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A Kansas Democrat who made national headlines last year when he defeated an incumbent state lawmaker – despite revelations he planned to kill two women and a baby, stalked his opponent’s campaign manager and targeted an ex-girlfriend with revenge porn – has been arrested for drunk driving.

It is his second arrest in a month and third arrest since winning the Democrat nomination.

“A Kansas trooper arrested Aaron Coleman around 1 a.m. Saturday on Interstate 70 near Lawrence, the Kansas Highway Patrol said. Coleman was taken to the Douglas County Jail, where he bonded out hours later,” the Associated Press reports.

Coleman was already out of bond after being arrested for domestic violence after he brutally assaulted his 18-year-old brother after Coleman learned his brother planned to become baptized.

He also also arrested in October of last year on domestic violence charges – a week before he was formally elected to office.

The arrests are adding to what Coleman has heard for a year – demands he resign.

A self-described democratic socialist, Coleman defeated seven-term Democratic incumbent Stan Frownfelter by just 14 votes in a Democrat primary last year, despite a conviction for threatening to shoot a female classmate and a former girlfriend publishing text messages from him in which he threatened to kill and dismember her and her baby if she got pregnant.

When Coleman was 14 he was convicted of harassment for telling a classmate how he planned to bring a gun to school and shoot her, the Kansas City Star reported.

During the campaign a former girlfriend told the Topeka Capitol-Journal how Coleman hit and choked her.  

Coleman also sent the woman text messages telling her “I hope you get abducted raped chopped up and have ya pieces scattered and Burnt in different locations,” and “If you get pregnant, I will have to kill you and the baby.”

Despite admitting he planned to kill multiple women, Democrats elected him after he promised free abortions and defunding the police.

Coleman was also charged with stalking his opponent’s campaign manager and had to reach a legal agreement to stop harassing her.

Coleman is also banned from Kansas’ Department of Labor offices for “disruptive behavior” and told Republican lawmakers he “would laugh and giggle” when they died of COVID-19.

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1 month ago

Ah, the new face of the Democratic Party. How refreshing! What a lunatic!

1 month ago

He attacked his younger brother for becoming baptized? This dude is pure evil and will learn that everything he has done will send him to eternal damnation UNLESS he repents and puts his faith in Jesus the Christ.

1 month ago

There is a PURGE coming.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dan

Any way to fast track that purge?