By Montclair Film - Neil Grabowsky - NEG_8334, CC BY 2.0,

Fox host Greg Gutfeld laid into Stephen Colbert over the latter’s decision to mock the arson on Fox News’ Christmas tree in New York City.

As Fox News reports:

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday night hit back at “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert for mocking Fox News after a suspect allegedly set fire to a Christmas tree outside the New York City headquarters of Fox News and News Corp.

“Flaming Christmas Tree just got its own show on FoxNews!” Colbert jeered.

The post has already been liked 45,000 times. Colbert’s post, published about an hour earlier, has received at fraction of the likes, at about 13,000.

Notably, “Gutfeld!” — a rebrand of the “The Greg Gutfeld Show” — is yet to be a year old, and still building. The success of the show has shocked elites in the media, begrudgingly earning Gutfeld “the king of late night” title. Fox’s “Gutfeld!” routinely beats out late night shows hosted by left-leaning Jimmy Kimmel on ABC and Jimmy Fallon on NBC and stomped Colbert’s ratings for the first time in August.

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