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An aide for the House of Representatives was arrested on Thursday for allegedly carrying a firearm inside the halls of Congress.

As The Washington Examiner reports:

“This morning at approximately 7:40 a.m., our officers in the Longworth Building spotted the image of a handgun in a bag on the x-ray screen,” said the Capitol Police in a statement . “The man was tracked down four minutes later and arrested.”

The alleged owner of the bag and firearm was identified as Jeffrey Allbrooks, who works with the House Chief Administrative Office. Allbrooks told Capitol Police he forgot the firearm was in there.

Allbrooks is being charged with carrying a pistol without a license.

U.S. Capitol Police sent out an email Thursday morning stating that there was a “security threat” inside of Longworth, asking staff to take necessary precautions.

This story is developing…


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  1. Outstanding security. A concealed hand-gun is detected and they “Track Down” the person in 4 minutes. Doesn’t security hang out by the x-ray? Today’s question is; with a full magazine and a spare, how many lethal rounds can be fired in four minutes? Maybe this security gang can protect Pilosi.

    1. Possibly the “security” formed a committee and after four minutes, and each giving their opinions, they decided to check and be sure what they thought they saw was actually what they saw. Ain’t efficiency great?

    2. answer for todays Question,…. in my pistol and the four mags it has,…. I can get all 61 rounds downrange in less than two minutes,…. and about 55-60 on Target,…. and about todays news?,…. if the guy was going through security,…. he should have been at the other end of the checkpoint and it should NOT take four minutes to find and arrest him including Miranda Warnings, Being as he was a demonRAT,….they probably had to ask Nancy, Joe and Chuck for permission,

      1. as a sidenote, I was rejected entry to that building for having my pocket Knife/Hoof-pick in my pocketload,…. I carry it always and so never thought twice about it,…. But to hear the questions asked you would think they never heard of a man carrying a pocket knife, as for the hoof-pick they had not one clue between them what it was,…. Even with my resistol hat, blue jeans and Riding Boots they looked at me funny,…. and the guy in the Turban and badge was just confused as all heck

  2. What security threat? They had the gun already and knew who it belonged to so why scare everyone? Because it fits the Democratic agenda. Notice tjey dont say what political party the person of interest is, why’s that? Could it be he’s a Democrat?
    If this guy was a Republican tjat fact would be all over tjis story.
    Also why’d they let the guy go from the security checkpoint when they were checking his bag?

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. They didn’t mention which party this guy is connected with, so it must be demonrat. If it was republican this would be all over the media!

  3. Notice that they never mention a party affiliation, but the House is run by the Dems, so it is likely to be a Dem who vilifies guns at every turn. More hypocrisy from the left. Who would be potential targets? My guess is that Rand Paul & Ted Cruz would be prime targets.

  4. He walked right thru the screening ? How did he get past the security? Sounds like the security is as empty as their promises

  5. Incompetence Trifecta. If a gun was seen by imaging why wasn’t it taken? If the “Congressional Aide” had intended harm the next several minutes could have been fatal. So, the Aide was incompetent at best for bringing a weapon with him, the guards weren’t really guards, and the mass-panic lockdown was pure theater- there was no threat at that point- if there ever was. Zero for three. Sounds about right.

  6. Wow, I see the capitol Police are as slow as the Biden administration. Why did it take four minutes to realize they should find this guy?

  7. Here’s an idea! Enact a law that requires all firearms to send locator signals that apprise everyone with listening devices that a gun is near. Cell phones should be capable of receiving such signals. It’s an idea that’ll end all gun crime everywhere! Think of it, 50 million beepers constantly beeping. It’ll be paradise.

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