OneRepublic at Spotify On Stage BKK 2019 via Wikimedia Commons.

While leftists appear to be doing everything possible to cancel Joe Rogan’s show from Spotify, many controversial and vulgar figures remain on the platform.

Here are some of the vilest people still allowed on Spotify while Joe Rogan’s interviews are being censored: 


  1. Assure these social sites that their actions towards free speech will not be tolerated. Start by placing the CEO in a cage for 10 years and his underlings for 5. I guarantee this behavior will end!!

  2. I think I will start a site called “CAGED”. I will create a team of mercenaries to go around and literally arrest the CEOs of these FREEDOM-INFRIGING LEFTIST sites. Let’s see how they like it when someone takes away THEIR freedom.

    It shouldn’t be an issue since these CEOs and their sites are allowed to infringe on the rights of others . . . . why can’t I?

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