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President Biden vowed that America was willing to go to war in order to defend Taiwan on Thursday night during a CNN Townhall event.

As Fox News reports:

President Joe Biden vowed to protect Taiwan from any Chinese incursion during a CNN town hall on Thursday night.

“Are you saying the US would come to Taiwan’s defense if China were to attack?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Biden to which the president responded, “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.”

In spite of Biden’s rather blunt statement, the US is in fact not under treaty obligation to defend Taiwan:

The Taiwan Relations Act to which the United States is currently party does not guarantee the U.S. will engage militarily if China attacks Taiwan, which it has claimed for decades is sovereign Chinese territory, but states that the United States “will make available to Taiwan such defense articles and defense services in such quantity as may be necessary to enable Taiwan to maintain self-sufficient defense capabilities.”

U.S. presidents have pursued a policy of “strategic ambiguity” so that China would not know exactly what the U.S. response would be to an attack.

A Representative for the White House was later forced to walk back Biden’s statements:



      1. 👍 YES!
        Like the ass clown has ANY idea wtf he’s saying.
        Trying to throw us off the scent that he’s OWNED by China? WHAT an Ass.

    1. much much more cause this will turn china and Russia into a nuclear waste land and half of the USA will also become a nuclear waste land but the thing is that the USA has the most accurate nuke missiles and north korea will become a nuke waste land just like Iran

  1. The whole Biden family is in China’s back pocket. He’s not going to go to war with it. War and rumors of war are just a deflection from his corrupt relations with China.

    1. And just WHO is the “representative from the White House that had to walk back his statements”??? TRAITOR Milley Again?!!!! We

    1. LAST?! Now you’ve got me Excited!
      Can we just throw him off a sea cliff instead of the whole pomp and ceremony funeral shit for this TRAITOR?!

  2. If you look at what Biden says and what Biden does it is very obvious that whatever he says he does the exact opposite!

  3. What happens when there is no fuel for the truckers? Biden created gas and gasoline increases have fueled inflation, and now created a recession. Self created shortages, caused by piss poor bureaucratic decisions, have cost jobs, caused unnecessary energy shortages, added pressure to the American economy with continual higher price increases across the board. Shutting down the pipelines has caused  many National  emergencies. Biden likes to blame the virus, but it’s stupid un- American decisions that caused these self inflected wounds. Time for the bidens to be investigated, Attorney General Merrick Garland, another biden appointee,who is just a figure head, who knows nothing about nothing,Can’t investigate Hunter bidens gun applications,or his conflict with art sales,or any thing else concerning Hunter or the biden crime family. Are you in charge of the Department of Justice?,  yes i am, Well how illegal’s aliens have you prosecuted or charged for violation of federal immigration laws? none ,Why is the crime rate and murder rate so high with the democrat controlled cities? don’t know, why are drugs being smuggled into our Country at a all time high? don’t know .Why did the Attorney Generals office fire all Trump hires? don’t know. Why did they even bring this guy in before Congress?? Oh yea, moms and dads, because they don’t like the way your son and daughter in law have a conflict of interest with your position? don’t know. How about because the school boards heads and the teacher s unions complained to the White House they did no like to answer any questions at the Schools with parents meetings? about what ii being taught to their children,? don’t know. Do you think the teachers union should be exempt from receiving the virus shots? don’t know. Are you going to call in the FBI on every issue that comes up and you don’t want to stick your neck out? don’t know. Who is paying the biden’s to kill America?

    1. Hey! WHERE’s your BOLD PRINT?!
      Yeah, this Ho Chi Bi Den and these Demonrat SCUM are sumpin else aren’t they?!! God only knows what Other disastrous bullshit is gonna hit us here Reeeeeal shortly. Damned near EVERY item I’ve bought at the grocery store in just the last 2 months has gone up 25-40%!

  4. If Biden says he’s going to attack China, but he’s really not, does this mean Milley will have to make about a half dozen calls instead of the two he made last time? It gets so confusing.

  5. Biden hasn’t had a cogent thought since he’s been in the White House: Number one danger to our great country!!

    1. globalist puppet chester biden hasn’t had a cogent thought since he has been a politician for 46 years, that is the sole reason globalist voter fraud appoint/reappoint him .

  6. With Biden as C in C, expect enormous loss of life and China will be victorious. Biden would turn making instant jello into a crisis.

  7. Could you EVER IMAGINE BRAIN DEAD Biden leading our military against China??LOL…They are sitting in their chairs LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF…Biden is an IDIOT AND ANYONE WHO VOTED FOR THIS PIECE OF SHIT IS ALSO AN IDIOT…

    1. Yessiree. Generally speaking, Traitor in Chief’s AREN’T too Effective. This Crooked, Out t’ Lunch pile of excrement couldn’t lead a game of Musical Chair.

    2. globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep and illegal criminal invader voters voted for globalist puppet chester biden, fortunately there are more Americans who voted for Trump and globalists had to use every form of voter fraud to appoint their puppet, chester biden .

  8. No more “let’s go Brandon” that’s what the Dems prefer, then Joe’s name is not used in vain. Please go back to “f— Joe Biden, then maybe even he can understand what the meaning is.

  9. ell, china knows he not going to war with them. he is so far up china’s rear end the war would be over before he could find his way out. besides he is not going to bite the hand that feeds him

    1. More like THEY’RE so far up His derrière. They’ve been hosin’ him for Decades for ALL the money they’ve given ‘im. He’s their b tch, the damned TRAITOR!

    1. Yes, but he flat out WON’T Honor it__so it’s as WORTHLESS all the other prattle that comes out of his sorry LYING mouth

  10. Senile Joe Biden claims he can fix the supply chain problem.

    Unfortunately, Joe thinks the supply chain problem has to do with when he pulls the handle and there is no flush!

    1. Nasty Crooked TRAITOR Joe couldn’t “fix” an untied shoelace. He’d shove it in his undies thinking it was some cool new Man Thong thing

    1. If globalists want their puppet chester biden to remember something, globalists will remind globalist puppet, chester biden .

  11. American Absolutely Needs to Go to War with China if They Invade Taiwan, however Beijing Bidet is Owned Lock, Stock, and Barrel by China so He will do Nothing!

  12. The president does not have the mental acuity to read and understand simple statements. In my view, he never understood his role as an American and never should have been elected. But he’s now become militarily very dangerous.

    It’s not necessary to impeach this foolish and incompetent socialist. He’s clearly unfit and should be removed for inability to perform requirements of the job. The legislature should move at flank speed because our republic is in peril and has little time to recover.

  13. This is why this man is so dangerous. No one believes, or thinks he has control of any situation or policy. He’s like a 5 year old playing make believe in a sand box. I’m sure Miley has been on the phone with the Chinese telling them to not pay attention to what Biden says.

  14. Why do publicize his words out complete with self serving lies? The Chinese watched the US lose our last war in Afghanistan, they continue to asses our current leadership or lack thereof and notice how political our military has become! I am sorry to say they no longer fear the US. In fact Democrats and feeble JOE you have brought our country down!

  15. Sure he will. Anyone who believes that would buy a bridge in New York. If he does, and China responds, Biden will not pause one second before ordering our colors struck and have a bed sheet run up the flag pole.

  16. Well now, if I were china I would be shaking in my boots. I’d also move my forces within massive striking distance and my finger on the go button.
    The whole entire world knows Biden and who ever is pulling the government strings, will do nothing. This administration has already shown how they handle thing

  17. Of course he backtracks; he’s a do-nothing president with a do-nothing cabinet and they just want to continue doing nothing. That’s probably a good thing for us because everything he’s touched so far in his 50-year has gone wrong.

  18. Biden obviously has no clue what a president can or cannot do. I’m concerned over this claim of war though. I can’t imagine that Biden made such a bold statement on his own. If Biden’s Chinese and Socialist billionaire puppet masters can get Biden to get the U.S. and China into war, that would decrease populations worldwide while increasing war machine production. Democrats overall just love war. It has been Democrat presidents who have escalated the U.S. involvement in war for most times the U.S. has gone to war. WWI, WWII and Vietnam were all escalated by Democrat presidents. If this is accurate in any way, the U.S. is not being expected to win such a war with China.

  19. “Ever” notice that “when” this “nitwit” says “anything, that it’s ALWAYS “walked BACK” from the W.H.? “He” can’t “talk to the “press”, BECAUSE “somebody” says that he can’t. Pretty good. This guy is less intelligent than “the ape” in Clint Eastwood’s film. HOW LONG WILL AMERICA STAND FOR THIS? “Just” long “enough” for the REVOLUTION of 1776!

  20. I think some of you forgot Trump set at the table many times with China……..The South Seas aggression start while Trump was President and he did nothing about it…. China has been off the chain too long and doing what they want to the point it has become normal to them….. At some point someone needed to have action of some sort…..

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