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New Mexico Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham used campaign funds to pay a former employee $150,000.00 to settle allegations of sexual assault.

“She took a water bottle and dumped it on my crotch and then slapped and grabbed me in front of everybody,” former spokesman James Hallinan claims happened in a 2018 campaign meetingh.

After allegedly assaulting Hallinan, then-candidate Grisham tried to stop him from calling police.

“Her campaign manager convinced me not to report it to law enforcement, convinced me not to quit the campaign because I tried,” he tells Albuquerque TV station KQRE.

Grisham was a top contender for both President Joe Biden’s vice-president and a cabinet position and is currently chair of the Democratic Governor’s Association – where she publicly said New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual assault accusers should be taken seriously.

“I’m, frankly, in that group of elected leaders, that you believe the individual, you give real credit and credibility there, if you don’t, we are revictimizing brave men and women who come forward,” she said in March.

But that’s not what she did when she was accused of sexual assault.  Like Cuomo, Grisham directed staff to attack her accuser’s professional credibility and job performance.

Little of the news coverage of Grisham’s comments on Cuomo mentioned she faced similar allegations.

Despite allegedly assaulting a campaign staffer before she was elected, Grisham used taxpayer funds as governor to defend herself from the allegations.

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  1. Boys wearing Skirts are promoting Sexual assault and getting away with it because democrats are concerned about the Predator’s “FEELINGS” Is that Concern for the Predator’s FEELINGS before or after the Sexual ASSAULT? Do they really care? Or is it just “Pandering” to make them look “CARING”

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