Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, faces a tough recall election this Tuesday against a slew of challengers — Republican, Democrat, and Independent — as a referendum on his failed leadership in the state.

Here are a list of top ten reasons why he needs to lose: 


    1. Commie and CATHOLIC are the same. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and a proven thousand years of exactly 100% FAILURE.

      1. That’s a ridiculous blanket statement. You must make the distinction between Vatican ll and trad Catholics. Vatican ll? Yes, Communist definitely. “proven 1000 years of FAILURE”? Not everything was Papal Indulgences and Dark Ages.

          1. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over iSl Your Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots Open… 𝗡𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗼𝗽𝗹.𝘁𝗸

  1. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over iil Your Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots Open… 𝗡𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗼𝗽𝗹.𝘁𝗸

  2. China / Dominion / DEM Party controls the voting machines. They have already selected Newsom. There are already reports of REP going down to vote only to learned someone already voted for them.

    1. When lived in los Angels California I did the provisional ballot when the same thing happened to me when Vilagrosa was running and of course he won. The votes are rigged for years in Cali need a full audit. But the fruad in Cali and the stolen election from Trump and the American people is a disgrace and if we had real law enforcement this would end years ago.

  3. Let’s start.getting these idiots out of office. Who is voting for those aholes? Come on people stop the B.S. of voting these morons in.

  4. Lots of reasons he should lose.

    But the Democrats will not allow him to lose, because if he does then it will be Larry Elder choosing Feinstien’s replacement in a few months and that will cost them the Senate.

    The fix is in and in big, they’re going to cheat worse than in 2020.

  5. Governor Grease Ball needs to get his butt kicked out of OUR state. I am thinking Guantanamo Bay would be a good place for him.

  6. He definitely deserves to lose, but I have no doubt the California communist party has totally rigged that election!

  7. So is California one of the states to have passed election reform. You know things like Voter ID, making sure dead people don’t vote and making sure illegals don’t vote. What software are they using could it be Dominion. I don’t live in the state but would like to see someone who could bring California back to a thriving prosperous state with lower taxes and cost of living, so the people who live in Arizona would not have to deal with the transplants from California that forgot why they left California and are screwing up our state.

  8. grabhim blewsome is a typical delusional duplicitous demoncrap feces-feltching fiberal libtard immoral incompetent ineffectual IMBECILE corrupt criminal COMMIE..!!!!
    his cohort cackling witch crapala hairyass as attorney general in sincrapshitsco crapifornica legalized the rape & sodomy of “consenting” 12yr old children by crack-dealing guntoting gangbanger pimps..!!!

    1. Let not thy heart be troubled. In a 21st century replay of Sodom and Gomorrah: just maybe The BIG One will arrive soon and dump the entire corrupt filth-ridden Left Coast into the sub-Pacific PIT.

  9. Did you expect anything less from Pelosi’s nephew? He is being guided and controlled by one of the most corrupt American politicians in our nation’s history.

  10. I hate to squash anyone’s hope that the scum nephew of Nancy Pelosi will be ousted. There are already several reports of early voter fraud in the recall election. I expect that the Democrats will use their Dominion voting machines to cheat and they may well succeed in their treason against California and America.

  11. If the cheater, gabby nuisance, wins, the people of californifacation will be the biggest losers and will spend more time turning their par over to the state that allows criminals to walk free and the victims to suffer.
    Find a vaccine and cure the communist democrat cult disease to save our America!

  12. Plenty of good reasons to remove him. The reason he won’t be removed is called massive cheating. There is absolutely no voter integrity in CA and the fraudulent ballots have already been coming in fast and furious.

  13. Bush is a tragic figure compared to what he should have been. He’s not quite are dumb as Biden but it’s close. shame, shame, shame.

  14. Why isn’t Kum-Allah helping Gov. Nuisance to stay-in-office…is there no ‘kamaraderie’ left, among crooks & criminal-politicians, in Kommie-fornia❓

  15. The organized vote fraud that is already happening must be dealt with, those responsible must be made to pay and it must be so severe that others will never consider cheating again!

  16. They left out the biggest part of why Newswommme should be impeached. newsomme is a TRAITOR. He invites the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS in and even the criminal ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS. the Vatican is a foreign, hostile NATION that he is a member of and the Vatican is at undeclared perpetual war with all other nations. Newsom is a traitor so should be charged and convicted of Treason. Since he is inviting ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC CRIMINALS, and the criminals kill Americans, he should be tried for war crimes.
    Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor and a proven thousand years of exactly 100% FAILURE.

  17. Newsom is a CATHOLIC traitor….Biden is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. Pelosi is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR. SCOTUS is now CATHOLIC. McConnell is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR.
    Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that has not overspent?
    Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “C” nation that is not corrupt?
    Have you ever heard of a CATHOLIC “ C” nation that has honest elections?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that is successful?
    Have you ever heard of a “C’’ nation where the populace is educated?
    Have you ever heard of a “C” nation that does not need to ‘export’ the illiterate ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC “C” INVADERS?
    All the above proves a thousand years of exactly 100% FAILURE. Do not vote for FAILURE!
    Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and you vote for a traitor.
    Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and the borders will never be secured.

  18. Newsom is a great LIAR who has destroyed California. People are leaving the super expensive garbage hole for relief. Newsom = communism.

  19. Too late….The Democrat Vote fraud machine gave Newsom the best voter support he has ever seen
    This is pure criminal voter fraud.
    How do you undo this kind of criminality under the tag team Crime bosses of Newsom/Biden
    Time to Dynamite California’s eastern border and push them out to sea

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