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Nancy Pelosi announced on Sunday that ‘Defund the Police’ was not the position of the Democratic party, and that, in fact, the movement was ‘dead.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

“The other thing that’s weighing on people right now is rising crime,” Stephanopoulos began, adding, “And there appear to be some divisions among Democrats about how to handle it. Your colleague Karen Bass, running for Mayor of Los Angeles, is trying to increase the police force in L.A. Cori Bush, Congresswoman from Missouri, is saying it’s time to defund the police, she’s sticking by that.”

“You’re the Speaker, how do you think Democrats should address rising crime?” he asked.

“Well, with all the respect in the world for Cori Bush, that is not the position of the Democratic Party,” Pelosi replied. “Community safety, to protect and defend in every way, is our oath of office. And I have sympathy, I’m — we’re all concerned about mistreatment of people and that’s why Karen Bass had the Justice in Policing Act, and we would hope to get some of that done.”

“Make no mistake, community safety is our responsibility,” Pelosi continued. “And I quote one of my colleagues from New York, Ritchie Torres, a brand new member of Congress, way on the left, saying that ‘Defund the Police is dead.’ That causes a concern with a few in our caucus, but public safety is our responsibility and I support what Karen Bass is doing and Mayor Adams of New York.”

Squad Member Cori Bush, along with other radical members of the party, has continued to push ‘Defund the Police’ as a major Democratic priority.


  1. You gotta give it to the old bag, she knows how to spin a narrative to help shape and change people’s perceptions. I just hope that this change in her narrative continues to push the divide in the democrap party so the suicide squad and the old, old, old guard will just gnaw at each other and not have a consensus (kinda like the republicans have unfortunately been doing to themselves for far too long, thank you RINO’s and Swamp Rats like Mitch McConnell).

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    1. Their blood is on every Democrat’s hands.
      That is why, even in local elections, I can no longer vote for anyone who aligns themselves with the Dems.

    2. Half their base seems to have forgotten that the Democrats were the Slave Owners, the KKK, the people responsible for lynching, Jim Crow laws, segregation, the Trail of Tears…opposition to the Civil Rights Act, etc. Pelosi knows that the only people left that will vote for them are too STUPID to know when they’re being lied to…

      1. You said it, buster! I have seen a tombstone of a poor man who figured out decades ago and inscribed it on his tombstone that the Democratic Party’s chief goal was to overturn the Constitution and overturn the United States,

  2. Nancy Pelosi is the Mob daughter of Big Tommy Alessandro. She turned Commie before sleeping with JFK and was close friends with Communists including Queer Communist Harvey Milk who created Queer Communist rainbow flag.🌈 Nancy Pelosi’s public hairs cover the halls of Congress! 🤮

  3. you need to get rid of the soft DAs Soros bought and paid for . put your laws back the way they used to be stop all the shoplifting . when vilents is in play put them in jail an dim not talking about a day. stop letting hardened criminals out of jailits like a revolving door in prision. only than will refundin gthe police and hiring more will do any good . the La district attorney is and idiot get rid of him

  4. Pelosi disregards police anytime she can show her hatred of Trump. She totally ignored Trump’s offer of thousands of National Guard for Jan. 6 so she could create her Kangaroo Court. She has never condemned the communist BLM insurrection demanding the defunding of police across the USA.

  5. Democrats are like a bunch of rats leaving a sinking ship.. I would never believe a word that comes out of a democrats mouth especially pelosi

  6. Wow, nasty nancy is suddenly changing the tune of the democRATs about not trying to pass the “defund police”. Midterm elections are coming up and they are hoping that the dimwitted will immediately come back and vote for all democRATs running for office because they have suddenly turned their brains back on and are using commonsense. Wake up people, this is just temporary bull crap as always. Name one promise they have come through on in the last few years.

  7. Is she serious??? “defund the police” is “not the position of the Democratic Party”. 100% of those who voiced opinions about black lives & anti-police were ALL democrats. This B needs a deadly heart attack & soon, like yesterday.

  8. Way too late..lets hope the voters do not forget the damage these evil people have caused come voting day.

  9. This is the same woman that said she was not going to seek re-election, and then turns around and says she is…..time and time again she says one thing then a few weeks or months later she says the opposite. The same woman that, during Trumps administration, raise the Speakers Gavel and said “Now, I have more power than the President of the United States” !! That is her driving force to continue in politics….Power !!

  10. Lying ass Pelosi. These damn rotten democrats are the biggest bunch of assholes.. Now that the election getting closer they want to change theirbullshit narratives. Anyone really believe their bullshit

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