By Terry McAuliffe - Terry McAuliffe 72nd Governor of Virginia, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Former Governor of Virginia and current Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe announced his intention to crackdown on white teachers in the name of diversifying Virginia’s schools on Sunday.

As Fox News reports:

“We got to work hard to diversify our teacher base,” McAuliffe said at a campaign event in Manassas Sunday.

“Fifty percent of our students are students of color, 80% of the teachers are White, so what I’m going to do for you, we’ll be the first state in America,” he continued. “If you go teach in Virginia for five years in a high-demand area — that could be geographic, it could be course work — we will pay room, board, tuition, any college, any university, or any HBCU here in Virginia.”

McAuliffe’s reference to historically Black colleges and universities and his framing the program as intended to address this racial disparity suggest that he intends to use the program as a kind of affirmative action, prioritizing non-White prospective teachers.

The McAuliffe campaign did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the issue. The campaign did not clarify whether McAuliffe supports racial quotas for teachers. His campaign platform aims to “address modern-day segregation in our schools” and aims to “cultivate the next generation of highly qualified and diverse educators.”

Though McAuliffe previously ran on the promise of raising teacher pay in 2013, in spite of winning that race low teacher pay remains a major problem in Virginia.


    1. Stupid cannot be fixed and McAuliffe is a whigger bar none…he has ruined the Commonwealth of Virginia almost singlehandedly.

      1. There aren’t really a LOT of people that you can write off on Looks__ but THIS nasty asswipe is ONE of ‘em. He is downright SCARY. Evil OOZES out o’ This guy. Then we he Speaks, you wanna bash his head in.
        WICKED Man, this.

        1. To me the look on his face says he is paid a lot of money to say the stupid Commie things he says. Cuomo had the same look on his face when he said, Father Christmas is going to be good to me this year (Deep State pay offs)

        1. Like a FLARE! And “probably” pretty often. Scary dude, this one. Got a real Maniacal look and presence. TRUE Minion of Satan.

          1. Normally I don’t respond that way. I am a Catholic, all my life. But yes, Mcauliffe is a scary dude and I meant what I said, he looks like a crazed boozer. And yes there are “idiot” Catholics, Catholic in name only, throw in Biden, Pelosi, etc, not real life practicing ones.

        1. This nation has died, they just haven’t played the taps as of yet… The heart of the democrats has waxed gross to where they can neither see nor hear the truth no longer.
          Very soon now they will see the destruction of this once great nation and hopeful they will understand that they are not nearly as smart as they thought themselves to be… God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of its people before first sending His warnings, hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him to be saved… God has been sending His warnings of our destruction since the mid-1980s if not earlier.

          1. Yes it HAS, W48, and they know not WHY.
            It’s All REAL Simple. LIFE is God’s “game”…. and when ya’ DON’T play by His rules… you PERISH.
            IT IS WRITTEN.

          2. Dem and CATHOLIC are now the same….F. J Biden is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. Pelosi is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. SCOTUS is now CATHOLIC.
            Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that has not overspent?
            Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that is not corrupt?\
            Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “ C” nation that has honest elections?
            Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that is successful?
            Have you ever heard of a “C’’ nation where the populace is educated?
            Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that does not need to ‘export’ the illiterate ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC “C” INVADERS?
            Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and you vote for a traitor.
            Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and the borders will never be secured.

          3. Alfie, if you are familiar with Catholic teachings you would know that the people you speak of are cafeteria Catholics whose consciences are seared with red hot irons. Sadly Alfie, your comments do not help. You should always look for the best person for any position and not look at quotas. Mind you, I am looking at American politics from the other side of the world but, when I look at elected officials with integrity who do not damage the Catholic faith but elevate it, I see shining examples in Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Alfie, fall on your knees for Pelosi and Biden and beg God to convert them since they are in positions of great power that effect the whole world. As the great St. Padre Pio was wont to say, “Pray, hope and don’t worry,” because that is all we have left to us when, as the Good Book says, ‘The wages for sin is death’. That is the price we have to pay for the killing of so many babies in the womb. Their voices are crying out to heaven and the price we have to pay for that great sin is Biden. Pray Alfie like you have never prayed before in you life and we will do the same. May the good Lord bless and protect you.

    1. That wouldn’t be PC enough and with statements like that given US STEM ranking are now 25th in the world, down from 17th after obumer slithered into office with his “diversity Promise Program” it appears VA is already reaping the penalty of “diversity” vs quality and performance!
      If he’s previous statements haven’t convinced the voters he’s a racist marxist wannabe, this should be the final nail in his quest for gov.– aka NO F’N WAY!!

      1. Aaahh, PC, the language of fools and cowards. Without it the Damnocrats wouldn’t have anything they could talk about.

      2. Oh, Pa-leeeeeeez LET IT BE!!!!!!!!!

        I was gonna say “This clown is SUCH A Scoundrel” __ but it DOESN’T do him right. “This Slimey, Scummy PIG is a Lying, Deceiving, EVIL Jackal.”

    2. The woke mob won’t allow quality to get into the way of equality (lol). That is why O-biden chose the unqualified and incompetent individuals, who have been helping him destroy this country.

      1. He didn’t MENTION it. YOU’RE insinuating that there’s a Lack of diversity. All the man said was, Teachers should be put in their position because THEY’RE EDUCATED AND QUALIFIED TO TEACH, REGARDLESS of their race___ NO mention WHATSOEVER of WHATEVER the actual numbers ARE.

        1. Excuse me did he not say he or we would pay room and board for teachers of color to come to Virginia to teach. Affirmative action , prioritizing non-white prospective teachers?? Go back and read it yourself.

          1. Susan, I was replying to FedUp’s questioning what Bill Barnes said, NOT what Asshole McAuliffe said! Like I Care WHAT Terry McAuliffe says about ANYTHING! The guy is PURE EVIL! As are MOST Democrats.
            SAD but TRUE.

      1. GREAT Point, to be Sure.
        Make NO Mistake about it or Fail to see it HAPPENING, because it IS!!!

      1. By the MILLIONS? We need MILLIONS of ‘em PERMANENTLY SEDATED, as opposed to their usual state of PERMANENTLY MENTALLY ILL

  1. Now how stupid is that..if this commie boot licker loses it will be to his own big mouth..
    nobody wants a racist idiot in charge

    1. They “should” OF COURSE, but THAT’S half the Problem… IDIOTS that just want to play the Race card CRAP keep tabs on ALL of this stuff in EVERY area and it’s just ANOTHER one where they can scream they’re being prejudiced against.
      THESE Wicked folks could NOT CARE ANY LESS about the QUALITY of the teachers, it’s just an EQUAL NUMBERS type Crock o’ Shit thing with them. The PCness and WOKEness ARE DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY!

    1. Lol. YES, What a Poor F’ing excuse of a human being. SO Sad. These Democrats are just SO Wrong Thinking now! And THIS Pathetic LOSER is Truly one of their more STUPID representatives.
      WOW!, WHAT EVIL!

    1. AS IS THE COUNTRY, sir. AS IS THE COUNTRY. Liberals and PC Bullshit and WOKEness and White Guilt are DESTROYING us. MERIT doesn’t Count, EQUAL NUMBERS Counts.
      And THAT, WILL Destroy us.

    1. Yup, Virginia has been a Disgusting ASS for years now. The ORIGINAL Virginians are turning in their graves…. Big Time.

  2. You can be sure that the ‘cheating party’ has McAuliffe’s win all mapped out and he will come out at the winner just like the 2020 overthrown Presidential election.

  3. Terry is a white man. He is a supremist. He is also a terrorist as comes out every time he opens his mouth. Instead of going after white teachers, he needs to go after himself. He should also be arrested for slander and spreading lies, misinformation and disinformation. Evil begets evil and he is spreading that evil all over the United States. He isn’t fit to live!

    1. You are CORRECT. Unfortunately, neither are the Majority of “the people”, anymore. They are as SICK as the nasty, immoral, disgusting piece of shit Terry McAuliffe is.
      It ALL adds up to us being in BIG TROUBLE.


  5. Glad my Grandkids don’t live in Virginia, because I want them to be taught by teachers that
    have the qualifications to teach and are chosen by their merits, not by race, religion, ideology, or skin color

    1. TO THE MAX! This nasty Prick is a SICK Idiot, just like nearly ALL Democrats. These buffoons are the Height of not only STUPIDITY, but of EVIL.

  6. “…we will pay room, board, tuition, any college, any university, or any HBCU here in Virginia.” Is he saying that HBCUs aren’t really colleges or universities?

    1. He’s a Complete MORON. You can’t listen to ANYTHING he says. It’s ALL just Wicked prattle.
      It’s ALL this Low IQ, Deranged goofus can utter.

  7. Will McAuliffe make black people go to college and make them study education? Just another great example of the “freedom” the Dems want to put in place. I think they called that indentured servitude, congratulations Terry your plans are from hundreds of years ago, what a progressive!

    1. 👍 This guy is like the Biggest JACKASS EVER. When you’re STUPID and you’re EVIL… you’re a Democrat.

  8. These woke racists on the left, whether black or white, have trampled on all the progress that delivered equality, and caused all of us to think In terms of colour, when we just thought in terms of people, judging people by what they do and say, not their skin colour.

    1. OScuma was the Absolute WORST of ‘em. That Hate filled son of a b tch set White/Black race relations BACK a hundred years! One WICKED prick he IS.

    1. ABSOLUTELY.! The EVIL Reigns here now. I don’t know just WHAT we’re gonna HAFTA do about it, but we’re at LEAST gonna HAFTA TRY if it kills us, ‘cuz we’ve got NO CHANCE OF LIVING with this Shit that’s GOING ON.

  9. Terry McAuliffe, REALLY!!! Come on Virginia vote this piece of crap liberal out. I don’t care what color you are as we all “BLEED RED”. So, for the sake of all of your children get out and vote RED. The future well being of your children is at stake. I really believe that there is a huge silent majority out there and it’s way past time for all of US to start making some “noise”. We can surely be louder than the woke left. So, Virginia, lead us to the promise land and Make America Great Again.

  10. The F ers are going to cheat as usual! Thry asked their criminal friend Northrup to waiver signed ballots just like they did in 2020!

    1. When you are EVIL TO THE BONE you don’t ALL OF A SUDDEN GO CLEAN. They are Unscrupulous SCUM! DON’T EVER LOSE SIGHT OF THAT FACT.

  11. That’s “Critical Race Theory” you must get rid of White teachers in order to get educational learning to the children. They will be much more intelligent and able to succeed in business. This is a wonderful idea. Thank you Terry!!

    1. Well, Many DO…. but you HAVE to WANT to be That and be WILLING to get Properly educated TO BE QUALIFIED to Teach.

  12. LISTEN UP…..SamuraiQueen ENDORCES the REPUBLICAN Candidates. GOD is on MY SIDE. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  13. Also, let’s get rid of those damned stupid white politicians. Terry was dancing on stage the other day with white politicians, THEY COULDN’T DANCE!!!! No more White Politicians!!! Also, No more WHITE ACTORS and ACTRESSES!!! Finally NO MORE WHITE DOCTORS OR LAWYERS!!!!!

    1. EXACTLY! White people cant do SHIT! They’re quite Obviously STUPID AS HELL, too. Let’s just plain get RID of ‘em ALL!

    1. ONE! And he was GREAT! The question is… WHY aren’t there MORE of them?!!! It sure as HELL isn’t because they don’t have the Inside Track the last 25+ years on GETTING the job!!! Because they DO!!!
      THAT TELLS ME, Plain and Simple, THAT THEY MUST NOT BE WILLING TO GET PROPERLY EDUCATED TO HAVE THE JOB OR THEY JUST DON’T WANT THE JOB!!! It sure as HELL isn’t because they’re being PREJUDICED against any more!!!

  14. This guy is a frickn joke. Are we reverting back to before the movie The Help? This is very scary. Glenn really needs to win.

  15. This proves that Democraps are still HATE MONGERING BIGOTS. Now they spew HATE at whites instead of Blacks because it will get them the Votes of the WILLFULLY IGNORANT.

  16. He is Lying, just to get the Black’s to vote for Him. the way to tell if He is Lying is His Kips move or He is alive. The only good Democrat is a DEAD Democrat.

  17. Why did we fight the Civil War again? To eliminate slavery and ultimately racism. What is this other than racism in another form. Who is next ? Fat people. We need more fat people teachers because studies show out children are obese? No maybe it’s blondes. We need more blondes because our children are more blonde than their teacher? Who is next? How does this end well? Fools.

  18. I went to school for elementary education. It was pretty much just white people, So somehow now it’s white people’s fault that different races aren’t interested, they wanna go for something else. The way they keep doing these teachers and giving certain ones free stuff because of the color of their skin we’re gonna have even more of a teacher shortage.

    1. CORRECT__ AND a Race War. And GUESS Who’ll lose THAT. They’re 13/14% of the population!
      It’s just that it SEEMS like 80/85% because of ALL the fukking WOKE, PC Bullshit. When you watch television now, especially the Ads, ya’ wonder if there are ANY White people any more!

  19. Want to see the face of a socialist dictator? Look at this character. He is a self loathing white guy who courts favor by dog whistling to one ethnic demographic who represent 13% of the population and claiming they should have 50% of the teaching positions.

  20. Good teachers deserve merit pay. Get rid of unions make choice an option. Color is of no consequence to those whose true calling is teaching.

  21. Ok, so now address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the NFL and NBA. Blacks are 13 % of the US population. Let’s be generous, for illustration purposes, and round that up to 20%. For the NBA, with 10 players on the floor that means no more than 2 black players at any time. NFL with 22 players on the field that mean no more than 4.4 but be nice and round that up to 5 on the field at any time. So hypocrite liberals how’s that sound?

  22. The more is see of the illogical racist politicians the less I lament getting older. If this nonsense is all that we can look forward to, the future of America is bleak. I got maybe 15 to 20 years left at best, and it looks more like a prison sentence than living free.

    1. I feel EXACTLY the Same! HOW PATHETICALLY TRAGIC! The BEST Country EVER!, by FAR! Slavery has been going on in this World since Day One. WE didn’t invent the SHIT. It was JJST THE WAY LIFE WAS LIVED. It took OUR Brilliant founders to POINT OUT THAT SLAVERY WAS WRONG, and then END IT! YES! It took the United States to END Slavery!, with an Epic CIVIL WAR pitting brother against brother! And just LOOK at the PROGRESS we’ve made Since! But Nooooooo! It isn’t ENOUGH! The SICKER THAN SHIT Liberals just keep TELLING the Blacks how BAD they have it and “throw them a few bones” and GIVE THEM some FREE shit to get them ALL to vote for their SICK, CORRUPT Asses so they can STAY IN POWER and continue weaving their demented web of Corruption, craft their Wicked legislation, Taxing the shit out of everybody so they can keep giving FREE shit to all of the Undeserving and ALL get filthy rich in the process.

  23. Wow! Democrats are suddenly WOKE! Boston has had 50 years of bussing after the courts ruled against the Boston school system. Boston has and is under the control of Liberal Democrats and they own every single educational shortcoming in this City. They have continued to rule because black leadership in the city allows them too. Case in point, Ayanna Pressley, whose congressional district is mostly in Boston, has yet to speak out about the educational disparity in her district.

  24. How about “diversifying” White Democrat Governors? How many non-White Governors have held office in Virginia? Terry McAuliffe put your money where your mouth is and step aside if you get elected Tuesday.

  25. I hope that every single White teacher in Virginia sues the shit out of the school, McAuliffe and anyone and everyone involved ! This is blatant discrimination ! If schools in Virginia fire all White teacher and hire Black and Hispanic teachers, the level of education will tank ! They will fire Teachers with Masters degrees and years of teaching for “ affirmative Action” teachers lesser teaching skills and that will be cheating the students out of a good education !

      The EVIL Democrats and Liberals are BRINGING ON OUR END, just as Sure as the night follows the day.

  26. I can promise McAuliffe that all sensible and intelligent voters in Virginia will make
    sure he is dumped in the gutter he crawled out of. His statements make him an even
    bigger racist than any of the people he accuses of being racist. Frankly, the Left has
    worn out the word RACIST. Every time one of these Leftist utter the word racist they
    become the racist themselves. Anyone with a brain will just give these racists the finger
    and tell them to get a life.

    1. You are Right On, Sandra___ and it just went ZING! right over Most heads, UNfortunately.
      We are now, for the most part, a dumbed down society of unscrupulous and immoral morons.
      Terry McAuliffe is the F’ing POSTER BOY.
      WHAT a Disgusting piece of SHIT human being he is.
      It’s ALL___ VERY Dusturbing.

  27. McAuliffe’s pandering won’t make a difference. He’s political toast … burned and discarded as useless. Bye bye!

    1. It’ll be as FIXED as last November! PROMISE! Hell’s Bells! This is VIRGINIA we’re talking about! They went IMMORAL LIBERAL Years ago!

  28. I wasn’t going to vote for this jerk anyway, but he made sure I wouldn’t with that stupid idea. Of course he don’t have to pay it the tax payers do. And stop outsourcing our teaching jobs. If a teacher has the credits and the proper degrees it should not mater what color her skin is. All students are taught out of the same books black or white so he is a racist of the worst kind.

  29. I wonder where Terry McAulfie gets his figures, when he says quote/unqoute “Fifty percent of our students are students of color, 80% of the teachers are White”.
    According to Virginia Demographics:
    According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Virginia was: White: 67.63% Black or African American: 19.18% Asian: 6.40%.
    Another article shows a slightly different makeup.

    Sounds like he is making up things as the Democrats seem to like to do…. I call it it lying!

  30. What a piece of dogshit this snowflake f uck is . I wouldn’t give this transgender air in a bag if he were dying. Literally

  31. “80% of the teachers are White” and 80% of McAuliffe’s children went to private – and I daresay mostly “White” – schools. He should look in the mirror… but maybe he can’t see himself because he is so empty and void.

  32. What will be the final straw that finally brings about armed uprising? Its obvious that these are communists openly dismantling our nation…they are not democrats…they just use the name..but commies are what they truly are…and they need to be taken down.

  33. What a jerk! Why doesn’t he concentrate on the “quality and qualifications” of the teacher, not the color of their skin. That’s what’s wrong with democrats, they put no emphasis on the quality, qualifications or experience o people, it is all about the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their activism and those who support their narrative.

  34. McAuffee is just one more CATHOLIC traitor. F. J Biden is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. Pelosi is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. SCOTUS is now CATHOLIC.
    Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that has not overspent?
    Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that is not corrupt?\
    Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “ C” nation that has honest elections?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that is successful?
    Have you ever heard of a “C’’ nation where the populace is educated?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that does not need to ‘export’ the illiterate ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC “C” INVADERS?
    Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and you vote for a traitor.
    Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and the borders will never be secured.

  35. Has McAuliffe looked in the mirror lately? I would swear he is a white person. Wonder what he thinks he is?

    1. They do it for the votes. He’s as White as Strom Thurmond and JUST as KKK! They are the most RACIST White people there ARE. They do this shit to get votes, Stay in Power and all get Wealthy in the BEST “Club” EVER, that of POLITICIANS.

  36. Terry McAuliffe Vows to Crack Down on White Teachers in Name of DiversityNO HE WON’T YOUNGKIN SENT HIS RACIST ^%# PACKING!

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