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A Wisconsin school district will no longer notify parents if their kids begin identifying as transgender at school.

“The Oshkosh Area School District is committed to fostering a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students,” a memo to staff announced on Oct. 19. “District staff members are no longer required to seek parental consent prior to honoring student requests to be called by their preferred name and/or pronouns.”

The new policy will allow school employees to treat trans kids as members of the opposite sex without informing their parents, which one student’s parent referred to as an “outrageous” change.

“So, if my son starts identifying as a girl at school but hides it from me, I will never know about it?” They questioned.

In an email to parents, the district explained that the “change only impacts how a student who is transgender or gender nonconforming is referred to (name and/or pronouns) during school and school activities.”

The email added that district would work with transgender students and their families “to maintain ongoing communication,” which seems absolutely contrary to the new policy, if teachers no longer have to communicate with parents that their child doesn’t identify as their biological sex.

The only time parents get a say in their kid’s gender, is if they want the student’s name changed in the school’s information database, which requires legal documentation of the switch. Otherwise, the school will allow the student, under their own volition, to submit their preferred name, which can be entered into the database under the “nickname” category.

A similar policy was created at a neighboring school district in Madison last year, but a lawsuit by parents has barred the district from enforcing the policy until a final decision is made in both Wisconsin and federal courts.

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  1. Kids are MINORS……..They have no rights……These school districts just don’t get it, they don’t get a vote either.

  2. Leave it to the UBER IGNORANT LIBERAL S in the Education System to reenforce LIBERAL WILLFUL IGNORANCE on matters of Gender. There are only two and they can’t be changed.

    1. Has aan gone to the dark side, censoring free speech? This got kicked! No go this time, I’ll drop them like bad habit!
      Their WILLFUL IGNORANCE goes way beyond gender! What I’d like to know is, how does any of this glbtqxyz / PC nonsense make for better students and future contributors to a STRONG nation? Or is that the objective, dumb down / weaken America to 3rd world status so we’ll fit into the un/who/cdc/china/tech NWO run police state?

  3. Promoting gender confusion is a diabolical oxymoron, that is an example of the manipulation of a confused mind, for the ultimate destruction and eternal existence of that souls destiny, of damnation, by living forever in hell!

  4. This is BS Parents have the right to know. School board doesn’t have the right to hold things so important from parents. You all should be fired, resign what ever. your EVIL and not setting a good exam for those children.

  5. All along while they indoctrinate little mush heads into believing all of their communist pedophile agenda!
    Remove all communist democrats from our country and exile them in the country of Afghanistan to be with their lovely terrorists they support!

  6. Holding back that information can imperil psychiatric intervention and is as important as notifying parent of any other health problem.

  7. How about we all just “follow the science “ ? The dna is either male or female it doesn’t change with the wind!

  8. Who is behind all this sex stuff going on in schools. It isn’t logical that every school in America, all of a sudden, has these sex books and class issues surrounding “trans”. Where is this coming from? And, why are all these school administrators and school boards going along with this? Most likely there’s the Government Education Department involved…follow the money.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. All of a sudden this problem of trans dysphoria has become more trendy than actually than an uncommon event. These kids are being taught they might not be who they were born as. They are being manipulated into being a contrary human. Sounds as tho’ the schools are administering to their uncertainty and making it more important than what their birth certificate says. And they need to quit saying gender is assigned at birth. It is assigned at conception by the science of pregnancy or by God if they’re religious. The freaks are running the schools hoping to increase their population.

  9. That will backfire on them. Perv boys will “identify as trans” and invade the girls bathroom. That will further reduce the safety of the girls.

  10. I’m sorry but when a child is born with a penis it is a boy a male and a girl is born with a vagina it is a girl as a Republican is born they have common sense and when Democrats are born they are total idiots it’s needs to stop and the score should not be teaching our children this is stuff that should be taught by the parents it would Beneficial is a teachers were just educate them and reading writing arithmetic and oh yes American history do your job and not the parents to do their job

  11. Keep voting for these reprobates Aka as demonicRATS and we will get more of this.lets go Brandon and let’s go demonicRATS

  12. Sigh.
    Another lawsuit. I know the left has the unlimited deep pockets of Soros et al but don’t they ever get tired of defending these losers?

  13. It’s becoming very obvious that we need cameras in the classrooms as much or more than law enforcement body cams, dash cams and maybe more than any CCTV applications. Large numbers of teachers are sneaky liars who need to be monitored and fired when they abuse common sense. Parents have paid the salaries, supplies and facilities for all the teachers and own the right to know and record what happens during every second of their children’s education.

  14. This is what communists do in communist schools, the teacher and school system say something in favor of communism like who wants to join the communist youth group and do things like camping. Christian kids in Russian schools would refuse to join the youth group and weren’t allowed to attend school activities and spent five hours a day in one room so other kids knew the Christians were saying no to communism and the other kids knew who they were. The kids are being told about transgenderism and genderism using certain words and the majority of kids will go along to please the teacher and school adults not knowing what the heck the words lead to, LGBT activities and CRT until the parents find out what the kids are being manipulated into leading to indoctrination leading to socialist activists and communism in power in the future in this country.

  15. keep your children away from these corrupt schools. Rather allow them to learn the Word of God, reading, writing and Arithmetic which are basics, then life skills (Interacting with others, learn a trade or put a hobby/tallest to good productive use, how to handle relationships, money, etc. So that they grow up well balanced and grounded. Too many snowflakes around whoa re easily “Offended”

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