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Democrat lawmakers in New York state are now attempting to ban Chick-fil-A from all rest stops in the state in order to punish the company for its conservative position on LGBT issues.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Democratic state legislators in New York are pushing to keep Chick-fil-A out of rest stops in the state because of what they claim are the fast food chain’s donations to anti-LGBT organizations.

Democratic Assembly Member Harry Bronson, who represents the Rochester area, started an online petition to prevent Chick-fil-A from being included among the restaurants being added to rest stops along I-90 in the New York State Thruway Authority’s $450 million service-state modernization project, according to

Bronson sent a letter last Friday denouncing Chick-fil-A to New York State Thruway Authority Matthew Driscoll…

It appears that liberals are now dead set on ensuring that those who disagree with their own radical social views are not only shamed but also forced out of business.


  1. Dems = anti-free speech, anti-Christian, anti-anything that doesn’t line up with their perverted distorted view of what is right.

    1. What liberal dems are is authoritarian, and these issues afford them a bully pulpit to impose their moral superiority over their opponents by hurling insults, accusations and quasi-altruist pabulum about issues they embellish. Liberals MUST have some means to unleash their perpetual indignity; otherwise, they’ll explode. These useful idiots have been around for every political tumult that resulted in a socialist regime gaining power. Of course, once the populations are under the jack boot of a despotic ruler, these morons will suddenly realize why they were taken seriously, while they’re being marched off into reeducation centers or gulags.

      1. The LGBQTV is NOT a big enough voting block to have ANY effect on elections…

        …they are just useful in dividing the Country and then destroying the Constitution

        Is it Socialist Democrats who protect minorities OR the United States Constitution…

  2. I say ban all of the ones that want to ban anyone, because the business or person, doesn,t float to their way of thinking, and for that you demo-communist get the 1 FINGER F-U award for the day. I’m going to get me some CHICK-FIL-A

  3. Didn’t Hitler have issues with homosexuals, while he promoted feminists? You know, it looks like we’re replaying an old record which is ‘remastered’ with advanced technology. It would be worthwhile to study the process of populations being ‘adjusted’ for the introduction of socialism, communism, or other variations. We might discover some similarities. I am currently researching the Pre-WWII attitudes of European Jews toward Zionism. Those people were assimilated into European cultures, and were thriving. They weren’t enamored with the prospect of pulling up stakes to populate Palestine, even after dozens of articles were published which described ‘six million’ of their tribe being starved, hated, bothered, etc. It took the installation of a real A’hole to impose authority to convince them to leave–and leave, they did.

    Humans have God given rights, and our Framers ensured whoever is elected to political office will swear to adhere to the Constitution. When we allow our leaders to repeal our liberties, we’re again formulating a regime that will resume the process of imposing unbridled tyranny. Americans had best realize that we’re marching down the same road as those ‘enlightened’ Europeans.


  5. LISTEN UP….G OD Says….HE Wants the GEORGE WASHINGTON and ABE LINCOLN StAtues and PICTURE S NOT to be TA KEN DOWN or ELSE it will be WORSE than a LIGHTNING STRIKE. GOD is a MAN of H IS WORD. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  6. Christianity is not hostile to LGBVT…

    …Marxism is

    These individuals will rue the day they opposed the United States Constitution…

  7. Chick-Fil-A is without a doubt THE most popular fast food place at the Garden State Plaza, so no one THERE is listening to these bozos!!

  8. And all that nonsense about it being anti-gay isn;t true. One of my best friends is gay and he works at the Maryland Chick-Fil-A, and they couldn;t be nicer and more accepting!

  9. And screw this news outlet for censoring its readers! What happened to free speech you pieces of crap! I’ll get my conservative news someplace else!

  10. Chick-fil-A is the most popular fast food chain in the country. The stupid demorats may be cutting off their socialistic noses to spite their faces. No real surprise there. You simply can’t fix stupid and NY politicians are nortoriously stupid.

  11. The last time the gay crowd tried to take on Chick filet they failed miserably. Some Chick filet stores actually ran out of chicken for awhile due to the increase in sales. Lesson learned? Evidently not yet!

  12. What New York should do is ban all conservatives from the state and them Florida should ban all New Yorkers from Florida -let them enjoy their weather

  13. Yes ladies and gentlemen this is bidens communist regime. PERIOD!!! The democrats led by biden/harris is DESTROYING AMERICA AND AMERICANS!!! Forget, the promises he made when campaigning, forget his son is a raging drug ADDICT who uses joe’s charge card for whores!!! DO NOT forget that EVERYTHING that comes out of all their mouths is a HUGE LIE!!! Even people that voted for joe, HAVE TO SEE THE DESTRUCTION HAPPENING NOW!!!

  14. Given all the serious problems facing citizens of New York, xIt would seem that vicious thoughts are more important than the welfare of those citizens. If people want to boycott Chick-Fil-A.that is a personal decision by each participant. New York Democrats are demonstrating the Fascist leaniongs by demanding all institutions ands entities of the State forgo the income of Chick-Fil-A stores, and forcing each citizen to accept their decision. Wake up New Yorkers. You are about to kiss freedom goodbye.

  15. When the vaccine people come to my door, I’m going to give them some Chick Fil-A, and send them on their way. “Oh, you’re not homeless?! My bad.”

  16. The Dems show their true colors every time they open their communist mouths. If someone or a business does not bow to their was of thinking go after and try to ruin them. The left regularly want to force their ideals down people’s throats. Under the liberals the only opinion to have is their way of thinking.

  17. It’s time for the wacko’s running this organization to be fired, and if possible, prosecuted! They are purely anti-American!

  18. The only “rights” we have are outlined in the US Constitution, there is no such thing as “LGBTQ rights”, it is an invention. We all have to obey the same laws, none should be gender based or sexuality based unless it is related to conditions unique to a woman for example (e.g. pregnancy, mother title). Private sector companies can make their own policies regarding what is deemed normal behavior and what is deemed abnormal behavior, in the end LGBTQ is about behavior, not some physical feature you are born with…..

  19. First I don’t care if your gay or not. O have enough problems on my own to worry about what you got going on. That is of course of you are bad, now this is for bad everyones. But this lbgtq42tf….what ever is just a cry for attention. My advice is do your thing, stop pushing your agenda, and then you may get along better. Oh and anybody anti gay, why. Hell i wish all yiou guys were gay as taht would leave all the women for me… see the thinking

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