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New York Governor Kathy Hochul the former Democrat Lt. Governor who recently replaced the disgraced Andrew Cuomo has now decided to implement a new law entitled the ‘Less is More Act’ which makes it harder to imprison felons for violations of parole.

In the process she will be immediately freeing 191 inmates from New York’s notorious Rikers’ Island Prison.

As The New York Post reports:

Gov. Kathy Hochul on Friday said she was ordering the immediate release of 191 inmates who are locked up on Rikers Island for what she called “technical” violations of their parole from state prison.

Hochul made the announcement before signing into law the “Less Is More Act” that will stop the state from putting ex-cons back behind bars for missing appointments with their parole officers, violating curfew or testing positive for drugs or alcohol.

The measure is set to go into effect on March 1, but Hochul said the ongoing crisis at Rikers meant there was no time to wait, calling reports of out-of-control violence and chaos at the massive jail complex “deeply disturbing.”

Hochul also said she was ordering the transfers of around 200 inmates from Rikers to state prisons amid recent admissions by city Correction Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi that planned reform efforts can’t be achieved under the existing conditions.


    1. My, AREN’T they though!
      ANYthing you can do to Protect and Promote the Scum amongst us___ the Dems are ALL FOR IT!
      Human PIGS, ALL!

      1. And CATHOLIC! Milley is just one more CATHOLIC TRAITOR. Pelosi, Biden, McConnell, Kerry,
        Blinkin (Sec. State) SCOTUS are all CATHOLIC TRAITORS.
        This is the entire head of the US govt!
        Mess things up beyond repair, then declare a great victory.
        Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC nation that was not bankrupt?
        Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC nation that was successful?
        Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC nation that had an infrastructure?
        Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC nation that is educated?
        Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC nation that is not corrupt?
        Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC nation that is not crime ridden?
        The only difference between Muslim and “C” is the continent they destroy.
        R and D mean nothing. Catholics are Catholics, NOT Americans.
        Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and failure forever… Look south for proof.

        1. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over iil Your FYD Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots
          Open…. 𝗖𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗔𝗽𝗽𝟮𝟰𝟳.𝗧𝗞

          1. I’m not a fan of Catholicism, but only for Scriptural reasons. I think you are painting with too broad a brush. It is less a “Catholic” issue than a cultural one, and I’m not singling out any particular nation. We as a nation have turned our backs on God, and we are reaping the whirlwind of our own foolishness.

        2. This guy is just a Catholic hater. If he would actually think things through the answer IS people claim to be Catholic or christian to give themselves credibility. If you don’t paractice it then its just a name you label yourself with. You can be bornJewish or Muslim or whatever but if you don’t live by the rules or doctrin then its just a title but not what or who you are. However this guys brain works he doesn’t know the difference between religion and nationality. REALLY SAD! want to guess his party?

        3. Wow, as a Christian & believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior, I would never group all Catholics, Jews, Christians, or any other ‘religious group’ together.
          As Christian’s it’s a matter of the relationship with Jesus, as it should be for Catholics. There are people that call themselves Christians or Catholic that don’t know Jesus as their LORD & Savior. There will be a time where Jesus will separate the wheat from the tares. Until then we pray for our leaders, our enemies and we vote!

        4. You are a total idiot. Are you even an American born Citizen? The fact that we live in a country founded on Christianity would lend itself to an overwhelmingly Christian populous.
          How’d Bloomberg do for the city? Cleared up those sugary drinks didn’t he? DeBlasio the Athiest ?? Doing a great job.
          DJT is Catholic and Americans enjoyed the most prosperous administration in DECADES!
          Keep pushing your “Crusade” mentality and see where that leads us.

        5. Alfie, you, in my opinion, are another success of divisive indoctrination. Biden and company can be proud of you. Just about every religion is represented in our government, and perhaps the majority are self-serving. I pray to God, I am wrong.

        6. Listen Alfie, you’ve gone a bit over the top with this “Catholic” critique. Can you even name a Catholic nation; just one? No googling, as you have made this statement as a generally true belief of yours. I’ve been over 3/4 of the world and I’ve learned a thing or two and would never make such a statement as you have.
          Are you an atheist by chance? Doesn’t sound you have much belief in anything. Who is “Milley”?
          As far as I am concerned, the entire lot responsible for putting an ailing man in office should be kicked out and lose all future benefits that we the people, pay them.
          Every one of us is to blame for what is happening because apparently we didn’t do enough to secure decent people in elections. We allowed the “next guy” to protect our rights and that “next guy” either didn’t do it or stabbed us in the back. In other words, you’ve just passed the buck on the failures of this country. I am guilty as well because I didn’t do enough; I left it up to others.
          So shut up and take some of the blame as I have

        7. You are a reject from the Know-Nothing Party of the 1800’s, an obvious Klukker at heart. Your freedom of speech allows you to reveal that you, sir, are an idiot.

        8. that’s cuz they are actually controlled by the jesuits, who are over even the pope. they actually control the globalists, satanists, etc. The ultimate enemy of the people

      1. You all sound a lot like Hitler when he persecuted all the Jews. I think you need to substitute “Democrat politicians” for “Catholics”.

    1. I LIKE it!
      Let’s make Certain they’re concentrated in the Wealthiest areas, and see to it that the Hampton’s get Their share as well.

    2. But another election cycle will come to New York and nothing will change. The stupid Yankees don’t want law and order

      1. Do they really count the ballots that we send? Maybe the indoctrinated unionized elections workers have been convinced that free elections are too dangerous. Free speech is now too dangerous, according to the elites and the bureaucracy.

          1. Ya’ said a Mouthful THERE, my friend.
            Throw in that Most are STUPID and EASILY BRAINWASHED and it spells Real Trouble.
            It’s real easy to get a toddler on Your side with the promise of candy.

        1. You people are so dumb!!! Well, you want to blame a religion. Let’s see, it’s not all democrats, it’s not a religion, it’s politicians period. They all have the same goal. It’s the money, they all want to lie, cheat and steal to get as much of as they can for themselves. Now, it’s democrats who want to spend as much money as they can print, and our grand children, great grand children, and great great grand children won’t be able pay off in their life times. Take a good look, and put the blame where it really belongs, on politicians!!!!!!

    3. Hey, remember that prophetic movie: Escape from New York? There was another prophetic move: Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The bean pod alien humanoids are today’s Democrat socialists. You see, Hollywood was much wiser back in them thar days….

        BOTH the Original in 1957 with an unknown Kevin McCarthy (Brilliant!) AND the 1978 remake with Donald Sutherland are pure CLASSICS!

        Get your vaccination Today! 😬
        (Vincent Price Maniacal Laugh!)


  2. and if any of them commit more crimes, then SHE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE…..think she’d agree to that?……..If not, she would be an accessory to the crime, having provided them with the ability and freedom to commit the crime.

    1. Oh, they WILL offend again, usually in more violent ways!!! Our COUNTRY is falling apart and the DICTATOR bi den is to blame!!! I know he’s NOT running things, it’s oblamo, and rice a roni, but DICTATOR bid en is the mouthpiece and he NEEDS TO STEP UP AND BE HONEST!!!

          1. I think Newsom’s coup just served to ‘validate’ the liberal means to win every election. We had a tight race between Berra and a conservative candidate. Said candidate was ahead, but Berra won after the absentee ballots were counted. Eventually, people will realize how corrupt our voting polls are.

          2. TOTALLY Corrupt. They HAVE No morals, so WHAT’S to Stop them, and they’re COMPLETELY Intolerant. It’s like dealing with a 3-year-old with Temper Tantrum issues.

            The ONLY WAY is for ENOUGH of the dipshit populace to SEE and Understand the FAILURES and be converted. Other than THAT, out and out Civil War WILL BE on the table.

          1. An apartment complex down the street had a vacancy. Their advertising banner read “If you lived here, you’d be mugged by now”.

          2. Lol Pathetic, eh? I’ve got Good friends in Escondido and El Cajon, transplanted 40 years ago Michiganders, that have just about HAD IT out there. They’re VERY comfortable financially, LOVE the climate, of course, but are looking Elsewhere for their End Game.

  3. Seems the Libs only care about Crooks and Illegals New York put in just as bad as the last one when they violate parole they show they have not changed and will do as they please

      1. only if the hore vagina readys a welfare package to support those 191 criminal parole violators until they can find suitable employment ( tick tock, tick tock …….. )

        1. Oh, they’ll FIND a Way! Oh, you live in Louisiana now? That’s OK, we’ll accept your votes here in NY Elections. NO Problem

  4. Different person, different sex, but the same level of disregard for the average citizen in favor of criminals. We can only hope she will do something even more stupid than this really quick so that she can be removed from office too.

    1. sustained communist infection revved up by the spotlight of national attention paid to their very ignorant actions… the morons, perverts, parasites, and would be communists are cheering their collective leftist azzes off .. and new dork city will take another step back in time to the days before good government (thinking that may have been for a short while after the Brits decided to no longer attack the new world, just other unarmed indigenous population locations, you know like Australia …

      1. People must be apprised of the Communist ruse, and learn how they’re manipulated (Especially women) by emotive issues to consider implementing such a form of government. Like a juicy worm on a hook, the concept of communism merely lures ignorant, vulnerable populations to allow the expansion of their governing bodies to address each ‘disaster’, cultural melee, foreign threat and other matters, all of which are orchestrated and embellished by the tyrants–along with their media–who’ll rule over their subjects with virtually unlimited powers. We’re being told about those powers, and rendered helpless to reverse the oppression of our people by the erosion of our Civil Rights, our Sovereignty, and our National Security. This is a process, and if people would just study the history of Communism, they’ll slap their collective foreheads in recognition of their stupidity, as they realize the similarities.

          1. There are elements of avarice, selfishness and government dependency which are engendered among a population, with particular emphasis upon minorities, women and weirdos. The arrogance and impudence of these groups will quickly be replaced by the realization of their being exploited to erect oppressive regimes. That is why these segments are not being taught history, and instead they’re steeped in the Marxist principles of racial, gender, sexual orientation advancement. Naturally, the morons will default to expanding government authority to effect their ‘change’.

  5. So instead of “out of control violence and chaos” going on in Rikers Island prison she would rather see it out on the streets of New York cities. Yeah ok, that seems to fit the Democrat controlled States and Cities narrative.

  6. What is wrong with these Demorats letting people out of prison and so glad I don’t live there cause these ignorant people have no sense

  7. Now we get another wack-o Gov. I,am not to sure the people who voted her in got what they wanted . Its time to get rid of Democrats their minds are not working properly .

    1. Ya’ HAFTA be wicked to even want to Call yourself a Democrat. It just says you CONDONE all of this bullshit.
      They are SOME Plague on America.
      I’ll take COVID over being afflicted with Democrats in office. They’re THAT bad.

  8. Well, can only hope the saying What Goes Around Comes Around. These people making such ridiculous decisions should have to suffer consequences for idiot choices.

    1. You bet. They CERTAINLY should. Let’s START with a crime perpetrated on HER or close friend or associate. Helluva thing to say, but SOMETHING HAD GOT TO SHAKE THESE BASTARDS INTO PROPER THINKING!

    1. Oh, yeah, she’s just Another warped Dem. These people are just SO bad. Hard to imagine they get ANYwhere in their political aspirations. The masses that vote these Scum in are TRULY just warped and sick people tgemselves.

  9. New York just replaced one ignorant male libtard dumbass with another!! This women that took over is as corrupt and rotten as that asshole Coumo…when we going to wake up New York. I used to love that town .. now it’s a cesspool of liberal shitheads

    1. Oh, HELL NO! They’ll be her Biggest fans and future voters. They’ll go after innocent Good people. THAT’s the way it works.

  10. Well, New Yorkers, remember this when these thugs attack you while Her Highness is safely esconced behind safe walls with armed guards.

  11. now another state freed from the clutches of an enema bag ahole politician like cumaho and what does the stupid vagina do ?? same BS that other stupid democrat KKK vaginas are doing to cesspools across the country..

  12. So I guess they will vote demoncrap. Demoncrap party is Marxist and a threat to our constitution, our freedom and our country and must be dispatched.

  13. Doesn’t matter what name or sex a democrat is, all have same agenda…destroy American society. Like releasing hundreds of these criminals for ‘technicalities’ listed. When on parole, you follow the rules exactly or your vacation is cut short. Any sent to Riker’s don’t play nice with others, keep them there.

  14. Look at her track record. She is a closet leftist posing as a moderate with a history of increasing progress politics and ideology. It is all out in the open now as she will do anything to maintain Party backing and remain in office. Good luck, NY; you’re really no better off than you were with Cuomo.

  15. With all the crime and murder taking place in New york, New York city, the bail problems, the killers Cuomo pardened, sure no one else will want to leave the State, high taxes, Democrats in charge, what a great place to raise a family. Election time barr election fraud should see change, remember what the democrats did to the Jews, who could forget? Time to empty the prisons, would really like to know ehat drugs the democrats are on?

  16. Gee…. I didn’t KNOW Governors could create laws….I thought that was the task of elected state representatives….. what did I miss in civics class?

  17. Yup, Less law enforcement means More crime.

    That’s what the entire Democrat Party has been pushing for decades now to destabilize the nation, collapse it and take over with a Communist dictatorship. They will then blame it all on religion, the Bill of Rights and Republicans. Then they’ll institute sweeping programs to eliminate criminals, God, the Constitution and Republicans. To save the nation, you see.

    They’ve been working on it since the 1950s.

  18. Haha! Forgive me for finding this funny, but people were expexting a course change once Cuomo was out??
    Please… Folks were expecting repeal of the SAFE act, and a bunch of other commie measures to come crashing down…
    I simply don’t know where the expectation was coming from that it was going to be a brand new day in that sh*tbox of a state.
    Spent 11 years in NY Metro for work, and there was NO WAY IN HELL i was going to set roots up there!
    Left the yankee wife and her liberal-@ss yankee family in the rearview, and returned to the deep south where shit actually made sense!!!
    Never trust ANY govt that is scared of an armed citizenry….

  19. Ok, so there is higher amounts of crime in prison…and you want to let THOSE people go??? You so stoooooopid!😝 Wow, brilliant!

  20. When you constantly send only one party no matter what, you get this kind of nonsense. You will reap what you are sowing governor.

  21. So the prisoners are violent and out of control while in prison so letting them out will keep them from being violent and out of control?
    if you can’t control prisoners in a secure environment how exactly will you control them in an insecure environment?

  22. They cannot be controled in prison so we are going to free them into the community. Makes a lot of sense to only politicians.

  23. I read this once did I miss something like shes realeaaing prisons to other prisons that serve them better or have the prisoners join unions now I. protesting until the governor releases them maybe they are already paying dues by the criminal earnings while out of prison sweet deal and apparently no side effects like getting fired losing your job because we already know voting them out doesn’t work.

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