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Embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who faces a tough recall election against him, is doubling down on California using vaccine passports that will allow businesses to confirm that their customers have received their shots. 

Via the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The governor confirmed Friday that the “vaccine verification” language in the new masking guidelines for businesses does indeed refer to an effort to help private enterprises check inoculation status electronically.

“We would look to help support those efforts and modernize the opportunities, and we’ll be making some announcements very shortly in that space,” Newsom said.

The governor stressed that the choice is in the hands of each individual business. Clearly mindful of the backlash against so-called “vaccine passports”, he took pains to set the still-unannounced state effort apart.

“There is no mandate, no requirement, no passport,” Newsom said, noting that the guidance allows businesses to use such a system or ignore it all together without penalty.

He declined to say what form such an electronic verification system might take — whether it might work through, say, a smartphone app, the existing state ID system or some other method — only reiterating Friday that an announcement with deeper details is coming “very shortly.”

The Joe Biden regime has been working to get a nationwide vaccine passport program, which has been blasted across the board for what some are comparing to “Big Brother” taking over in the book 1984. Newsom appears to be trying to get ahead of the curve of other Democrat-led states also looking into the vaccine passport program.


  1. I HATE that piece of s**t!! Even with all of the new info on Fauci being a lying dirtbag, that the whole Rona virus is nothing more than BAD FLU, this scumbag Newsome is outta his mind if he thinks every business owner is just gonna fall in line….

  2. If I was forced to expose my privacy in this manner I will just take my business and my money to stores that just say welcome. Recall Newsom!

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