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As part of Australia’s brutal mandatory COVID-19 shutdowns, officials in the state of New South Wales shot and killed 15 rescue shelter dogs, including 10 puppies, so volunteers would not have a reason to leave their homes.

“Lorraine Knezevic, a volunteer with Rural Outback Animal Respite/Rescue, said she arranged with the council to pick up the 15 dogs, including 10 puppies,” the Daily Mail reports.

But local officials, citing COVID-19 lockdowns, shot and killed the dogs and puppies to prevent Knezevic and other volunteers from leaving their homes.

“Bourke Shire Council, in the state’s north-west, killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week, according to council’s watchdog, the Office of Local Government,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

“OLG has been informed that the council decided to take this course of action to protect its employees and community, including vulnerable Aboriginal populations, from the risk of COVID-19 transmission,” an OLG spokesperson claims.

Animal shelters and pounds were told they could continue operating, and shelter volunteers were observing all measures to avoid transmission of COVID-19, but government officials still ordered volunteers locked in their homes and the dogs killed.

“We are deeply distressed and completely appalled by this callous dog shooting and we totally reject council’s unacceptable justifications that this killing was apparently undertaken as part of a COVID- safe plan,” Lisa Ryan, of Animal Liberation, tells the SMH.

Local officials say they will investigate to determine whether local officials violated the law.

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    1. I hope that these officials who commited an unforgiveable crime are prosecuted. I think
      they should be killed themselves because they don’t deserve to live.

    2. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over il Your D Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots Open…….

    3. They’d better be!!!!!

      Who else agrees that this dictator tyrannical craps has gone on way too long? They shoot PUPPIES!? What’s next? Their people? ENOUGH’S, ENOUGH! These NWO ghets have truly overstepped their boundaries. Let’s all take our countries back!!!!!

  1. Remember the frog? You know, the frog in the pot of water that gets warm, then boils while the frog dies? These are processes, and they’re TELLING US how those processes are being implemented. It matters not what nation has been targeted for these agendas, they’ll all suffer the same fate. America has been targeted, and we’ll see OUR Puppies being killed–along with unborn babies being slaughtered in the bargain–by those who rub our noses in their wealth, political power and inviolable status.

  2. They need put them down like they did to the puppies, It make me sick how the Australia officials could do that. The heartless M-fkers

  3. As if anyone has doubts as to who these lefties are this illustrates their madness. If the Aussies put up with this nonsense then it’s THEIR government and not the wackos and they’d better defend their freedom.

  4. What is happening there will eventually make it’s way here it’s just a matter of time! The leftists need an immediate wake up call! Think about it when the animal protection is gone it will not be long and the human extermination will begin! Schools teaching the leftist views to children need to be immediately closed forever!

  5. You sick people omg puppies well karma is coming your way . I hope you get it for animal abuse. 1 country I will never visit I’m from USA and we love our dogs I even have a charity. You our evil . Go to jail idiots.

  6. LISTEN UP…IS it NOT BAD Enough CHINA Eats DOGS. WHAT Happened to MAN’S BEST FRIEND???? ARE DIAMONDS Still a GIRL’S BEST FRIEND???? From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  7. Killing the dogs is heinous. But there real problem is the Australian govt. using Covid to introduce totalitarianism. Never thought it could happen there or here in US but the “puppy murdering mindset” that these leftist represent has to be crushed by any means necessary.

  8. What we need is a guy with a few screws loose and a sniper thin out the tryants since voting doesn’t work anymore

  9. May God bring judgment on these vermin, doing to them, what the law does not allow us to do. If there is a Hell, these vermin have earned their tickets.

  10. Are U kidding me? What is wrong with people now a days. Have they all forgot what having a pet can do for all people, especially now. This was uncalled for. It breaks my heart to know this…. They may not answer for it now but their day is coming.

  11. It seems there is a competition between the Australian government officials and police to see who can provoke the people to revolt. This sort of abuse is exactly the reason for Australia’s Draconic gun control laws – so the government can act with impunity, and without consequences.

  12. They better be careful they are some very mean people in Australia that don’t take to kindly about shooting dogs. Those officials better find a place to hide.

  13. Does anything this will cure the hatred people have had in their heads all these years! It should be explained as one of the tragedies of war? Stop the hatred and forgive as you expect God to forgive you for sin is sin one sin is no greater than another!!

  14. Big mistake! The puppies shouldn’t have been shot, but maybe these heartless Officials should get 10 jabs each! And whoever gave them the orders! Heartless B########!If its that Dan Andrews, he is mad! Or greedy! What did the CCP pay him to ruin the State for Citizens freedoms?

  15. Australian government is out of control they are making NaΩi Germany look good in comparison
    what the hell is wrong with governments today

  16. Again, the exposing of my way or the highway, without consideration of the ultimate out come, those who might have been helped in the future denied the help because of shortsighted, but powerful; political coercion.

  17. So, I see where the US is headed. Call me a conspiracy nut, or uninformed or whatever names you want, but if this is happening in Australia, there is no reason it could not happen here in the US.

  18. Hey I am all for shooting these Bourke Shire Council members and the shooters as they could haave spread covid by going to shoot these poor animals. Can I help please… cowards all of them

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