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MSNBC star Rachel Maddow is reportedly set to take a hiatus from her prime-time show.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Starting this week, the liberal host will take a break from anchoring her nightly show in order to focus on other projects, according to multiple reports.

“The Rachel Maddow Show,” which airs at 9 p.m. ET Monday through Friday on Comcast-owned MSNBC, is the network’s top-rated show by far. The program is the most-watched cable news show outside of Fox News shows.

Maddow will announce her hiatus on Monday, and it will begin on Friday. A slate of several hosts are expected to take turns filling in for the host during her break.

The news of Maddow’s break from hosting comes after she signed a new contract with MSNBC in the summer, following reports and rumors that she had considered leaving the network, perhaps to start her own media company.

Maddow’s new contract includes paying the host $30 million dollars a year through 2024.


  1. “The program is the most-watched cable news show outside of Fox News shows.”

    Which isn’t saying much. In truth, her show is a long way behind a long list of Fox News shows.

    1. She’s running against some stiff competition, including:
      Don Lemon
      Jim Acosta
      Joe Biden
      Jen Psaki
      Kamala Harris
      Maxine Waters
      Brenda Lee Jones
      Dr. Fauci
      Members of The View

        1. I heard tell she was the house Speaker ,…. A few more faceplants and Greasepaint, they could be twins,…. seriously though she could actually be HilLIARy clintons sister, Butch RodHAM.

  2. According to the site, Cable Compare, of the top 15 cable news shows, Maddow is number 6 and O’Donnell’s is 15th. All the other 13 shows are Fox news shows!! Take that CNN and MSNBC!

  3. When you suck, when your ratings are collapsing, when due to your constant lying your credibility as a journalist is gone, what else do you do. Hopefully she doesn’t come back.

  4. I doubt more than 10 people watch her show any how, includes family members. Never watched the pitiful, no-talent, dishonest (lying) left wing hater and never would.

  5. It is said that she is taking a “hiatus”. I would prefer she take a “goneus” and never comebackus”!

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