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According to a new report more resignations are on their way at the FDA over the Biden Administration’s botched handling of guidance for release of booster shots.

As Fox News reports:

Reports that Food and Drug Administration officials plan to step down over the White House’s COVID-19 booster shot guidance have created a “mess” for the Biden administration, according to Dr. Mark Siegel.

In a statement on Tuesday, the FDA said that Marion Gruber, director of the agency’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review, and her deputy director, Phil Krause, will leave in October and November, respectively.

Siegel told “America’s Newsroom” that the seeming clash between the FDA and the White House has created “a mess for the administration.”

“There’s a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of finger pointing … this is a mess for the administration right now,” Siegel said.

The FDA and The White House have so far refused to comment on the matter.


  1. Could there actually be some ethical medical people left in the govt who refuse to push an unnecessary vaccine booster for purely political/financial reasons? One can only hope.

    1. I’d like to see everyone gone in Washington DC and anyone that works for the government! Throw the baby out with the bathwater!!!

  2. Boosters??? what about Afghanistan? Should be many firings and resignations., fauci should have been gone last year

  3. Is there anything that Biden hasn’t lied about ??????……..maybe when he goes to Mass this Sunday the Priest will stick the host in his nose, for his BLATANT support of ABORTION.

  4. Joe Biden does NOT have the intellectual prowess to direct ANYTHING that takes a mental effort. It seems he can barely lick an ice cream cone with any success. At this point in time, it seem certain that he is being directed what to say and do by other people, in and out of the administration. Even foreign leaders have verbalized how apparently brain-damaged Joe Biden is. I suspect he has had a brain bleed from some accident or event, and he has never recovered.

  5. Somebody tell me what isn’t a mess in the Baffoon administration. Everything he touches turns to shit.. What a collossal mistake ,defrauding this asshole into White House.. that’s what happens when shit happens against the will of the people..all you idiots that voted for this POS will end up in Hell

  6. Resignations for poor performance? I could live to be 100 & I still don’t think I would witness that. I just don’t think it will ever happen.

    1. IGNORANCE IS NOT SEEING AND ADMITTING WHEN THINGS ARE HORRIBLY WRONG it is a lot more than just poor performance, there is a lot of serious laws being broken by the Democratic party that will end up with several Democrats serving long prison terms and the Democratic party will be a thing of the past forever if people only knew how much money they have given and thrown away of OUR MONEY .they throw it around like they do because they DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICANS. PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SEE WHATS HAPPENING TO OUR COUNTRY BEFORE ITS TO LATE . BELIEVE ME THINGS COULD BE ALOT BETTER FOR ALL OF US IF WE’LL STOP FIGHTING AMONGST OURSELVES AND BAND TOGETHER AND INDEED MAKE AMERICA BETTER THAN WE COULD EVER IMAGINE

  7. You can bet your last nickel that the Holy Vaccine is exhibiting some nasty untoward side effects that many in power are attempting to sweep under the rug. Some individuals are finding that they in danger of violating their Hippocratic oath: ‘First, do no harm.’ Resignation is their only defense.

  8. S crew Biden that pieces of trash he lies about everything. He needs to look in a mirror a.d see for it self how much a piece of crap he is says he a Catholic but not if it truly was he would not be trying to kill the innocent little ones .

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