Larry Elder speaking at the 2016 FreedomFest at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gage Skidmore.

California’s recall election is heating up, with Larry Elder now a frontrunner in the attempt to take out failing incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Now, as desperation in the left-leaning media continues to rise, the attacks and smears against Elder have hit a new low.

Here are some of the worst and most dishonest attacks the left-wing media has tried to smear Elder with:


  1. The EVIL of the Left knows NO Boundaries. They are Truly, Satan’s minions!
    If this ever increasingly DISGUSTING country of ours doesn’t DO AN ABOUT FACE, and Damned SOON!, we are going Dooooown VERY Soon!
    DIE!, Democrats, DIE! You are EVIL PIGS!

  2. If there’s a specific example of liberal hypocrisy, this would be it. They’re charged with a passionate zeal to regard blacks as being ‘equals’, but when one of those blacks expresses a conservative ideology, suddenly they’re wide open for personal attacks. Poor Michelle Malkin was another example: Female, Educated, Asian, Experienced, but she went after the ADL (Anti-Defamation League)) for their opportunistic efforts to gain stimulus funding. Now she’s totally removed from the media A list for news and talk show appearances. Dr. Lorraine Day is similarly ostracized, and she was the penultimate feminist symbol. These Americans are among the most extraordinary citizens you’ll know, but they became persona non grata when they failed to toe the liberal line.

    1. Talk about NAILING IT, David!!!

      This Beloved United States of ours IS unquestionably undergoing that “fundamental transition” that one Barack Obama promulgated and has been so instrumental in advancing. Historically PERFECTLY Timed, Fated I sincerely believe, as this country’s moral deterioration and increasing liberalism were well underway and certainly ripe for the wrong thinking but magical sounding Shangri-La oratory of one so smooth. Aaah, that euphoric, PERFECT vision of Harmony and Absolute Equality for ALL! And to hear this Utopian vision from a person of a minority, a black man no less, was just Soooo Incredibly Satisfying to the senses of “enlightened”, inexplicably guilt harboring Caucasians!
      SEE?!!! We aren’t Bad! We aren’t Racists! We choose YOU to Lead us! It was a Liberals DREAM!

      What those people just Fail to SEE….. GRASP….. just DON’T UNDERSTAND…. is that That dreamy World of PERFECT Socialism is a MYTH.
      Life DOESN’T Work that way. There IS NO “everybody, everything is equal”.

      Socialism has been tried by many societies in the history of Mankind, generally with the Best of Intentions at heart, not always, but tried many, many times….. and it has NEVER been a Success. Not ONCE. It simply DOESN’T Work. And ALL of those societies, countries, whole civilizations…. have ended in Ruin.

      America is right now under a controlled, very aggressive assault on her genius, divinely inspired founding principles…. principles that have PROVEN to Work by having the Wealthiest, most Powerful, most FREE country in mankind’s history…. manifesting in the tragic erosion of the cornerstone of those principles, FREEDOM.

      If we do NOT stem this tide of the Fundamentally wrong thinking Socialist platform VERY soon…. there WILL BE NO turning back…. and we will march on to being just mankind’s Next story of a Failed society. RUIN.

      1. Just imagine if the Killary won! They had a 16 year plan to end America as you know it, and allow it to become a 3rd World dump. What you have experienced in the past 8 months is a fast track of their plan. Fortunately it is only a horrible Movie (Nightmare) and the Power is coming back to the people as God intended and the Founding Fathers who took direction from God. No more sitting back and believing all the Media Hype and Politicians lies

  3. Newsroom and pelosi and the rest of the scum sucking pigs just do not understand that we do not like their hypocritical tyrannical behavior thrown at us like we owe them something they seem to forget all to often that THEY WORK FOR US. It is about time we start bringing these power hungry zealots back down to earth

    1. No….they understand….they just don’t care….we are nothing to them….it’s all about power and control by any means….and so far….they’re winning….not fairly…but they’re winning….and I’m worried that Larry Elder will become another victim to their corrupt tactics

  4. Damnspell check put newsom in and it puts newsroom well I guess they belong there to. It must have read my mind.

  5. All conservatives really have to do to thwart comments like, “If Larry Elder is Elected, Life Will Get Harder for Black and Latino Californians” — is force leftists to be specific.

    They typically come out with name-calling epithets and outrageous projections with no explanation whatever. So force them to fight with their backs to the sea — force them to defend their position.

    The wackier and more indefensible their statements are, the more they’ll step up their attacks rather than engage in rational discourse. Their arguments are purely irrational and emotion-based and to make themselves appear so superior that they are beneath something so mundane as having to explain their statements.

    We must always ask, “What do you mean by that?” and “Why do you say that?” and “What specifically will make life harder for Blacks and Latinos?” Force them to define their terms and spell out exactly where they stand. Eventually they’ll back themselves into a corner.

    Force them to make statements of fact and don’t ever let a statement like the Blacks and Latinos comments pass. Insist that they explain themselves — because they have no explanation!

    All leftists can offer is sarcasm, sneering, name-calling, insults and snark. They have nothing else to offer, so expose them wherever you can!

  6. Larry Elder a wonderful conservative is what any failing state needs. The socialists/marxists will be destroyed if we can get warriors like LE voted in office. California has been disgusting cow dung since the truly great Ronald Reagan was in office. We love you LE out here in the Midwest and kicks some ass.

  7. The Democratic Party is nothing like the party of Kennedy. They have devolved into radical Bolsheviks who will commit any outrage to neutralize any perceived opponent: lie, cheat, steal, even darker crimes on occasion. They have become Communists adept at brainwashing and double-speak, utilizing their sheeple minions as ‘useful idiots’ as expendable tools to gain power.

  8. Sounds to me all those who were feathering their own nests under the very corrupt Newsom/Pelosi mafia are running scared now. Larry stand tall and ignore their jealousy and spite. God shall prevail and Law and Order once more return God is good

    1. We HOPE and PRAY that God will Bless us with such. He just may well have HAD IT with us. 😬

      If he DOES deliver us from these ever pervading Evils, He does so BECAUSE OF THE RIGHTEOUS.
      There is a Specific verse in the Bible that COVERS this succinctly. It is MY shame that I am not well versed enough in the Bible to remember just What verse it IS.
      IF we are so smiled upon…. AGAIN…. we had BETTER GET BACK TO showering Him with Meaningful Thanks and Worship like we HAVE NOT DONE, as a people, in DECADES!

  9. Just as Meagan McCain said G F Y I say also G F Y it is time to remove all communist democrat cult party members from all Offices! period. The communist democrat cult party is destroying our America and has to go!

  10. Liberal equals hateful. How can these people face themselves in their vile attacks. Democracy has ceased to be as a testing groun of ideas with the onslaught of left-wing dogma and hate hate hate.

  11. Wow, you would think that liberals in Kalifornia would welcome their first black governor but I suppose they are just too racist.

  12. The dems/libs/commies don’t like him because he wants to shut down the elite’s s hit machine and give people back their freedom.

  13. Have you ever noticed that the so called Champions of Anti-Racism are the first ones to pull out the race card and accuse BLACKS of being racists? Just how they conclude that Elder is a White Supremacist just because he has strong Conservative beliefs is a mystery to me. But LibTwit voters will buy that song you can depend on that.

    When will Liberals ever understand that it was always, and is now, the DEMOCRAT PARTY that was the party of SLAVERY and the oppression of blacks? Yes, right, for the past 300 years in one form or another.

    Blacks were bought and brought here by Democrats. Democrats (AND YES, BLACKS TOO) owned the slaves. Following Emancipation, a REPUBLICAN initiative, Democrats started the KKK. Democrats instituted Jim Crow and segregation. Then Democrats BOUGHT them back with the Great Society scam. “This means the ni66er vote for the next 200 years”. And they own them again!

    But it’s somehow white Republicans who are the Supremacists??? What a genuine pity we have such a LYING system of “education” and a LYING news media.

  14. Just know that when they attack you, it means they are terrified of not just the person, but the thought of losing their power grip. You take property values in California compared to many other states! They are over the top and very expensive by comparison. You can buy a Mansion in Kansas for the same price in California you buy an ordinary house that needs a lot done to it. Overpriced, over taxed to keep the Newsom damaging policy of freebies for illegals and for him to live in the style he has become accustomed to!

  15. These communist democrat cult party members are the creators of systemic racism and the founders of their child the kkk!
    Anyone who supports these communist democrat cult party members is involved with destroying our nation and is supporting racism!
    Remove all communist democrat cult party members from ALL offices!

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