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The far-left New York Times writer and activist Nichole Hannah-Jones went after Al Sharpton on Wednesday after he dared to discuss the shocking high rate of shoplifting in New York City.

As Fox News reports:

The creator of the controversial 1619 Project took to Twitter to criticize MSNBC spending air time discussing the shoplifter who was captured on video stealing steaks from a New York City Trader Joe’s.

“This drumbeat for continued mass incarceration is really horrific to watch. A person stealing steak is not national news, and there have always been thefts from stores. This is how you legitimize the carceral state,” Hannah-Jones wrote in response to a tweet from Sharpton, which included a video clip of the Wednesday “Morning Joe” segment.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, noting New York City Mayor Eric Adams, D., was elected in part on a law-and-order message, appeared “surrounded by elected officials who want New York to remain chaotic.” Sharpton said he shared concerns of overloading jails with petty criminals, but he added there couldn’t be a “culture where people are just at random robbing and stealing.”

Hannah-Jones’ response to Sharpton appeared out-of-touch with what Americans living in cities have been increasingly experiencing as crime rates have continued to rise and theft has become a progressively worse issue, especially for business owners. The crime wave has the added effect of generating hiked prices for law-abiding citizens to make up for the stolen goods.

Jones is the author of the ‘1619 project’ which states that America was founded as an intrinsically racist country.


    1. Yep. Where are all the screams from the left accusing Sharpton of being an Uncle Tom for daring to stray off the plantation?

    1. Don’t forget activist. That’s almost mandatory these days! Who would of thunk that good old Al would have one coherent thought???

    1. Dennis, now that statement is a racist statement! Thanks for letting the left have ammunition to keep calling all conservatives “racist” you moron!

      1. Not racist – just an accurate description. Stacey Abrams is another big mouth, tooth-gapped, small brain/ huge butt black female.

        BTW Dennis: you forgot “CLOWN HAIR” in your description.

        1. His statement would be fine if he didn’t add, “are there any other kind’ at the end. That implies all black women fit his description. Candace Owens, Condolezza Rice, Janice Rogers Brown, do not fit his statement and yes, PatrioTEA, they are black! There are many others but my point is to be careful how you word your thoughts, otherwise you will be just the same as the left saying all conservatives are racist. It just adds to the discourse between us as Americans. That’s all.

  1. some people love to justify lawlessness, because it allows them to do what they want without5 repercussion!!! There are a lot of people in America who would prefer to get rid of all laws… and this woman appears to be one of them!!!

    1. Until she gets car jacked or accosted!
      It’s about time we go back to ARRESTING petty CRIMES and ARRESTING assaults and MAKING them do some TIME! NO bail no release for the more serious!

  2. This isn’t how you justify mass incarceration, it’s this “writer” justifying taking from others; aka STEALING. This whole victimhood industry is the problem-telling people they are victims of something that isn’t widespread like they want the uninformed to believe they are owed something by the “white man” living now for something they didn’t do to people who aren’t alive anymore.

  3. LISTEN UP….The LORD GOD Believes in LAW and ORDER Not CHAOS….CO NFUSION and ALL KINDS of EVIL. Something the DEMO CRATS are PROMOTING. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄😇😇😇

  4. You can know that things are REALLY bad when the Left attacks Sharpton. To NYs, escape while you can, the window is shrinking fast.

  5. Law-abiding citizens need to carry pepper spray and a one-million volt taser. When they see someone stealing . . . . . zap ’em. While they’re on the ground, hit them with the pepper spray. Then load the thieves in a van (or trunk) and drive them out to the middle of nowhere and leave them there.

    After a couple doses of citizen revolt, they will realize that stealing isn’t acceptable behavior.

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