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Teachers in Chicago are reportedly still refusing to return to work over the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, leaving thousands of children in the lurch.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Chicago public schools have canceled classes for the third consecutive day as the city negotiates with the Chicago Teachers Union over appropriate COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming semester.

The teachers union sent out a message to its members earlier this week instructing them to stay home Wednesday. That work action has now persisted through the end of the week, according to district officials who announced that Friday’s classes would likely be canceled throughout the city.

The union has pushed for classes to return to online instruction because of the spread of the latest variant of the coronavirus. District officials have continued to assert that there is no plan to return to online teaching, according to the Associated Press.

The union-driven standoff began two days after students returned to class following winter break. Now, the 350,000-student school district, third-largest in the nation, has frozen again except in “a small number of schools” where some staff have continued to show up despite the union-endorsed work action, according to district officials. Officials have deemed the school freeze an “illegal work stoppage.”

The Teachers Union has so far continued its obstinate stand against returning to in person education for students, in spite of opposition from the, usually sympathetic, Democrat Mayor of Chicago.


  1. Follow the lead of President Reagan in regards to the FAA. Send termination notices to all the teachers and open interviews for replacements. I’m sure the good teachers will jump on the chance to come back. You don’t need the other child-haters.

    1. I agree 100%. ALL The people could also put their kids in private school and stop paying public school taxes. The people need to get together and do this, the oversized gov, can’t arrest everybody after that we can start getting rid of 80% of the huge over bloated, oversized, overpaid, and way overpowered government. Then the people need to go back and learn history, civics and mathematics.

    1. Its not just the unions… 75% of the teachers voted for this. They all need to be FIRED. They think that they are untouchable. Its time to change that percetpioin for them even if it means lawsuits that will be filed by them. Bring it on.

    2. That’s all the unions have been for the last 100 years. They help no one except the union leaders who’s pay always goes up but never goes away.. The unions lost their usefulness right after WW2 and that has not changed since.

    1. Truer words were never spoken…Must break the back of the crooked teachers union in order to achieve real education for the kids.

  2. LISTEN UP…SCHOOL TEACHERS Need to do THEIR JOB. YOU RISK Your LIVES Every DAY When YOU Wake UP in the MORNING. What would HAPPEN if POLICE OFFICERS and MILITARY SOLDIERS refuse to RISK their LIVES????? From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  3. The great city of Chicago is being poisoned by the gangrene infection of Democrat Mayor Lightweight doing nothing about crime and the teachers union!

    1. Mayor Lightfoot is not poisoning Chicago, she is just the symptom of the disease that almost all our big cities are suffering from. The Demoncrapic party! On the other hand many republicans aren’t much better. We need to establish a NEW party that actually reflects the concerns of most Americans. One that will ACTUALLY begin reducing the federal government back to US Constitutional Standards. As far as I can see all the alphabet agencies are about as corrupt as they can be. Get rid of them and if ACTUAL experience show a need establish an agency with STRICTLY controlled powers AUTHORISED by Congress.
      Require Congress to make the rules and NOT the agency. I’ll bet at least half of our fedgov budget would disappear.

  4. They are not thinking of our children. What are they doing? Our children will getting behind on learning. Is this what they want? Our children comes first. Not there agenda. These Unions can go pound sand.

  5. My parents were both public school teachers so teaching runs in my family and probably in my blood. They would roll over in their graves if they could see what has become of public education, especially in big cities like Chicago.
    Time to get tough with the teachers and their unions. No in person teaching- no pay. Give the unions a short deadline to return to in-person teaching. Those teachers not in the classroom on that date receive a termination notice and the district starts to interview for replacement teachers.

  6. Students given three days to clear their minds of socialist indoctrination…..
    What could be wrong with that?

  7. Fire all of these teachers. Decertify this damned union. Arrest and indict the so-called union leaders. Defund and shut down all government schools. They are enemies of the American people.

  8. This is just ONE MORE EXAMPLE as to why EVERY STATE IN AMERICA should give the parents/ tax payers a stipend that can be used to pay for school at a state-accredited private, charter, or parochial school.

    WATCH HOW FAST THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS reduce their number of teachers due to reduced student headcount!

  9. So are you supposed to pay taxes for education for your children that you don’t get. ?..keep voting for these jerks ..democrats and Rinos in charge don’t have a mind of their own..they are told what to do and say by thugs above them or they are bought off

  10. Just eliminate the Teacher’s Union and all unethical requirements forcing teachers to join the Union — We cannot allow such Anti-American organizations to hamstring and destroy our schools.

    If this persists or cannot be done expeditiously legally, then issue the Children’s Parents Vouchers so that their children may enroll in the open private or charter schools of their choice!

    They will get a better education without government brainwashing in phony & Marxist & Racist: CRT, Woke and BLM propaganda that Chicago and other Blue Cities & States are pushing. We cannot allow such false Woke, CRT and BLM propaganda to brainwash our children — They need to be taught more American History, Civics and Respect for the Constitution and our Bill of Rights for the Individual — Otherwise, we will just be training a bunch of Marxist “Useful Idiots” to be enslaved by Fascist Democrat Socialism under a One-Party system leading directly to full Communism (i.e., just like the Chinese CCP).

    Florida Schools have been wisely open almost the full pandemic period successfully without serious impact to their school children or their teachers. The Omicron variant  may be somewhat more contagious but it has mild consequences when contacted and especially when early therapeutics are applied.

  11. Time to challenge the horrific teachers unions and fire them all. Good teachers will return; lazy and inept ones will ride off into the sunset. They are NOT teaching bt going online. That is a joke and should not be respected/allowed.

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