Photo Credit: The White House:

It was reported on Thursday that the United States will be shelling out more than $3 billion to “advance [the] development of antiviral pills for COVID-19, according to an official briefed on the matter,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

The Times reports:

The pills, which would be used to minimize symptoms after infection, are in development and could begin arriving by year’s end, pending the completion of clinical trials.

The White House is scheduled to hold a briefing on its COVID-19 plans with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

News of the administration’s plans for the pill was first reported Thursday by the New York Times. The official who confirmed the report spoke on the condition of anonymity ahead of an announcement.

More details of the $3 billion investment will be given by Dr. Fauci, which is expected to have much more information about the large investment.


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