By Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA - Black Lives Matter protest against St. Paul police brutality, CC BY 2.0,

Sick and tired of racist and Marxist rhetoric, a group of black clergy are calling on corporate America to defund the radical “Black Lives Matter” group 

Conservative Clergy of Color, a national non-partisan civil rights advocacy group, “is calling on corporations and business leaders to withdraw their financial support from the Black Lives Matter movement following the launch of BLM’s annual boycott of these same companies,” the group announced.

Black clergy called out BLM for espousing the very racism it claims to oppose.

“BLM is actively attacking the very corporations that provide it with financial and public relations support through its annual #BlackXmas campaign, which seeks a ‘boycott of white capitalism’ by encouraging consumers to stop ‘spending with White corporations’ during the Christmas season,” CCC states.

“Business leaders who rely on Christmas shoppers for so much of their annual revenue yet also fund BLM, which promotes boycotts of these same companies through #BlackXmas, must pick a side: capitalism or Marxism,” said Conservative Clergy of Color co-founder Bishop Audrey Shines. “It’s time for them to de-fund BLM now, stop the movement from ‘biting the hand that feeds it,’ and stand up against attacks on faith-based American traditions including Christmas. Most of all, corporations need to remember that #ChristmasMatters to Americans.

“Corporations have many other options to be a part of the national dialogue about race without capitulating to Marxists,” Shines continued. “Capitalism is the greatest economic force in history, which has lifted billions of people – including tens of millions of blacks Americans – out of poverty, especially over the past 60 years.”

“It is possible to have social justice without socialism, and it is possible to have racial justice without racism,” Shines said. “We want to help business leaders understand they can use their power and influence for good without supporting a movement that attacks cherished American principles and values which have helped make America the land of opportunity for all of its people.”

The Black Lives Matter movement, with multiple leftist group using the name, has received millions of dollars in funding from American corporations who fear being targeted by the movement – even though they seek to destroy the businesses themselves.

Despite claiming to speak for black Americans, “Black Lives Matter” protests seem to be exclusively by white socialists, using the problems of the black community to push an unrelated Marxist agenda.

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  1. Visited Myrtle Beach, SC at end of August this year. Blacks had only cleaning jobs 30 years ago, now they have money to spend. It seems like race does not count for much. People have changed.

  2. Amer. Action News states: “Despite claiming to speak for black Americans, “Black Lives Matter” protests seem to be exclusively by white socialists, using the problems of the black community to push an unrelated Marxist agenda.” Huh? Am I missing something here? Not the video news I’ve seen.

    1. I dont know what youve been watching, but you must have missed the boat. Their description is exactly what BLM is about and what they are doing. They do not represent the black community and have done absolutely nothing to help the race they supposedly there to help. Nothing more than a bunch of Marxist thugs out to stirup racial discord by creating racial tension where none exists. BLM is a racist terroristic group just as Antifa is a facist terroristic group that promotes the very thing they are supposedly against. Both were formed by Marxist and used by Socialists to create discord within our political system.

      1. I totally agree with you. My point was not what they were doing as terrorists, but who was actually representing and attending their protests

  3. White liberal guilt is the source of the “tribute” being paid these thugs kinda like what was done with the Barbary pirates to keep them from raiding maritime commerce. If these companies think these payoffs will protect them then they aren’t very smart, now are they?


  5. BLM and Antifa lead directly back to the Democrat Party. They fund them and all proceeds go to Democrats That so called Political party needs to be dissolved They are traitors

  6. blm and antifa are paid terrorist groups sponsored by the communist democrat pedophile racist cult party!

    1. Any corporation gutless enough to pay blackmail money to these Marxist thugs deserves to be outed and boycotted by the rest of us. “Go Woke, Go Broke!”

  7. How true and obvious… there are more whites in this movement and they should all experience the black racism of old… now that woould be justice

  8. This goes both ways,…the Black clergy has noticed that their own public funding has been affected because it’s going to the BLM movement. This is my opinion, but it’s obvious to me why they are calling out for a defunding of
    the BLM movement, because of they’re losses
    In funding

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