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Dr. Anthony Fauci was recently called in to testify in front of the U.S. Senate and before long Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) began to absolutely destroy him. Laying into the ‘good doctor’ over serious allegations that he had actually lied, under oath, to Congress about the truth behind the Wuhan lab, among other things.

This led to a heated line of questioning that resulted in a screaming match between the Senator and Fauci. 

Here are some of the best reactions to the tense exchange:


  1. Bring criminal charges up on Fauci for lying to Congress an American people being dishonest an behind covid19.

      1. Why ? For working like no other for the American people???? For being a true Patriot? Oblivious you are on the wrong platform.

      2. Why? No other president could have moved along the development of this vaccine. Maybe its time you read some true information about the good things that DJT has done for this country that no one knows about.

      3. Really! Biden and Obama bought and paid the Wuhan labs to develop the China Virus with/ through Fauxi, and you want to blame the President that had the Vaccines developed? Had they closed the Borders in the beginning as Trump requested we would have fared much better. Obama, Biden and Pelosi’s gang called Trump xenophobic for closing the borders.

      4. You obviously did not get enough attention paid to you as a child. I think we should all ignore you in the hope you’ll just go away.

  2. FraudXi is an arrogant fool if he hasn’t jumped on his snake and slithered the hell out of Dodge yet. The gig is up FraudXi.

  3. Thank you. The agony this man caused is unforgivable. He was arrogantly Rudely addressing our nation. He was self marketing. He cared not for our pain. The deaths The fear. He is a cold hearted man. Thank you for your strength to confront him.

  4. God Bless Rand Paul!!! He’s one man that’s sticks up for AMERICA and AMERICANS!!! He called out fauci, you could tell he’s nervous and angry!!! (Because he’s WRONG) not only WRONG, but a downright LIAR!!! He DESERVES YEAR’S IN PRISON!!! So does the druggie hunter!!! Why isn’t this being addressed, HE (hunter) is a CRIMINAL, falsely obtained a firearm MAJOR FELONY!!! There are many ILLEGAL actions by hunter!!!
    COME ON, WHEN WILL THE ABUSE OF POWER IN THE biden criminal family end!!! AMERICANS see what’s happening, the lies & deceit happens DAILY, his ENTIRE REGIME are criminals, like the guy they want to head the atf, he was FIRED, FORCED OUT!!! EVERY DAMN DAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, EVERY DAY!!!

  5. Our president lied about the pandemic. He ignored it, and said there wasn’t a problem. For all the good he did in a short four years for Americans this will be a blot that history will not be kind to. Fauci coped with something new and sometimes he interpreted it wrong. He then had to correct himself. That is not lying. That is what people do when in charge. Rand Paul has lied, for example he said people are immune from COVID-19 after they’re first infected.  Not true. What is true is that over 97% of all deaths from Covid are people not vaccinated. Get vaccinated!  Our party is losing voters every day.

    1. I see the opposite!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP look’s better each day because, democrats LIE, the lies they’re telling, well, all you have to watch Newsmax, or OAN, then watch cnn, or whatever, and you can hear the LIES!!!

  6. fauchi is toooo cozy with communist china and has deceived our country with the lies about what he had set up to fund in Wuhan!

    Recall all communist democrat cult members form office!

    1. Just remember that Biden is CATHOLIC. Fauchi is CATHOLIC. Pelosi is CATHOLIC. Cuomo is CATHOLIC. A third of all elected are CATHOLIC not Americans.

  7. Wow, it’s time they put old Fauci behind bars. He is working with the Chinese on this crusade top take America down. A doctor takes an oath but obviously just like the dumbocrats he’s a liar and a communist.

    1. He is not a communard Dr. Fauci is a quick & slick operator who is out for himself. This situation is a humbling one, that threatens to bring us all down.

  8. We can be comported in knowing that in Fauci’s opinion, gain of function research is worth risking a pandemic for. I wonder if the 4 million people that have died and their families would agree.

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