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Rock guitar legend and longtime National Rifle Association figure Ted Nugent resigned his seat on the group’s board of directors, citing scheduling conflicts that leave him unable to fully commit to the organization.

Nugent’s departure comes as the group faces legal threats from liberal activists and alleged ethical questions from some of its own officials and members.

“The time has come for me to face the dangers of burning the candle at both ends,” said Nugent in a resignation letter posted to social media. 

“I salute you and thank you for your never-ending dedication to fight for our right to keep and bear arms, and though not sitting on the board with you, I will indeed be in the heat of battle on the not so main streets of America every damn day, as always,” Nugent wrote.

“I was not voted onto the board as an accountant, administrator, paper shuffler or bureaucrat, but rather to lead the charge of the good guys against the bad guys in this vile culture war that has reached a deafening roar,” Nugent added.

Nugent has been one of the NRA’s board members since 1995 and is an outspoken supporter of gun rights and pro-gun candidates.

At age 72 Nugent is still performing and touring, a professional schedule that is demanding and grueling.

His resignation comes as the NRA faces questioning from attorneys, and some of its own supporters, over alleged questionable spending, though Nugent’s departure appears to be unrelated.

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  1. My regards to Ted. He’s a voice for freedom. And the NRA is going to be just fine. We might have to rise up and defend them

      1. INDEED, Rog! It is Truly NO Wonder as to WHY we are in such dire straits as a nation, now is it?

      1. You couldn’t be more wrong about me being a lib or about the fact that Ted was a draft dodger. Do your homework, junior……..

        1. What branch of the US Armed Forces did you serve in? What was your unit, and rank? Where were you stationed?

    1. You’d better hope the dumbest person in the world doesn’t die because you’re in line for the title.

    1. From everything I have read, the corruption within the organization is undoubtedly the real reason Ted resigned from the board. I would too if I were on it.

  2. The time may be coming where we will be called to stand up for our country and take up arms and be willing to give up our lives for our family and future families. We can not and will not let this beautiful country become like Venezuela.

  3. Those attacking the NRA and the Second Amendment should be jailed for a VIOLATION of everyone’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS.

  4. So Uncle Teddies reasons for his resignation were unrelated to the ‘legal troubles’ of the NRA, but that’s not what the headline implies.

  5. Performing concerts or trying to save one of the 2 most valuable amendments of the Constitution – doesn’t seem much of an option to me.

  6. What the hell is up with the NRA, have they forgot what their main job is, to help protect our 2nd amendment rights, and not use our funds to enrich themselves. I’m done with u too, until u get your priorities straight, I’m actually pretty pissed about the situation. See ya.

  7. guitar legend?! In his mind. what a lame musician and ignorant, obnoxious human. He’s perfect for the NRA board.

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