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A new study just released by is now showing that a surprising number of Republicans support left-wing causes like Universal Health Care.

According to the study, 25 percent of Republicans claim to want a single healthcare plan run by the government.


In addition 1/3 of young Republicans also claim to support a government run healthcare system.

Unsurprisingly Americans were also divided by party over how they would like their healthcare delivered:

In spite of this a small minority are still interested in scrapping medicaid and medicare al together


As reports:

Despite the imperfections of current government-run healthcare programs, removing the government entirely from providing healthcare coverage to Americans does not have much widespread support. Only 8% of all survey respondents think healthcare coverage should only be provided by privately-run companies.

Twelve percent of Republicans support abolishing all government-run programs, compared to only 4% of Democrats.

When asked why they think Medicare and Medicaid should be abolished, the reasons most cited by Republicans are that private companies are more efficient (53%); they deliver better care (50%); people abuse public programs (43%), and public-run programs lead to socialism (40%).



All data found within this report derives from a survey commissioned by, and conducted online by survey platform Pollfish. In total, 1,250 American adults were surveyed. This survey was conducted over a two-day span, starting on May 27, 2021, and ending on May 28, 2021. All respondents were asked to answer all questions truthfully and to the best of their abilities. For full survey data, please email Julia Morrissey at


  1. They are not ‘republicans’ they are CATHOLICS that like socialism. NO CATHOLIC is an American. There are two ways to be fooled…. One is to believe what is not true. ….The other is to refuse to accept what is true… Soren Kierkegaard ……………..

    Catholics lose on both of the items above! They believe that someone has walked on water! They also believe that a mammal has given asexual birth!……. Science says that both are impossible!…………Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for failure forever. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a traitor, NO Catholic is an American. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor.

    1. I’m sorry that you limit your life to sense knowledge.
      God the creator invented the heavens and the earth
      and everything in it including science. If you turn your back on Him and the man he has made Lord of everything under heaven
      you are headed for failure. In the end every knee shall bow. But its your choice. By the way Catholics do not have a monopoly. Go read the Bible for yourself. The earlier the version the better the information.

    2. Are you aware that most Protestants also believe in miraculous occurrences, like Christ walking on water and the Virgin birth of Christ?

    1. More like the big pharma medical groups who control the health care industry. Key word being industry. Remember EVERYONE dies of covid. The government subsidizes

  2. What a bunch of idiots, Medicare pays so little and I do not want the government picking my doctor and the cost to me and you will keep rising yearly.

    1. I have socialized medicine, called Medicare. But I have to pay my 20% on my own. Never heard of anyone not being able to pick their own doctor

      1. The Government does almost NOTHING Well, in case you haven’t noticed. Can you just IMAGINE What a Clusterf___ they’d make of it if They had the full responsibility of Healthcare?! To put it bluntly, you best Not need any!

  3. When you realize that both Democrats and Republicans are both in a car headed for a cliff…..the Republicans want to go 45 mph and the democrats want to go 65 mph….they both are headed for the same cliff.

    1. Or put another way, the democrat and republican parties are the left and right rails of a train track that takes you to the same destination.

      1. Yeah, and Any that come out of the government are ill conceived and pretty much guaranteed to be disastrous right from the get-go

  4. What’s the age demographic for this study ? Kids today WANT EVERYTHING ‘free’ … kids being anyone under 30. “Republicans ” want the opportunity of the American Dream. Word hard to advance, own your own, start family, believe in GOD and exercise the right to worship without being hindered by government.
    Government run anything is wasteful, a middle man to scavenge profit.

    1. NOW the American Dream for this Godforsaken country is being taken care of Comfortably and TOTALLY with very little or No effort, be sexually perverted in Any way you desire and have television and movies Everywhere, Constantly AJ we can keep up with our favorite devauched Slimeballs.

  5. Every time government controls something they screw it up, big time! Do you really want you local hospital run like the DMV?

  6. Universal healthcare isn’t some liberal left-wing goal. It’s socialism and socialism is not liberalism or conservatism. If you don’t care about you, your family and your children’s health don’t support it. Health insurance is the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country Got my insurance. I don’t want to pay for your lack of insurance, I want the government to do it with taxes, including those from the rich, and corporations , not with my increasing policy premiums.

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