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The State Department has now reportedly ordered the evacuation of all of the family members of embassy staff who are currently in the country as tensions continue to rise between Russia and Ukraine.

The Details: Though originally a conflict solely between Russia and Ukraine a potential conflict now is also likely to take place in or on the territory of Belaurs, as Russia recently began to move thousands of troops into the country and onto its Northern border with Ukraine.

With Russian troops and equipment now stationed in Belarus, the Kremlin has now effectively surrounded its primary regional rival.

The notice, which was announced on Monday, also advised U.S. citizens against traveling to Belarus explaining: Do not Travel to Belarus due to the arbitrary enforcement of laws, the risk of detention, and unusual and concerning Russian military buildup along Belarus’ border with Ukraine. Reconsider travel due to COVID-19 and related entry restrictions.


  1. Yes let’s send all our top hardware there do Russia will have some now too as the Democrats prepare for yet another war on there watch .
    I wonder what hardware Biden will give them what a joke as our boarders are wide open he sends troops and equipment to a foreign country boarder to defend . Lets Go Brandon !

    1. Slo-Joe is hopelessly incompetent, and his backers are even more feckless. We’ll need to fumigate the WH to get the demented cockroach out.

  2. The Biden administration WANT this war. They need the distraction from the complete mess they have made of everything from day one.

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