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Former First Lady Michelle Obama has now announced her new plan to help Democrat register a million new voters before the 2022 midterms.

As The Hill reports:

Former first lady Michelle Obama has launched a push to get 1 million people newly registered to vote ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

In a statement on Sunday, Obama said her foundation, When We All Vote, along with 30 other organizations, will recruit and train at least 100,000 volunteers to register voters.

Among the other groups involved in the effort are The League of Women Voters, the National Bar Association, the NAACP, Rock the Vote, Common Cause and the Voto Latino Foundation.

The groups also aim to activate 100,000 people to contact senators about passing voting rights legislation, and recruit “thousands” of lawyers to protect voting rights “in the states where the freedom to vote is threatened.”

Obama focused much of her attention on GOP controlled states like Texas and Florida, which she accuses of having overly restrictive voting laws.


    1. A bit clunky to say the least but our skill set and experience won the day. Poor ref with no regard to offside and he bottled it on the sin bin, red card all day long if it had been on sky

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  1. Pay Attention
    They are setting us up for even more cheating then they did last time.
    If The Communists have 100,000 people going door to door you can bet your ass that they are picking up Democrat Ballots (Illegal) and dropping them into drop boxes (Illegal). They will also be pushing for a Vote month where they can get the “right” people to vote and organize another massive mail in campaign. This while we sit and wait for election day and show up with an ID and vote. Guess who wins again, right, the idiot.

    1. They don’t need to go door to door – this year they just go to cemeteries and register anyone born between 1800 and 1900. Then in 2024 Mikey can register anyone born between 1700 and 1800.
      Let’s Go Brandon

        1. REALLY?? Last time I checked, we weren’t the side promoting abortion, infanticide, same sex marriage, pro-transgender policies and sexual intercourse outside of a traditional marriage. BTW: God abhors all those things in HIS Holy Word.

          The Dems also promise to:
          1) lower the earth’s temperature through laws; an utter joke.
          2) pay off all student loans (fiscally ridiculous and irresponsible)
          3) leave our borders unprotected despite it being part of their oath
          4) look the other way when BLM and ANTIFA decide to riot, loot, and injure/ kill
          5) cheat to win

  2. LISTEN UP…GOD is Against the DEMOCRATS. THEIR WAYS are NOT HIS WAYS. JESUS Said….YOU are Either With ME or Against ME. YOU Cannot Serve TWO MASTERS. GOD’S Blessing is Still with PREZ TRUMP. TRUMP Shall Become a TRUMPET. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

        1. May I suggest posting the Verse you’re referencing in the future. Many have no comprehension of the Bible, much less how to find something in it.

          Psalms 109:8 – Let his days be few; and let another take his office.
          Have a blessed day.

      1. I don’t believe that Trump is claiming to be a prophet. However, in Trump’s defense, he was the first President to attend a “RIGHT TO LIFE” march in DC and also brought back the National Day of Prayer (ruined by Barack Obama).

        Is Trump perfect? Heck no, but PLEASE PLEASE SHOW ME ANYWHERE IN THE BIBLE where God used a perfect man (besides Jesus whom was both man and God) for HIS purposes.

  3. She says in 2020 millions made their voices heard. The real truth real Americans will tell you in 2020 millions of FRAUDULENT votes HADE to be heard and she knows it. Just like barry knows he tried hard to divide the nation. Two things barry and brandon have in common is blood on their hands while potus.

  4. With Barry already back in the Whitehouse for a 3rd term, His Husband Micheal wants to insure he’s there for more. They bow down to their Nazi benefactor George Soros, to push more Money their way to help push the Country into his ” Open Society ” which is just a front for the 4th Reich

      1. Dems who show up at the polls or at the county Clerk’s office to vote “Absentee” do indeed vote legally.

        BUT, you cannot tell me that the Left didn’t cheat in the last election. If they never cheated, then:
        1) why so much push back from the Left regarding the forensic audits of the ballot counting machines?
        2) why can the Dominion machines be connected to the internet wirelessly? H
        3) how were Mail-In ballots (that were counted) NOT folded, but were somehow mailed in?
        4) how did some mail in ballots have a “Post Office Stamp” that preceded the day they were supposedly mailed in?

        These are just a few of many situations that played out in the LAST election.

  5. Socialists newer rest in their effeort to rig elections. In the old socialist block they filled the ballolt boxes with illegitimate ballots. The Democrats fill them with ballots for dead people, pets, non-residents, illegals … and they have the audacity to call the securing of votes to be legitimate a threat to democracy. It is so perverse it is beyond belief.

    1. False information. Republicans were found to replace ballot boxes to harvest ballots in the last election.

  6. Better get a watchdog to shine a very bright light on every one of these voter registration efforts. We need PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP – not just checking a box claiming that fact on the application – especially when these massive voter registration efforts are organized by shady George Soros aligned anti American bad actors like Moosh, who is only proud of her/his country when her/his horrid husband gets the presidency. NYC’s new mayor just announcing that he supports the non-citizen voting rights legislation for local elections that legalizes 800,000 NON CITIZEN voters and only requires a 30 day residency to qualify for future registration. Talk about a massive slippery slope! How will they segregate the non citizen voters for state and federal elections? Will there now be separate local ballots when there are state and federal issues in the same election or will local elections be forced to be held on a different day? The administrative and legal costs for this nonsense is going to be enormous for NYC taxpayers. And talk about foreign interference in our elections. Why in the world would you want people deciding who gets the governing powers who haven’t pledged any allegiance to your city, state or country? And they can come in 30 days before an election and then disappear when they’ve secured the candidate they’ve been paid off to vote for. Americans better WAKE UP before this country is gone forever!!

    1. Unfortunately, there are democrats who are cheating, corrupted, and are destructive to the country- It is time for people to wake up and stop this downward trend now.

      1. Unfortunately, there are Republicans who are cheating, corrupted, and are destructive to the country- It is time for people to wake up and stop this downward trend now.

  7. Yes, this is the perfect time to receive the evil intentions of ANOTHER OBAMA COMMUNIST! Speak on, whatever you are, because Americans are sick and tired of you and your “partner’s” using America to enrich yourselves, legally or otherwise. SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

  8. Will these new voters be ILLEGALS or CORPSES? Both groups are known to vote DIMM and “early and often.”

  9. In my opinion he was an ILLEGAL and never should have been the LOW LIFE that represented the GOOD OLE U.S.A. The whole bunch of them need to keep their NOSES out of what will happen when it happens. I don’t know who is worse, them or the CLINTON’S.

  10. Mikey your going to need all of them, because a red tsunami is coming,just like the one that took 60 seats from bathouse,barry soetoro,remember.

  11. Obama’s just never go away do they? Always around to try more tactics to destroy America.What filthy trash they are.

  12. “Plan to register one million new voters”…….you can’t get any newer than all those immigrants Biden let in….and dispersed all over the country…if someone doesn’t stay on top of this….it’s going to be the last election all over again. These people have no scruples or shame….it’s all about the win, control and power…they have no interest in what’s best for this country….I wish OBama and Michelle would crawl back under their rock and stay there…eight years was more than enough of them….

    1. Better yet, send them to a rock like Alcatraz, along with Soros and every other political scum in this country!!

  13. This is the woman with the d**k and ugly she is. They came in with no money and guess what? they went out with millions, where do you think the money came from ? It was predicted by Nostradamus that the Anti-Christ was coming and that he would cause a destruction on Earth. according to his description of him, Obama seems to fit it to the tee, so watch out ?

  14. Voting ahead? Isn’t that referred to as “Ballot Harvesting”? Which is illegal? Perhaps Michelle Obama needs to be arrested? If she were Republican/Conservative would she be arrested? WTF-POS!!

    1. THAT NATE IS OUR NATION’S BIGGEST PROBLEM!!!! We have laws but our AGs NEVER initiate them against the politicians and bureaucrats in DC – the BIGGEST/ WORST CRIMINALS!

      Imagine a NEW LAW: Should the AG fail to appropriately prosecute ANY person or persons engaged in any illegal activity, that AG will be summarily removed from his position and serve their punishment in totality!

    1. Barack claims to be a Christian, but I still believe he’s a Muslim. FYI: those who die without repentance and faith in Christ Jesus alone, will be on the broad path that Jesus mentioned.

  15. Mike’s brain is up his ass again the people can see thru all this bullshit you peddle go play with yourself and shut up

  16. Nobody is making it harder to vote. If you sincerely believe that anyone other than an American citizens should be able to cast their one vote, you need to pack your stuff and move to a Craphole Country that already exists. Stop trying to turn my Country into one!

    1. BETTER YET, WE need to pack for them and expatriate them to North Korea, China or some other 3rd world hole. Then place them on a “NO ENTRY” list so they can never return!

  17. A bit clunky to say the least but our skill set and experience won the day. Poor ref with no regard to offside and he bottled it on the sin bin, red card all day long if it had been on sky

    see here>>>>

  18. Hey Obama just take your crew load’um up and leave this country!!! All you want is to allow everyone breathing or not legit or not no Id no proof of even being eligible to vote or not so
    you demo’s can continue to screw this country around. your old man started this train
    wreck saying he was going to trans form this beautiful country of ours to his image, change
    our beautiful country to fit what he thinks it should be!!!! NEVER!! Just leave with all your baggage. You are not wanted here!!!

  19. Wouldn’t vote yes on anything she/he has had a hand is. The Obamas are so corrupt they stink of filth. Where did all their money come from when he was in office, maybe we should investigate that for sure.

  20. Sad that those she is trying to get registered are too stupid to do it on their own. Just the kind of ignorant uneducated voter the left loves,

  21. Good Golly Miss Molly. First they drag out the old War Horse Hillary and now we have the old nag riding to the rescue!!!

  22. So, Michelle! You decided to join the socialist democrats in an Unconstitutional endeavor. Don’t tell me, their all 1 million citizens. Right?

  23. It’s simple really, the Democrats have over played their hand. Independents and Rino never Trumpers don’t go along with all this leftist woke nonsense. The only way forward for Democrats is to cheat the system. Special interest groups shouldn’t be allowed to register voters in the first place. Voting by mail is easy to falsify and unsecured ballot drop boxes also open up all elections to fraud.

  24. And his new voters are all illegal aliens. We’ve got to get Democrats out of offices from president to dog catcher or lose the republic.

  25. I read the headline and thought she would be recruiting people to register voters in the thousands of cemeteries.

  26. I thought Hussain Obama and his he-she migrated back to the forest where the he-she can bend Hussain over a branch high up in the trees and power drill him !!! The he-she will register underage and the dead , just like inbred asswipe Stacy Abrams did . Anyway to CHEAT, they’ll find it .

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