Joe Biden’s ex-nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) said he felt like an “island” during his confirmation process, claiming the Biden administration abandoned him.

Breitbart reports:

…Chipman told the New York Times he thought there would be a “Plan B” in the event that his nomination hit trouble, but no such plan ever emerged.

Chipman looked back on the experience and said, “Either this was impossible to win, or the strategy failed.” He then added, “This was a failure.”

Biden administration officials who spoke to the NYT on condition of anonymity suggested Chipman’s nomination failed because Sen. Angus King (I-RI) made clear he would not support it. In a 50-50 Senate, the withdrawal of one vote meant Chipman would not have sufficient support to be confirmed.

King personally told Chipman that “gun dealers in Maine” did not support his nomination.

After Biden yanked Chipman’s nomination, Biden said, “We knew this wouldn’t be easy – there’s only been one Senate-confirmed ATF Director in the bureau’s history.”


  1. It now seems that all those who are failures (or failing) from Generals & Secretaries of Incompetence, etc., are blaming old Uncle Joe for causing all of their troubles.

    Instead they should be looking at the Man in the Mirror, who is really the cause of most of their issues.

  2. typical Democrat, point fingers everywhere but at themselves, the chipmunk didn’t deserve the nomination…find your gun yet?

  3. This idiot has zero respect for 2A and the Constitution and he blames anyone but hisself for his failure. Pathetic.

  4. That’s because he is a dumb ignorant fxxx that could care less about our Country.The biden’s made their money selling us out with China and Russia, he will be held accountable for his and his family treachery. STOP THE INVASION HEADING TOWARDS OUR BORDER, STOP THE LIES, STOP THE DEMOCRATS, STOP BIDEN BOOSTER LIES, STOP DEMOCRAT INFLATION, STOP BIDEN, Biden, has become the loose cannon that can’t be allowed to continue, this person has lost all American values, He has forfeited his right, to any position of power, If he won’t resign it’s time for impeachment, let’s get this done, before it’s too late. THE FREE WORLD STAGE WILL NEVER TRUST ANOTHER DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT, BIDEN, HAS SEEN TO THAT FOREVER, WHAT A CORRUPT DISLOYAL PERSON, NO SOUL NO HONOR, NO LOYALTY, NO ALLIES, JOE AND HIS LACK OF MORAL TURPITUDE, Time to hold the Biden family responsible for their crimes against our Nation, Time to hold his radical cabinet members responsible for their crimes against the American people, Time for full accountability on acceptance of money from foreign sources, who are adversarial to our Governmental and it’s ideals. principals. Biden crime family has been allowed to continue for too long. Time has come to hold the Biden’s for criminal acts against the American people. The Country can not continue on this path without the full input of Congress to hold the executive branch to the laws they created and that are in place to stop incompetent self elected dictatorships from taking our country and overreaching criminal political obfuscation by a mindless leader.WHY DOES THE BIDEN ADMINSTRATION THINK IT’S ABOVE OUR LAWS.

    1. Because they are ,he’s been getting away with crimes for 45 yrs all him and family and fellow Democrats are never held accountable thats why they had the balls to steal am election, and nobody’s stopping it, were were the Republicans pressing charges. Let face it ,if the American people don’t stop it, it is what it is.and we ALL live with it.

  5. This clown is an internal terrorist. But you can tell he’s a dem. Takes no responsibility for being an idiot. Blames everyone else for his failures.

  6. Biden has a habit of picking the sorriest bastards around.
    Even his handlers are nit-picking what is going to happen next. Everyone wants to be in power.

  7. Chipman, your an idiot, paid off liar, and a coward and you could lead a pack of rats to eat and a garbage dump… you are a waste of air …coward

  8. So Joe & this Idiot blame Angus King an Independent? Did they forget Tester & Manchin? They were also hoping for a few moderate “Rino’s” to help make it Bi-Partisan. This jerk failed miserably all on his own !

  9. Angus King is from Maine. The people of Maine made it quite clear to him that no way would Mainers stand for biden’s buddy!!!

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