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Joe Biden’s job approval numbers are entering a possible point of no return

The latest Trafalgar Group poll shows Biden’s job approval at only 36 percent, with a stunning 59.1 percent disapproving.

But that’s where Biden’s problems just get started.

A majority of Americans, 52.2 percent, “strongly disapprove” of Biden, a group that is much harder to win back than those who simply “disapprove.”

Among political independents, 51.2 percent “strongly disapprove.”

Overall, 62.1 percent of independents disapprove of Biden’s job performance, while only 29.3 percent approve.

It would be nearly impossible for Biden to win re-election without winning independent voters.  Exit polls show Biden winning 54 percent of independents in 2020, pushing him into the White House.

But it gets worse.

Among Democrats, a shocking 24.7 percent “strongly disapprove” of Biden.

It would be nearly impossible for a candidate to win an election if he loses 10 percent or more of his own party.

Making matters worse for Democrats, having Biden step aside likely wouldn’t help matters.  

While the Trafalgar Group poll did not measure support for Vice President Kamala Harris, most polls show her job approval even worse than Biden’s weak numbers.

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