Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News host Dan Bongino ended up being forced to criticize his own network on Monday after an interview he conducted with former President Trump was found to have been edited to cut out references Trump had made to the 2020 presidential election not being legitimate.

As Mediaite reports:

In an interview that aired on Fox News Saturday night, Trump told Bongino that the 2020 election he lost to Joe Biden was “fake.” While that comment aired in full on Fox News, the clip of the interview that the network posted to YouTube had the comment edited out.

A spokeswoman for Trump noticed, and attacked the network for the edit, prompting Bongino to come under fire from furious supporters of Trump.

Bongino, who has long been an ardent Trump supporter, then spoke out in his defense on Monday claiming that the interview had been edited by the network:

“It was edited, The reason I was given was to comply with YouTube rules. We have no intention of doing that on my show,” he said. “I don’t control the Fox News YouTube account. However, I do work with them and it’s my show.”

“It’s not acceptable at all. I want to make that clear,” he said. “This is not acceptable. Meaning I won’t accept it. And I promise you a definitive resolution that I’m working on now. What it is, we’ll have to find out. But I promise you a definitive resolution. If you think I’m just going to forget about it and pretend, oh it’ll blow over — you clearly haven’t listened to my show through the year.”

Who is most to blame for the fiasco: Bongino, Fox News, or Trump himself? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


    1. I quit watching Fox after the election when they gave Arizona to Biden before anyone else. I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking.

      1. No Bob you’re not alone at all. The left would have us think that. What Fox did appears very calculated and wrong. Shocked! Newsmax and OAN on for us! God Bless President Trump and God Bless America!!

      2. Mike..those weren’t the normal Fox people…they were fake news people hiding amongst the decent folks. They embedded themselves just like the bureaucracy, FBI, DOJ, IRS, judges, and Congress. When we find them…weed them out!

    2. Fox ‘edited’ the interview to comply with You Tube rules. For what that’s worth. I don’t trust either of them. :O)

    3. It wasn’t Fox News, it was YouTube. We all have problems with Social Networks regarding Trump. Why are we still using them?

        1. Probably because it is almost impossible to delete them. I have tried numerous times to delete my account of FB with no success. I just gave up. I still get messages, etc but I just delete everything.

      1. And “Outnumbered” should be added as it is consistently staffed with conservative panelists and #OneLuckyGuys

          1. I wouldn’t mind seeing Laura Ingalls on Fox News. We could use some “Little House On The Prairie” wisdom in these turbulent times….

      2. Thats about what I watch. I wait for Hannity. Not so keen on Tucker but I do watch Levin when he has someone I like. I used to watch Judge J but have quit watching of late. I turn off the tv a lot because all it is is covid and other crap. Im looking for Trumps return and thats all. CNN and MSNBC are just a bunch of lying assholes.

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    1. UNFORTUNATELY! that is your choice. If NewsMax staff was more appealing
      I would too! Also Unfortunately the power of advertising money to even a FOX is making it not its unafraid statement Bret makes to No Longer Be True as They Now Cater To Soros Money!

      1. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read George Soros was permanently terminated by COVID, a plane or helicopter crash, or a drunk driver collision.

          1. Syphilis (which Herod supposedly had) does not work that fast, but the end result is the same. Rather than wishing a horrible death to a horrible person, it is much better(for both of you) to pray for them to change. Hatred is tremendously corrosive; it eats up whatever container it is in and has no effect on the object of the hate.

          2. 👍, MikeyW. Ya’ Gotta LOVE Wisdom.
            Just Tragic there’s so damned little of it in the World..

          3. It is not as satisfying. I do not hate Soros, I just prefer watching him hanged, drawn and quartered.

          1. Please do not bother for this disgusting Hitler wanna be. He does not deserve one ounce of sympathy. See my post just above.

  1. No matter what lies they tell, we know that the election was fraudulent. You cannot change the facts and the fact show that there was massive fraud and corruption during that election and Creepy Sleepy Joe could not have won without it.

    1. Pa-leeeeeeez! Don’t say he won Anything! He was PUT IN by the Deep State powers that be.
      They couldn’t WIN Shit!!!

  2. I don’t watch fox news any more but follow Dan Bongino who is hard core, Trump supporter and more importantly a Truth seeker at all times.

  3. I am now a One America News Network fan. They are the only network giving full coverage of what is going on in the recounts movement around the country. They are the only network showing the Mike Lindell sponsored documentaries on the 2020 Election Fraud. They have great unabashed Patriotic Reporters .

  4. Fox has enough skeletons in their closet for what they have done to the on-air reporters and anchors. They need to tread lightly for those who speak their minds and the truth. Do do otherwise will put them with the likes of CNN. That is not a legacy that they can handle.

  5. Go get em Don! Worthless pieces of crap Democrats. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket because the Democrats have sold us out to China and other countries, think about it. Where are our jobs going? Where is America going? I love America if you don’t leave!

  6. I still watch Fox News but I am more selective than I used to be. I watch Tucker & sometimes Hannity. No one else.

    1. I despise FOX . The two Murdock sons are running the Network. Son/CEO is a liberal. Moving it to an “Establishment” Network. Go to NEWSMAX. Great. I leave it on all day just to add to their Ratings. Go run errands.

      1. The Murdoch juniors are British citizens, not American. Rupert Murdoch is naturalized and married to Texas-born former supermodel Jerri Hall. The sons’ allegiance is not to the U.S. Constitution and all things American. The content on Fox is reflecting that.

  7. LISTEN UP….GOD Says…PREZ TRUMP Did N OT Get a FAIR ELECTION and DEREK CHAUVIN Did NOT Get a FAI R TRIAL. GOD is NOT a LIAR. HE is the TRUTH. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

    1. President Trump did not get a fair election. You are right about that, but Derek Chauvin is a murderer (it had nothing to do with police brutality). He was not following procedure. The choke-hold is OK for a short period of time to subdue a suspect, but not nine minutes.

      1. VERY True. But YOU go have to deal with the likes of that piece o’ shit human being Floyd for years and years and see if YOU aren’t a bit warped and PRONE to “losin’ it” some. NO it doesn’t excuse the degree he went to and the sad result, but it Suuuuure has to be factored in to ANY prosecution and sentencing.
        But Noooooo, we couldn’t speak Truth and bring THAT up!, or we’d just be branded as Racist BLACK Haters.
        I mean, “ they” all KNOW that that’s what we ALL ARE.

  8. If the interview was edited by Fox News before You Tube would air it, it was the fault of Fox News because they complied with You Tube’s refusal to allow free speech on their platform.

  9. Youtube is the new Stasi censor central and Fox News are bending over and letting the Democrats have their way crushing truth, free speech, fairness, non-bias and legality.
    We have a new wave of socialism wrecking society as it did to Russia, China and Germany. Socialism is a disease that will not go away apparantly.

  10. YouTube and Fox News are to blame of course! They are the ones flauting the freedom of speech!! If President Trump were lying, Freedom of Speech guarantees he can say what he wants and it’s up to the listeners to hear him out or change the channel / turn off their device! And if truth were the basis for YouTube’s or Fox News actions, then they would have to cancel themselves for every opinion piece they allow from all sides of everything!


  12. When Bongino says, “unfiltered,” he means it. I have also stopped watching Fox News (after almost 20 years), though I still take in certain shows, like Tucker, Sean, Laura, Bongino, Gowdy. But as for news, they are becoming almost as bad as CNN. I now stick with OAN and NewsMax.

      1. Wannabe “HOT and INTELLIGENT”
        Sandra Smith, on Election night, did MORE to damage FoxNews than can EVER be calculated. WHAT a Simpleton ASS!!!
        She should have been thrown out ON IT Immediately.

  13. Google needs to be broken up. Section 230 of the FCC rules needs to go. You Tube needs to be broken up and become a completely open, uncensored forum. And the British owners of Fox News need to wake up and smell the coffee… Americans are CITIZENS and not like British SUBJECTS. Big difference. Now I will pour myself a spot of tea.

  14. Marxism, Communism, Socialism, should not be confused with government overreach, these are direct attacks on the Sovereignty of our Country led by Biden and his far left agenda, time for impeachment talks, time for investigations into actual treason, defending our Country from all enemies both domestic and foreign, our southern border is under attack from virus ridden illegals and elected government officials are turning their back, on their oath of office, sure sounds like their sworn duty is being avoided. Congressional oversight must be the beginning to look into this treason and 2022 will be hold them accountable.

  15. Fox News, since that early called Presidential election, has taken a stance alongside many never-Trumpers that is noticed and not forgotten by loyal conservative Fox viewers. I am one.
    I am sure there is an informal truce of the two viewpoints within the company. But it makes it very uncomfortable at times. Watch out Fox Corp heads! Remember who built your base of support.

  16. It’s the same old story Fox News wants to have it both ways maintain the mostly conservative audience while trying to suck up to the left. Disgusting!
    One guy that really ticks me off is Brett Baier. Every time the subject of fraudulent elections comes up he gets mad. I thought his job was to be an impartial commentator and investigative reporter. I guess I was fooled like everybody else.
    I hear that Paul Ryan is a member of the Board at Fox News. That should tell you something.

  17. Fox news is run by Paul Ryan who is a disgrace to America. A little man who would betray his grandfather for power. This is one reason I don’t watch fox news. Liars, unamerican, and have no bounds to their stupidity.

  18. Dan, here’s hoping you can get this settled with Fox News because I too am thinking about dumping it for an honestly conservative news station – Fox hasn’t been the same conservative news station in the last few years and I think we all know why – money talks everywhere!!!

  19. Haven’t watched Fox News since the election when they caved. It’s probably just a matter of time before Fox & Friends changes the format to left of center. Watch Newsmax.

  20. Bottom line: COMMUNISM. I am a first generation American out of a legal immigrant from a communist country. I grew up understanding how the whole program works. When they asked us to rat on our neighbors for not wearing a mask in their own backyard during the early pandemic, I knew where we were heading. Enough said.

      Yup, waaaay too many in this country are dumber than hell. Oh well, It’ll only cost us EVERYTHING. 😬

  21. Fox News is to blame. I still watch Fox, but I know that not everything they do anymore can be trusted.

  22. I think FOX is responsible. They’ve been leaning left for a while now. Sad bc it used to be the one source we can depend on for accurate news. Bongino is a straight shooter and he got sucker punched on this one. I don’t watch FOX anymore either.

  23. Fox news, bought recently by a left leaning company, president, the bias in all the news is almost, unprecedented.!!. Every news station is bias against Trump and all his people,consevatives.

  24. This post was not allowed on another article about Rep Green’s
    banishment from twitter, Im check to see if it was just a problem
    with that story.

    Since when is having a different opinion about smething
    like the Cooovit19 vaccines a crime worthy of banishment
    from the public square? They do not offer facts to refute
    her statements, only contra opinions. And how many
    times were Trump and even George Bush called Natzis
    with no reaction from our internet censors?

  25. If you can’t trust Fox to tell the truth who can we trust. ??? They have the most honest, law-abiding reporters in the whole system.

  26. So now we’re censoring a former president on an interview! This is unacceptable , un-American, and China-like. So now, what’s on YouTube is not true, I canted trust them one bit. Google is acting like the CCP.

  27. Strange that Murdoch a devout democrat and Trump hater would run a CONSERVATIVE network. Maybe it’s slow sabotage to take down fox news.

  28. I am also in that think tank that president Trump got the raw end of the stick and continues to receives very harsh criticism from the far left and the news agencies. Fox News seems to have gradually shifted its support for president trump to a point that it makes us uncomfortable to watch. Back in the day we felt you could watch the news and get a fair shake. It’s obvious that now that sensationalism makes more money than the truth. It’s to bad that Fox News now plays in that same arena

    1. Just LOOK at the Owner and then DO what Most of us have Done, VERY Selective viewing and new allegiance to OAN and Newsmax.
      _____ the Murdoch’s! I hope they FAIL and decide to spin FoxNews off to somebody GOOD.

  29. FOX News of course…there’s no bigger fan or supporter of our President Trump than Dan!
    So to all you haters out there, get the hell over it…period!

  30. I switched to Newsmax long ago except for your Show and Gutfeld. Fox went downhill after letting O’Riely go.

  31. Fox network is mostly corrupt also, like almost all the networks, afraid or timid for one reason or another. I mostly only watch Tucker Carlson, one of the last journalists left in what was once America. We are living in a post – American high- tech banana republic where corruption reigns supreme. Even most of the Democrats, their governmental cronies and media rats know the election was illegitimate. They just don’t care. They just want power and financial gain. There are some good people left but they are overwhelmed, censored and muffled by the left and progressives whose for whose downfall I wish. Hail to the Chief, President Trump.

  32. Everyday it is getting more apparent that the election was rigged by illegal mail-in ballots and the use of software meant to re-allocate votes to a person who couldn’t get elected as President of the men’s club, let alone the leader of the most powerful nation on the face of this planet. A man who can’t make a decision on what flavor ice cream he wants, let alone what’s good for this country. There is no other explanation for his win. For FOX to edit that portion of the interview counters it’s claim about being “Fair and Unbiased”, while dismissing the First Amendment upon which this county was built.

    1. “Fair and BALANCED”, it is, Ron.
      And it doesn’t matter HOW they rig elections, it just matters that they DO rig elections. They are EVIL IN THE FLESH, and a Majority of the people in THIS country just keep putting them in office, so we’re F’ed.
      They OUTNUMBER us…. and they CERTAINLY know HOW TO CHEAT and BE CROOKED better we do.
      ALL seems quite Unbelievable, but it’s TRUE.

  33. Well they should not have cut that out, because it was a fake election put on by the lying, cheating, communist democrat cult party!

    1. So true. We’re in a helluva place with these Democrat Demons being in the majority.
      They are running us right into Ruin.

  34. I stopped watching Fox news after many years of watching. I never missed Hannity and I miss him now but will not watch. I’m really wondering if Murdoch is letting Ryan run the show when he knows nothing about TV or radio. He wasn’t good as a politician. I guess in time, we’ll find out.

  35. I stopped watching Fox over 2 years ago, except for Tucker & Hannity occasionally. After the 2020 election, totally tuned Fox out. I don’t watch any of their shows.
    They are by in large an anti Trump group, just like MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC.
    There is no difference in any of these greedy Trump haters.

  36. We haven’t watched Fox since the election when they were so eager to call Arizona for biden and where they continue to admit the election was stolen from Trump. It CLEARLY WAS!

  37. I quit FOX completely when they were purchased by the wonderful world of disney. Some people are just slower than others. More will catch on.

  38. Fox needs to get the woke jokers out of the system. The Network made its reputation on certain principles and that did not include liberal principles and their associated BS. If you report on Trump don’t edit his stuff or you will not understand the gift of his contribution. The Dems , wokes, Marxists, etc is not why people tune to Fox. Trump may not always be as graceful as some would like but his results are the proof of he pudding and he rarely gets it wrong. Edit monsters…stay out of the mix!

  39. We should all be skeptical of the so-called election integrity of 2020, and perhaps, previously. FOX should not have edited that portion, further adding to their waning viewership as a source of real news. Trusting the government in total, and most particularly, its parts which have been shown to be at least significantly compromised and politicized, is an abject dereliction of duty to own’s own soul.

  40. Fox News is totally yo blame. They are FAKE NEWS like NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and others that spew false disinformation

  41. Big tech STILL worried that the TRUTH will come out and are CENSORING the CRAP out of everyone who KNOWS the TRUTH, when WILL Americans step up and say NO WAY???

  42. I watch OAN and NEWSMAX – those work for me – real news!!
    I think you all would like these two stations.


    1. Aaaah. Ain’t it Fun to DREAM?!
      Too Much of the country isn’t smart enough to vote Democrat SCUM out.
      in FACT….Too Many are just plain Dumber than a turd. And Stink just as bad.

  44. We watch Gutfeld! Otherwise we watch a combination of Bongino, Chris Salcedo, Raheem Kassam and Steve Bannon – are just a few!

  45. (fox)Faux news is no longer played in my home. Use to like them before they were commienized! They also stabbed the best President this country has ever had in the back. LOSERS!


  47. I like FOX. It’s like visiting a planet from a far away galaxy, like none of the other planets we know. It’s the alien channel

  48. 🤔 Just like the GOP is “infected” by RINOs…FauxNews has been infiltrated by the lib-turds❗️

  49. Sounds like Fox sold out to utube
    Sad nobody has the guts to stand up to these jerks
    Just let them keep running the world. Bless you Dan Bongino
    Keep fighting for our freedom.

  50. I like Jessie and Tucker but I love Newsmax over Fox. Fox is getting as liberal as Facebook and other social networks who like to police free speech of conservatives. I love the guy on Newsmax Trump watch’s. Rob Crane is hilarious and think is the new Rush Limba. .

  51. I have not watched Fox News since election night and will not watch them again even though I feel people like Hannity and Carlson have supported Pres. Trump. Even people in foreign countries know Trump won and couldn’t have lost to a DA like joe. We are losing our country and must rise up and take it back.


    Impeached joKe bidet for election fraud all counting machines were indeed connected to the internet and breached oath of office. 
    Election 2020 null and void 




  53. Only Fox is to blame, not Bongino or Trump. Fox is full of BS as far as having People think that they’re Conservative. They are, I believe , big Liberals and why Rupert Murdoch bought Fox is beyond me. No ow his Sons are not Conservative and he RM probably not Conservative as well!

    We used to see it 24/7….but now…? Very selectively ONLY between 5 & 6, & 8.00 & 11.00pm….
    I don’t need be told, that the ELECTION…was stolen…….I have enough ‘common sense’ to decide that, for myself…..
    The liberals are TRAITORS, to our country…PERIOD.

  55. Murdock and his son, as well as his son’s wife have lost their minds. Why edit things based on what YouTube dictates. Then they wonder why FOXNEWS is sinking in the ratings.

  56. Dan Bongino is fantastic! I support him and his views 100%. I listen to his radio show several days a week. I blame Fox News for the fiasco detailed. I was an avid Fox News viewer and supporter for years and up until the election on Nov. 3. That did it for me. Since then I dropped Fox News and watch Newsmax TV regularly. I still enjoy regular viewing of Fox Nation (particularly Tucker Carlson), but Newsmax TV is providing me with my daily commentary. God Bless America!!

  57. Fox is no longer under control of the old Man Rupert Murdoch but is being controlled by those dimwitted sons of his who are in all actuality being dominated and had their Nads cut off by their democratic Hollywood ladder climbing wantabe wives and little by little they are bringing Fox News to it’s knees and making Fox just another ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC And all the other trash fake news media outlets. FM1

  58. If Bongino leaves Fox, I’ll go with him. Fox news is starting to lean too far to the left. I watch them because they were the purveyors of truth but lately I’ve noticed some of their colleagues have been cozying up to leftists.

  59. Youtube, yahoo, facebook, twitter and other tech platforms if not outright censorship they false editing is taking place Just like the Main stream media is doing with the greasy hairs and lipstick encrusted chicks are laughing all the way to the back channel paychecks they must be getting.

  60. I believe Fox News is responsible for editing the Trump interview. They want to silence anyone and everyone who speaks out against the election. Gee I wonder why.

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