior in the Holocaust of the Jews,” Yuval Steinitz, a Likud MK, said. “None of that changes the fact that despite the outrageous use of the Holocaust, we must continue humanitarian aid to the citizens of Ukraine suffering from the war and pray for its end to come soon.”

Zelensky’s remarks come in the wake of his speech before the U.S. Congress in which he begged for NATO to establish a no-fly zone, in spite of the risk of it spiraling into a full-scale nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia.


  1. I agree that comparing the current attack on the civilian population of the Ukraine is unwarranted and a crime against humanity, but does not compare to the Holocaust. Ukraine did however suffer an intentional genocidal event carried out by Stalin in the 1930s that killed millions of helpless Ukrainians – The Holodomor.

    1. From what I have read in the history of Ukraine is that were very active in rounding up all the Jews for Hitler they could find, I reckon so they could then claim their property. They don’t have a moral leg to stand on to compare this war to the Holocaust……

      1. No comparing the horrid numbers of the Holocaust. NEVER EVER. There are hopefully Ukrainians that have grown out of that. After all, they would like to be NATO but confess that they are not quite up to par.

    2. Handel is basically a jerk. He needs to get his panties out of the crack of his ass . Only a fool would take offense to Zalenskys speech . He was trying to make a valid point.

  2. It’s easy to pick it apart, but if you I think Zalinski’s heart was in the right place, even if his tongue lagged behind. He is Jewish after all.

  3. No where is it right for an entity to massacre people for personal gain whether Eastern Europe or Asia or the Americans. The leader of the free world must stand up to tyranny wherever .

    1. Sorry, but Zelensky is 100% Jewish. His family was killed in the Holocaust. Wishful thinking! Israel is walking a tightrope wanting to condemn Russia but also knowing Putin is a friend. He allows Israel to bomb the heck out of Iran in Syria and prohibits Syria from turning on their SAM’s! Your not going to jeopardize something like that.

  4. Am sorry, though Jews suffered massively under the Socialist Race Ideologs (Nazis) they were by no means the only group of people persecuted under the Totalitarianism birthed by Socialist’ Hitler, Stalin and Mao. And of all people in the Western world they ought have compassion for those suffering. It has always perplexed me why so many Americans of Jewish faith vote Democrat. The policies driven by the modern democrat party are exact same, from socialized medicine as a means to subvert Constitutional Right of individuals to gun bans.
    But then, when schools forget the past, the arduous process of maintaining freedom is replaced with simplistic notions of centralized justice. It’s as if our Countries immunity to a evil political ideology breaks down. And that’s precisely what is happening to Western Democraciies. We forget, the enemies we face today are the same as they were in WWII . Socialism is a temporary state of governance that decays rapidly into Totalitarianism be it Nazism or Communism, both are of the same origin.
    Greed and power drive this. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, a great man once said. We have empowered government to steel our freedom.

    1. Well said and totally agreed with….thank you….I am of Czech descent and they killed our people too Putin is another Hitler and America is headed if not already there socialism.

    2. Damned well said. And I’ve always been strongly pro-Jew and pro-Israel but I’m getting damned tired of this aggressive “nobody ever suffered like us” attitude. The people being massacred today are just as important as the Jewish people who (along with a LOT of other groups) were massacred almost four generations ago. Putin is the Hitler of the Twenty-First Century.

  5. The Israeli leader has no moral compass. His words are the words of a racist. Jews are NOT exclusive to the horrors of totalitarians. His sweeping assertions of people based upon their religion, race or national origins are NO different than the scapegoating of other Socialists who have taken down Democracies by claiming to be superior and righteous by way of Social Justice.

  6. I am sure Israel will come to realize that the horrors, the bodies of pregnant women and children, are fresh and ever present in Zelensky’s mind. It must appear and actions show that Putin has every intention of murdering every Ukrainian in Ukraine. This is a holocaust of a nation, not a holocaust of an ethnic people that the Jewish people faced, but a murderous holocaust nonetheless.

  7. It is unfortunate that President Zelensky invoked the Holocaust in describing Russia’s invasion. He was wrong to do so.


  9. Being Jewish himself I can see how he would relate to what’s happening in Ukraine to what happen to the Jewish community in the Polish ghetto with the destruction, murdering, and blockade of needed lifesaving supplies unable to reach those in need.

  10. This is very similar to how Nazi Germany began its conquest of Europe
    and the extermination of jews . In all likelihood russia could do the same
    with Ukraine . Why are the jews so touchy , truth is truth and israel should
    be supporting Ukraine not vilifying it .

  11. I support Israel, but I have to somewhat agree with with Zelenskys take. Russia is trying to take out the people there and in an evil way. It may not have escalated to the extent of Hitler at this point but the motivation is the same.

  12. We would not have this problem if TRUMP and his great supporters were there to put him back in office. Another DEMO-RAT and a VICE who do not know their backside from a hole in the ground.

  13. I understand what the Ukrainian President was saying. He feels the Russians are trying to exterminate them as the Nazi’s did the Jews. Putin even used Nazi language. Zelensky is Jewish.

  14. “My genocide is better than your genocide”????? These idiot Israeli Jews are nuts. Genocide is genocide is genocide. The Soviets carried out many genocides (against ByeloRussians, Ukrainians, Chechans. Tatars, Germans, Orthodox priests, Buddhist priests, Poles, many others) and many of the guilty government operatives who did so were Russian Jews – including and especially the Holmodor. Elena Kagan’s cousin Lazar Kaganovich (both of whom were Ukrainian Jews or descended from Ukrainian Jews) , the Wolf of Stalin, orchestrated most of these and helped develop the Gulag.

  15. It sounds as if the more extreme of the Zionist Israelis are playing their Holoaust music a little too loud and often, not to be considered propagandists. The Jews are the most talented people on the planet – bar none. And sometimes they are some of the greatest liars on the planet also. This MAY be one of those cases.

    Zelensky is a leader, now leading the fight for the very life of his country. Is that any different from the European Jews fighting for the very life of their religion and culture in Nazi Germany? The monstrous Russian invading army has , not yet, killed 6 million Ukrainians. But in time, what will be the final score?

  16. I hear all that I’m being told, but I just wonder what all I’m NOT being told concerning this situation. I’ve heard that George Soros money got Zelinskyy into office. I’ve heard the Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on Earth. I heard a lady member of Parliament say, ” We are doing this for the New World Order!!” That is NOT something I want to hear.
    Then we have 25 bio-labs (just like Wuhan, China)
    Creating bio-weapons, paid for by the American Taxpayer!!
    I want the WHOLE story! I want the TRUTH!
    I would imagine that is something we will never see. Especially from this corrupt administration!

  17. Hitler destroyed Jews, Christians and others. Putin’s destruction of a free country, …of Jews…Christians…Russians… and others… PLUS everything above, and below ground makes Adolf Hitler an amateur…compared to Putin.

  18. There are over 500,000 Jews in Ukraine, many or most got to the Ukraine after the Holocaust. Zelensky did not hit on the Jews but consider the fact that as a Jew growing up in Ukraine he heard the Holocaust stories from his family and those around him. In many aspects what is going on now, the deaths of civilians by deliberate bombing of places where women and children is a form of genocide. Ukrainians did not start this genocide (Putin says Ukrainians are Russians, remember), Russia did with the plans of indoctrination of any left over children into believing they are children of Mother Russia not Ukrainians. Russian wiping out remaining Ukrainians who don’t yield is the same as Nazi wiping out the Jews until they are gone or sink into the population around them. With Ukrainians those left will have to believe they are Russians. Wiping out those against you is the same technique the Romans used. If anybody the Romans were upset with, their names, their families and extended families, friends, people they came in contact with met their demise and nobody dared speak their names. There are all kinds of genocide and Putin is practicing Ukrainian genocide right now.

  19. I have been a staunch supporter of Israel. However , in this instance they are wrong. The Russians have been waging a war against Ukrainian civilians, just as Hitler waged one against the Jews and other Eastern Europeans. The best analogy was in Warsaw during the uprising! To say what is occurring in Ukraine is not genocide is pathetic.

  20. Be patient. Putin is a demonic soul without borders/limits.  Get that? Limits? Zalensky’s words may come to haunt us. It is a fool’s errand to pick his words apart, The Holocaust was then, this is now. Hopefully we have more sense and sensibility than we had during Hitler’s time. But Putin is a short little Hitler/Napolean wannabe that needs to be the bug under someone’s shoe. And I pray tht shoe belongs to Zalensky.

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