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A man who claims he was sexually assaulted by news anchor Don Lemon is now speaking out against the network that employs him: CNN.

Dustin Hice, who has now filed a lawsuit against Lemon which is expected to go to court sometime next year, claimed that the network is ‘rife with predators and perverts.’

The news comes in the wake of the network’s decision to finally fire popular liberal anchor Chris Cuomo over his attempt to use his media connections to dig up dirt on his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s, sexual harassment accusers.

As Fox News reports:

It’s been over two years since Dustin Hice filed a lawsuit against Lemon – who is openly gay – accusing the CNN host of sexually charged assault and battery at a bar on New York’s Long Island during the summer of 2018. The case is expected to end up in court early next year after a prolonged legal process. Meanwhile, CNN terminated Cuomo – a good friend of Lemon’s – on Saturday amid a series of sexual misconduct-related scandals of his own.

“They’re a network rife with predators and perverts,” Hice told Fox News Digital. “Lemon will have to testify under oath in the near future, but it’s good to see that there’s finally some accountability happening.”

Hice maintains he is looking for closure and peace of mind after what he says is a horrific encounter that included Lemon allegedly putting his hand down the front of his shorts, “vigorously” rubbing his genitalia, and shoving the same hand into Hice’s mustache area while asking a vulgar question.

“This is who they are. They’re a predator-protecting machine, they slander and smear victims with impunity,” Hice added.

CNN refused a request to comment in the matter.

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