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A chapter of the radical, far-left group ‘Black Lives Matter’ has now declared the U.S. flag to be a ‘hate symbol,’ and is claiming that anyone who flies it is a racist.

As The Daily Wire reports:

The Utah chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) condemned those who display the American flag, which they described as “a symbol of hatred.”

“When we Black Americans see this flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around,” the post read. “When we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist. When we see this flag we know that the person flying it lives in a different America than we do. When we see this flag, we question your intelligence. We know to avoid you. It is a symbol of hatred.”

The chapter went on to taunt those who found the post offensive, commenting, “Welcome racists. We know you are big mad about the racist flag post. You will not be heard here. You will be blocked and your comments will be deleted. We will be donating $1 to AOC’s election campaign for every racist that we block. Thank you for contributing to the re-election of AOC. We will jot down your names and attribute each donation to you. Comment below to help her once again head to Washington.”

BLM Utah went on to post several more lengthy comments insulting those who disapproved, accusing them of being triggered Karens who don’t care about black lives. They also promised to destroy the systems that allegedly perpetuate racism.

Will the Democratic party and liberal media now begin to persecute those freedom-loving Americans who dare to fly their own country’s flag?



    2. I agree!!!! Who are these nut cases, thinking that just because they declare something, it is absolutely true. Try something else BLM’s, because, your racist track record shows everything..

  1. Well, these Marxist Black Supremacist bigots showed that they’re not only mentally unbalanced, but that they’re also very likely prone to committing violence.

    1. Wellllllll, one must defend oneself. Especially, when it comes to our “Stand your ground” laws, here in FL.

      1. Mitt Romney marched with BLM last year in his ever-ingratiation with the enemies of our country and our constitution.

      1. Stock it BLM. My whole neiborhood flies the flag on our mailbox posts. Are we all racists. We are vets

      1. The only black lives that matter to “ is those that are killed by White cops. If that were not the case, they would be actively protesting the loss of black lives and maiming of black lives on the streets of Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore and a host of other inner cities. Black on blacks no less!! It’s sickening the level of support BLM gets from Big Tech and other major corporations in America. Maybe they get that support because BLM is not actually concerned about black lives. Ever think of that?

  2. hey,if it werent for my dumbassed white ancestors bringing your dumbassed black ancestors here,youd be sitting in front of a mud shit hut in the middle of africa talking on a cell phone,just a sugestion,if you really hate this country,im sure theres a country in africa that would be more to your liking !!

    1. Come on man, don’t limit their choices—-the Big 3 are also very deserving of their presence—China, Cuba, and/or North Korea. We can also offer to assist their move! I’ll show up and help them pack—but you know they don’t have the balls to actually do anything; other than run their mouth! How many of them promised to leave already—well, I’m very tired of waiting; as all have failed to live by their word—as in Alissa, Katie, and a host of others; PLEASE MOVE and put me out of your misery—today, would NOT be too soon!!

  3. BLM and Antifa are human filth… we do not want and should not tolerate these people, they are clearly anti-american terrorists…. we need to declare WAR on these people!

    I understand these are mostly ignorant and vulnerable (unsuccessful) people being led by socialists and communists and others using them but there is a time that we can not allow these “I was duped” excuses… I believe that time is now.

  4. It is BLM that is a HATE symbol! BLM does not want equality, they want a Black-dominant America, based on B.S. beliefs that the world, or more specifically, that America “owes” Blacks for slavery. But they seem to forget that it was their OWN people that sold their forebears in to slavery in the first place. Idiots like Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats (EVEN OTHER BLACK Democrats) showed their ignorance when they wore the African scarves at the “memorial” for George Floyd. Those “scarves” were the uniforms, or markers worn by the actual African slave-traders – the BLACK African slave traders – who sold the slaves in the first place!

  5. They are the hate Symbol! I am so over this terrorist group that does NOTHING for the very same people they CLAIM to fight for! They have ZERO interest in equality, they are only interested in making White “European Americans” (*Yes we can do it too) completely inferior to Black people. They won’t be happy until we are another Somalia.

    Screw them! They are the racist bigots, not us. I look at all people equally. It is YOUR Actions that determine whether I am going to like and respect you, not the color of your skin. When skin color comes into play as how a person is treated no matter what their nationality, then YOU are the racist.

  6. Is that a promise, that you won’t associate with white people? Can we hold you to that promise? Your chapter might have some problem with the national BLM chairman who bought three houses in white neighborhoods.

  7. I wonder if there are any thinking individuals in either the BLM movement or Antifa, who would consider exactly who would be protecting THEM, if they were successfully in defunding and eliminating the Police forces…….I suspect if that actually happened, neither group would survive for long.

  8. BLM you insult the rest of we Americans when you depict yourself of being one and yet destroy the symbol of the very freedom that affords you the right to spew your senseless ranting without repercussions, which you sorely deserve. If you hate this country so much, GET THE HELL OUT. You will not be missed.

  9. This proves that racism in America isn’t about being white, it’s about a invasion from within.

  10. When are people with a working brain going to wake up and see it is the black that is races, that want to take over the country and turn everything black, they have lived off us are achievement/ discovery’s/inventions while they attack us. THEY OWE US stop the bull the race card is wore out. Now they want to remove are history while taring down are statues replacing with BLACK LEADERS that did NOTHING FOR US just them and, a statue of Floyd a black criminal that died from a over dose of drugs and, destroy a white officer over a lie / replace ours country’s flag with theirs, if they don’t like it here, they can go back to “their country AFRICA” and, rape, rob, assault and murder, destroy their own people and property, get out !

  11. BLM has it backwards. The REAL hate symbol is BLM. funny how the most racist ones point the finger at everyone else as being racist.

  12. They should then leave this country. It was this American flag that set them free. It was Africans that brought the first group of africans here for sale. It was American lives that were lost to set them free and they should hug this flag.

  13. BLM is a racist/terrorist organization. They hate freedom and they hate the constitution because with it in place, they have no power over anyone. BLM = KKK = RACIST BIGOTS!

  14. I am proud to fly my American flag. Shame on those that trespass and try to remove it. That’s where the authorities will find the perps.

  15. Those who don’t like our flag and/or Constitution should be exiled from this Country. Freedom of speech is ok, but to use that to down your Country is an insult that the Country doesn’t have to take.

  16. Anyone with any sense knows to avoid BLM activists! Speaking of low IQ individuals, they are the epitome of low IQ! Just in case any BLM’ers are reading this: epitome means embodiment…oh, and embodiment means typical example.

  17. Wtf ? I fought for that flag and I will damn well fight for it again it stands for freedom and the BLM are a bunch of cowards

  18. Next, they’ll accuse the American Bald Eagle of being racist.
    From their pit in Hell, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao are smiling because of the activities of their modern-day Useful Idiots.

  19. And yet, the government insists White Supremacist are the Nation’s greatest security threat, without even a whimper to suggest BLM or ANTIFA should be on it’s list. IMHO, BLM and ANTIFA are most likely the best recruiting tools, the White Supremist have in their arsenal.

  20. As a black person myself, I am so shocked to see this post! How does the American flag pose any danger to black people. All over Africa the American flag is proudly flying in different places where they celebrate the freedom America brings as the world super power. Their post does not explain why the flag makes them feel endangered or anything like that. I can assure you that they do not speak for even 1% of black people not only in America but ll over the world. In my opinion, they just want the attention they are now getting by being so ridiculous and its a shame that these people have the backing of the main stream media and the silent approval of the government. God help us all.

  21. My flag fly’s 24/7 and is lit from dawn to dusk. I dare any blm idiot or any other unamerican s.o.b. to try and do something about it.


  23. BLM has their own Flag . It’s not any way close to the American Flag . Just like BLM is not any way close to being Americans . They do the same things as ISIS , Alquaeda , Hamas and other Terrorist Organizations but BLM is the Poster Boys for for the Democratic Party .

  24. Remember this a lot of people don’t understand what the Founding Fathers did when they wrote the Constitution. They went against every form of government on the planet, in 1776.

    The global elite did dominant the planet for a Long Time until 1776 because the Founding Fathers decided to form a new form of government one that was based on laws that were eternal that certain rights that people have that are unalienable. And that’s why they hate us and our Flag.

  25. If this and other BLM chapters think the US flag is a hate symbol then leave the US. Move to another country where you feel they treat there blacks better. I will pay one persons passage to that country. I’m sure others will pay for others.

  26. I note that those poor, oppressed victims of Whitey’s systemic racism, even though they cannot find any justice, have not. one single one of them, attempted to escape from this horrible place, and immigrate to another country where they might find a better life. Flee, flee, vote with your feet, escape and show your sincerity, or shut the * * * * up.

  27. If you think the American flag is a hate symbol, then I think the BLM flag is a hate symbol. The American flag is a symbol of freedom for all Americans. The BLM flag is a symbol of freedom for a very small minority of Americans. To everyone else, it is a hate symbol. You may choose to hate the American flag, but 80% of Americans support the U.S. flag. This is all a huge debate that we can have in the U.S. But, the U.S. flag, the National Anthem, the U.S. Constitution are all supported by the majority of Americans. If you are in the minority, you are wrong!

  28. They can burn the flag, destroy statues that were donated by Sisters of the Confedercy, loot, cause riots, kill each other, and so on and so on and don’t get punished for anything they do, just praised. The whites don’t have any groups cause they aren’t allowed to have any, but if we tore down any of their statues, looted their stores, burned and destroyed anything to do with their property, we would be hunted down by the government and put in prison for life. Equal Rights, My A–. It’s damn shame our share of the United States and what went on in the Civil War, like fighting for what you believe in is Racist. Just to let you know, some of us that know the truth, don’t appreciate your disrespect for us as Americans.

  29. BLM are a communist operation. So one has to ask who is friendly with these communists and who is backing these communists. Because it is time to deal with them all.

  30. The BLM is so full of hate and they are the most violent bunch of rats running around this country destroying everything that has been sacred. We must stand against them and defend this country and our flag. They are a bunch of psychos.

  31. Put all blm and Antifa on a free cruise to Antarctica aboard a leaky, un-powered cruise ship!
    America Love It or Get the Hell Out!

  32. First of all, they should be incarcerated for burning the American Flag!!! Secondly, if they hate this country so much, why don’t they use their freedom of choice, and pack their belongings up, and then proceed to choose from the many countries that they feel their beliefs are shared, and take the first flight to their new country? Thirdly, they should first denounce their American citizenship. Fourth on the list, as an American citizen that loves this country and will fight like HELL, and give my life, to keep this country free. Lastly, I don’t feel that they deserve to be given anything; however, as an American taxpayer, I would gladly stand up & pass out FREE, ONE-WAY tickets to EVERYONE who is willing to give up ANY RIGHT to return to this GREAT NATION. Every BLM member, or those that support their agenda, each have the choice to go spend their remaining years of life in a country that has whatever government they wish to have, and is currently in place. To each of you, that will do everything I mentioned, please feel free to let me know, and I will meet you at an airport to personally buy you a ticket. The only thing you have to do is, be able to provide proof of you denouncing your American citizenship, then you can board the flight to your choice of which shithole country you want to live.

  33. These morons are simple race hustlers and complete ignorant phonies. There ilk is always around us, when sometimes we tolerate their bs and other times we don’t. We meaning normal Americans that don’t need the alphabet to describe themselves. In my neighborhood, which is of all colors, these petty Cretins would simply get suckered punched as soon as they started to flap their lips about the Flag and other diarrheic from their mouths. All of us in my entire neighborhood do want to hear a GD thing about or from these stone cold psychos anymore.

  34. Of course they limit who can post on their blm page, because totalitarian marxists oppose free speech and any challenge to their evil ideas. Patriotic Americans are not afraid of opposing views because we know we are right.

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